22 types of children’s designers

Popular toys for children are constructors. Such a gift will please the most demanding baby. They have the same principle: these are elements that are interconnected and form a single figure. Parts are cubic, spherical or complex design.

There are thousands of types of these toys in stores. They differ in color and size. There are sets that differ in complexity, number of parts, material of manufacture, types of fastening.

There are sets for girls and boys. It is difficult to understand the variety of assortment, but large children’s designers will be especially entertaining. The size expands the possibilities for play. They consist of three hundred or more parts. There are floor in human growth. Rooms, houses, etc. are built from fragments.

How to choose a constructor

When choosing, consider the following factors:

  • no sharp edges. The baby may get hurt. It is desirable, if there are corners, that they be smoothed. In terms of safety, soft materials are good;
  • perfectly smooth finish. There should not be any roughness. The parts are ground and then covered with a protective layer. Read the label carefully. The coating substance must meet the safety requirements for children of the specified age;
  • give preference to natural materials. Wooden sets are best suited for small ones;
  • no smell. An unpleasant odor indicates poor-quality material;
  • reliability and ease of fastening parts. Fragments should be easily connected to each other, but at the same time securely hold the structure;
  • colors are closer to natural. Natural colors are pleasing to the eye and have a positive effect on the psychological and emotional health of the child. Ignore acid colors;
  • match the age range. On the package you will find recommendations about the age of the child. Keep this in mind when choosing, but do not put this requirement in the first place, because each baby develops in his own way. What is early and beyond the power of one will no longer be interesting to another;
  • immediately after purchase, carefully inspect the kit: are all the elements present, are the fasteners in good condition. It is better not to show the purchase to the child before the inspection in order to avoid unnecessary disappointment. If you find a marriage, you have the right to return or exchange the purchase within two weeks.

For children 1-3 years old

Babies at this age learn colors, shapes and sizes. It is still difficult for them to compare the constituent parts with each other. Usually there are no fasteners in the design kits for the smallest, the parts are placed on top of each other.

The best first constructor is cubes. Everyone had cubes in childhood. Material for them: plastic, wood, fabric, cardboard. At this age, it is important to develop the child’s tactile perception. If in the execution of the cube there are different structures of the material, this is only welcome.

For the first assembly experiments, sets consisting of 3-5 cubes are suitable. With age, the number of cubes should increase. Teach your child to build increasingly complex structures. In order to save money, you can immediately buy a large set and gradually give the child an increasing number of cubes. For the first time, the brightest and most interesting of them will do.

When buying, pay attention that the edges of the cubes are flat. Otherwise, it will not be possible to build anything from them, since they will not reliably stand on top of each other.

Consisting of molds in the form of honeycombs, it is convenient for playing in the sandbox. Fragments are large, made of plastic. They are easy to wash, and they fold compactly into a special bag so that it is convenient to take them outside. Can be used as sand molds. After going to the sandbox, rinse the molds with a disinfectant solution.

On suckers. Interesting, comfortable, suitable for the bathroom. Such elements can be attached to any vertical surface. Convenient to use while traveling. Attaching the components with suction cups to the back of the front seat, you will keep your child busy and entertained on a long journey. Suction cups are well attached to the baby bath, they are easy to move even in water.

Requirements for the first constructor

First of all, the details must be large. This ensures the safety of the baby, he will not be able to accidentally swallow them. The larger the fragment, the more convenient it is to grab a small child’s hand.

Most often they consist of a small number of elements, from 3 to 10 pieces. On the market you can find wooden, soft, designer rugs.

At such a young age, construction will help in spatial perception. The baby will begin to understand what it means to the right, to the left, down, up.

For children 3-6 years old

The constituents become smaller in inverse proportion to the age of the child. The older the collector, the finer the details. And their number is gradually increasing. There are new materials for preschoolers. After three years, it becomes interesting to play with the figures obtained from the parts, they become new toys. The kid comes up with fairy tales and entertaining stories with their participation.

Story sets. There are designers who already assume some playground for the game. For example, a farm, shop or jungle. Such kits include not only materials for assembly, but also figures of men or animals.

Familiar to all block constructors. A large number of blocks are connected as your heart desires, and each time you get new plots and stories. Gradually buying new sets, collecting and connecting together, you will get sites and cities.

Ceramic. These are construction sites. Sets made of bricks will make you feel like a builder. From building materials and “cement” you can build a castle, a garage or a workshop. The ceramic bricks are supplied with a mixture with which they are held together. It washes off easily and is edible. Non-standard material is safe for health.

On magnets. Find a place in children’s creativity and magnets, which diversifies the scope. The components of such toys are sticks with magnetic balls at the ends. The offspring in practice studies magnetism and the principle of the interaction of magnets with other substances and with each other.

Technical. Designers are produced especially for boys, where, in order to assemble or repair, you need to use an arsenal of special tools, like dad’s. From childhood, a little man gets used to the fact that equipment requires care.

Musical. From individual fragments, musical instruments are assembled that you can play. Such as trumpet, piano, violin. Consider when choosing the preferences of a young musician.

Educational. With the help of them, they study letters, numbers, arithmetic in a playful way. It is better if you play together with the little one and explain to him the meaning of certain symbols. They should be used no earlier than 5 years.

Mosaic constructors. Assembly according to a sample or a personal sketch is provided. The elements are connected in turn, and the result is an image, like a mosaic. Details are flat with slots for fasteners. The assembled figures are voluminous. Remotely, such toys resemble a puzzle.

For children 5-10 years old

From the age of five, children love to create toys with their own hands.

Metal. They are assembled by screwing the components to each other using bolts and nuts. There are similar models made of plastic, but the threads become loose and twisted. Don’t skimp on quality. It is not easy to assemble such a puzzle. Help the young researcher at first. If he is interested, he will say “thank you” for an interesting and useful lesson.

Constructors-transformers. After collecting the figure of an animal, it becomes possible to turn it into a plane, car or robot. The secret of action is in special movable mounts. They are balls included in a spherical bowl, the design is similar to a human joint.

with movable elements diversify the arsenal of your child’s favorite toys. As you collect the crocodile, you may notice that its paws move or its mouth opens.

With radio control. The kid will be delighted with this feature. Cars and airplanes will be able to drive and fly around your apartment. Remotes are included.

For children over 10 years old

Such sets are close to existing objects, situations and models.

Common – wooden modeling kits. The result is models of houses, cars, buildings.

Curvilinear. Made up of flexible tubes. The resulting figures are plastic, they are compressed, bent, they do not break. Develop spatial thinking and eye.

Allowing you to observe optical illusions. The assembled figures differ depending on the angle of view. For children, this spectacle is comparable to magic.

Kits for assembling modern functioning devices. They allow you to collect working things: a radio, a microphone or an alarm. Such sets stir up interest in modeling, provide primary knowledge about electricity, magnetism, and mechanics. There will be something to surprise peers at school.

Grid constructors are popular to this day. They are elements with several holes along the length. They are connected to each other with bolts. You can create anything from fabulous animals to cars.

Labyrinths. From parts of such sets, maze moves are obtained – either according to a given scheme, or with inventing routes on your own.

Each of the types is good in its own way, has advantages and disadvantages. For each family, the designer is selected individually.

Precautionary measures

Precautions and rules for the operation of large designers for children:

  1. Children should only play under adult supervision.
  2. Items must not be misused.
  3. Wash components as they become soiled, but at least once a week. Warm water and soap is sufficient. Wipe dry with a cotton cloth.
  4. Store toys in a dark, cool place with low humidity. Avoid contact with pets.


Treat the choice of a large designer carefully. Designing and modeling develop fine motor skills, and, as a result, we get the development of creative thinking, speech apparatus, and logic.

When a teenager tries himself as an inventor, in addition to the proposed result, he collects anything from the details. This is where the true scope for imagination.

The constructor is a new toy every day. From parts get new fun for every day. Won’t get bored for long. Thus, the purchase becomes a practical investment.


To succeed in the assembly, you need perseverance. Be sure to select the difficulty according to the level of development. If the task turns out to be too difficult, then the baby cannot cope without your help.

By refusing to help him, you risk forever losing interest in developmental activities, because of this, unpleasant situations arise. Joint classes bring parents and children together, help to establish a trusting relationship. You will like to get together on winter evenings with your family and return to childhood. When choosing a constructor for a toddler, purchase only one that you yourself would love to play with.

Too simple a set will get boring and create an unnecessary warehouse. Waste of money is useless to you.

Modeling activities allow children to experiment. Independence develops. The offspring will enjoy the result of their own labor with a sense of satisfaction.

After such exciting activities, there will be a chance that the baby will become a great designer or architect, and this will be your merit.

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