11 best ironing boards

In order for the process of ironing clothes to be comfortable, it is necessary to purchase an ironing board, and not to iron on the table or floor, laying a blanket or bedspread.

How to choose an ironing board

Tips for choosing an ironing board

It seems that there is nothing complicated in this, because you can take any ironing board: if only you like it and be compact, which is quite important in the conditions of small city apartments.

But this is not at all the case, because the ironing board should be liked and fit in size, and must have some technical characteristics.


More often the ironing board is used by the weaker sex (girls). Therefore, in order to move the board around the apartment, fold and unfold the traditional ironing board, it should not be too heavy for the girl to cope with this task herself.

Lightness goes hand in hand with stability and durability.

Tips for choosing an ironing board


Remember! The ironing board never wobbles or bends under ironing movements or under the weight of the iron.
If the ironing board staggers, it will bring you only negative emotions.

Ironing area

If you live in an apartment that won’t let you buy a large ironing board, then you’ll want to buy one that’s compact.

But, understand that when choosing a board, the comfort of ironing plays a decisive role. And the small size of the ironing board will cause inconvenience. When ironing on a short and narrow board, you will have to constantly turn and move things, which will affect the quality of ironing.

Tips for choosing an ironing board

Compact when folded

After ironing, it is customary to fold the ironing board and put it away in a place where it will least of all interfere in the house. From this it follows that after folding it should take on the most compact form.

Height adjustment

When buying an ironing board, be sure to pay attention to the height, because people, according to their physiology, are of different heights, which means that there are no height standards.

Based on this fact, choose a board with height adjustment (pay attention to the reliability of fixation, because this is also important!).

Tips for choosing an ironing board

Ironing board cover

Definitely, the ironing board cover should not stick and should be relatively soft so that you do not have to buy an additional ironing cover or replace the cover with a soft cloth (blanket, bedspread or rug).

When choosing an ironing board, make sure that the board has the necessary technical characteristics – choose the board specifically for you:

Types of ironing boards

Varieties of ironing boards

Since the modernization process does not stand still, it follows that now there are not only traditional ironing boards, but also other boards with special designs.

Each housewife will choose for herself that ironing board that suits her specifically.
Optional ironing board.

We will talk about additional equipment for ironing boards later.


Pay attention to the design of the ironing board, because ironing clothes in no case should seem like hard labor and bring you discomfort.

However, remember that you can get a cover for any ironing board, so put design last.

Base material

How to choose the base material for your ironing board

Ironing boards differ in additional equipment, design features and board material. Consider what materials ironing boards are made of:

  • Chipboard (or plywood).

The cheapest option for the base, but do not rush to choose chipboard as a material. Because such material is cheap, it quickly fails – it deforms, delaminates and bends, which is why it creaks when ironing.

Boards made from such material are heavy and extremely unstable.ironing board

  • Metal plate with holes.

This is a durable base material that will last you for a long time, but be prepared for the board to be heavy, and not enough holes will damage the cover due to the fact that the steam does not come out well.

  • Metal plate for mesh.

Such a base passes steam better and is unlikely to spoil the cover of the ironing board, but it will definitely be heavy, which means that the weaker floor is unlikely to move such a board around the apartment.

How to choose the base material for your ironing board

  • Mesh metal.

Such a base has similar characteristics to other metal bases, but it weighs much less than the previous options. But, if you are the owner of such a board, then get ready for the fact that over time such a base will be printed on linen during ironing.

Such a foundation, over time, will come in waves. If you are just thinking of buying a board with such a base, be sure to pay attention to what is placed under the cover.

It’s good if it’s felt, because it sags less than foam rubber, which manufacturers like to use instead of felt.

  • Plastic sheet.

Such a base is durable, strong and will not leave a single mark on bed linen.

This base is suitable only for an iron with steam.

Boards with a wooden base are more expensive than metal ones, but they are of higher quality and last longer than others. Wooden bases are impregnated with a water-repellent composition.

You can’t put an iron on a wooden board, but boards with a wooden base are complemented by metal iron stands.

Additions: a shelf for linen and wheels for moving the ironing board.

The disadvantage of such a basis is that there are few levels of height adjustment on such boards.
Ironing board set

How to choose the base material for your ironing board


The cover is 100% usable when ironing and is an integral part of the ironing board. Let’s try to figure out which case is better to choose from:

  • Cotton – sure to save linen from staining and sticking when ironing,
  • Non-stick (heat-resistant and waterproof) cover – steams the fabric well, and also saves time and electricity, but the laundry will slip when ironing,
  • Removable cover with felt lining – such a cover is good because it can be removed and replaced with another one if you don’t like something.

Pay attention to the fasteners of the cover (ropes, rivets or elastic bands). Choose ropes, because the elastic bands will stretch over time, and the rivets will not hold the case.


Please note that it will be better if the legs protrude slightly beyond the edges of the board (plus for stability, but minus for compactness),
Special rubber tips – they will protect your floor from scratches and save your board from slipping.

It’s good if the fastenings of your legs will be held on by bolts, because this is much more reliable than rivets,

Fixation and height adjustment.

Smooth fixation – much more convenient and easier to use, but less reliable than stepped,
Stepped fixation – reliable fixation that will not let you down during ironing,

How to choose the base material for your ironing board

Iron stand.

It is made of metal, and they also have silicone pads, an additional extension cord and a cord holder. The support will help you not to drop the iron.


Purchase the armrest separately if you have an older model ironing board. For new models, the sleeve is attached not only to the edge, but also in any other place.

Shelves for things and hangers.

If you iron a lot of clothes, put the ironed items on the shelves during ironing to take everything together, and not take one thing to the closet.

How to choose the base material for your ironing board

Grid for ironing.
Such a mesh will definitely replace gauze and will last you much longer.

A variety of models of ironing boards and their bright representatives.

In the modern world, in the store you can find not only traditional ironing boards, but also a wide variety of options. Thanks to this, each hostess will choose a model suitable for her.

Ironing board with laundry drawers

Ironing board with laundry drawers

[profitprice]ARIVA AR-128[/profitprice]
It is also called – ironing chest of drawers. The model under consideration is the ARIVA AR-128 ironing chest of drawers.

This ironing chest of drawers is made of solid wood in brown and beige tones and contains three things: a chest of drawers, an ironing board and laundry baskets.

The ironing surface does not take up much space because it is compact and easy to fold, which saves time and space. Baskets are made of willow weaving, which looks not only attractive, but also very natural.

Ironing board with laundry drawers

Such a chest of drawers, having not so large dimensions, still remains one of the best representatives of its class, it will be pleasant and easy to use.

When folded, the chest of drawers has the following dimensions:

  • Width – 35
  • Length – 66
  • Height – 85

When unfolded, it significantly changes the dimensions of the ironing surface:

  • Width – 35
  • The length of the ironing surface – 129
  • Height – 85

Ironing board with laundry drawers

Pros and cons of the ARIVA AR-128 ironing chest

+ Three in one: chest of drawers, ironing board and laundry baskets,
+ In the drawers of such a chest of drawers, you can store not only linen, but also an iron,
+ This chest of drawers is sure to fit perfectly into your home, because it looks very natural and stylish,
+ Laundry basket covers can be removed if they get dirty and washed (fabric),
+ Stand for the iron, which will ensure your safety, know that the iron will not fall,
+ Naturalness, because such ironing chests are made from real wood,
+ Since this version of the ironing board looks attractive, it does not need to be hidden from guests.
– You cannot remove the cover from the ironing board.

Ironing board – cabinet

Ironing board - curbstone

This type of ironing board is considered one of the most suitable for small city apartments, because it is a compact option for the location of the ironing board.

The curbstone has small dimensions and includes three doors. The first hides the ironing surface behind it.
The second and third recline, replacing your linen shelves and iron stand.

Consider the model of the cabinet ironing board cabinet “Stiromobile”.

Dimensions of the cabinet “Stiromobile”:

  • Height – 90 cm.
  • Width – 55 cm.
  • Length – 41 cm.

Ironing board - curbstone

Pros and cons of a representative of this class:

+ Compactness, this plus will probably influence the choice of such a board, because the option of an ironing board – curbstones is perfect if you live in a small city apartment,
+ Environmentally friendly materials. According to the principle of an ironing chest – the ironing cabinet is made of natural wood,
+ Replaceable ironing board cover.
– No iron stand
– The dimensions of the ironing surface are small, which makes it difficult to iron large items.

Small ironing board

Gimi Pollicino

[profitprice]Gimi Pollicino[/profitprice]
Sometimes called a desktop ironing board.
An interesting representative of desktop ironing boards is Gimi Pollicino.

Despite the fact that the board is made of steel, such a board weighs about one kilogram, which means that it is light and fragile for a housewife to take and move the ironing board to a suitable place for ironing.

A hook is attached to the ironing board, with its help the board can be placed against the wall or hung on the wall. The cover is made of 100% cotton, and the lining is made of fleece.

Dimensions of this model:

  • Width – 32 cm.
  • Height – 13 cm.
  • Length – 73 cm.

gimi pollicino

Pros and Cons of Gimi Pollicino:

+ The compactness of this model will definitely help you hide the ironing board from prying eyes,
+ Suitable for quick ironing, because it can be disassembled in just a couple of minutes,
+ The cover is removable, the cover can be easily replaced with another one or washed,
+ Thanks to the built-in hook, this board can be placed against the wall or hung on the wall,
– Not strong, it can bend from heavy loads,

Professional ironing board or ironing system

Professional ironing board or ironing system

[profitprice]Complete Econom[/profitprice]
The title of the best ironing system, according to many housewives, is the Completto Econom model from MIE.

The ironing board and iron in this ironing system seem to be one whole, despite this – the cord from the iron is long, which allows it to be used 100%.

The ironing board has the functions of blowing in and blowing out air. To perform these functions, there is a special fan.

The blowing function, as it were, forms an air cushion, which is suitable for ironing delicate fabrics, eliminates the appearance of jams and shine on dark fabrics.


The blow-in function will fix the fabric on the board in the right position, which will allow you to iron the creases on your pants.

The edges of the board have a special shape, which will allow you to iron the shirt with high quality. The shirts can be easily and naturally put on the ironing board, which saves time, because the back and shoulder parts of the shirts are ironed in one go, there is no need to move and unfold the shirts.

The uniqueness of this system will provide the perfect combination of steam and temperature for any fabric, which is absolutely safe, because you will never burn through the fabric and leave no wrinkle on it.


Advantages and disadvantages:

+ Unique technologies,
+ Heating of the working surface,
+ DualProtect descaling system, + Air blowing and blowing functions due to the built-in fan,

+ Suitable for ironing any fabrics,
+ Stylish looks and folds,
+ The special shape of the edges of the board,
– Takes up a lot of space
– It is more profitable to buy an ironing system in a tailor shop or dry cleaners, rather than home.

Ironing board with mirror TriYA TD 901.16

[profitprice]TriYa TD 901.16[/profitprice]
Ironing board with mirror TriYA TD 901.16

Every housewife in the house needs an ironing board, enough free space and a mirror. Many companies thought for a long time how to combine all this in one and finally came up with a mirror-ironing board.

Don’t you understand how it is? I explain.

The mirror ironing board, when folded, looks like an ordinary mirror hanging on the wall, but not everything is so simple. The ironing board is compactly built into this mirror.

In the case of our model, the mirror moves away like a closet door, and an ironing board is hidden behind the mirror, which can now be released and used.

  • Mirror size :
    Height – 1.65 cm. Width – 47 cm.
  • Ironing board surface size
    Length – 1 m 28 cm. Width – 38 cm.

ATTENTION! The board can withstand up to 20 kg.

The mirror ironing board, when folded, looks like an ordinary mirror hanging on the wall, but not everything is so simple.  The ironing board is compactly built into this mirror.

Let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of this design:

+ System two in one, by purchasing one thing you get both a mirror and an ironing board,
+ The board is produced in different colors, which means that you will choose the color for your interior,
+ The mirror shifting mechanism can be set either to the right or to the left, as you prefer.
+ Removable cover,
+ Built-in socket,
+ No need to move the board,
+ Save space,
+ Sizes can be both small and large, so you can choose an ironing board for your apartment,
– Not entirely safe, because the mirror can be damaged / broken and cut,
– It is necessary to fasten well to the wall, because the structure weighs 30 kg,

Ironing board – stepladder

Ironing board - stepladder

[profitprice]Jata 848S[/profitprice]
It’s good if there is a place in the house where you can put things that you hardly use and they get in the way. Such things include an ironing board and stepladder indispensable in the household.

On sale there is a combined version of these things.

One of the best representatives of the ironing board-ladder is the model
Jata 848S.

The advantages of this model include:

+ Stability, which is very important for both the board and the ladder. Indeed, in the first case, due to instability, we can drop the iron or leave a hook on the linen, and in the second case, we ourselves can fall and injure ourselves.
+ Suitable board sizes (125×35 cm.),
+ Removable cover made of 100% cotton with felt lining,
+ Iron stand with anti-slip pads,
+ Ideal ladder height (71 cm) for small city apartments,
+ Rubberized feet that won’t scratch your floor while in use.


The disadvantages of this design include:
– Takes up a lot of space
– Heavy, which means that fragile girls will have to resort to the help of men.

Wide ironing board Prisma

Wide ironing board Prisma

The dimensions of the ironing board of this company are the maximum of possible models, the length of such a board is 129 cm, and the width is 48 cm.

The width of the ironing board will definitely be appreciated by housewives who carefully iron bed linen or if they simply do not have enough of the usual standard sizes of boards.

Advantages of the Prisma ironing board:
+ Smooth fixation of the height – this means that it is easy to adjust the height of such a board and any girl can handle it without effort.
+ Thirty centimeters – height adjustment range, due to this, such a board is suitable for people of any height,
+ Removable cover made of 100% cotton with felt lining,
+ The base of the metal mesh is better than other bases for passing steam,
+ Complete set, which includes: cable holder, iron stand and linen shelf,
+ Rubber tips on the legs, allowing the board not to slip and not scratch the floor.

Wide ironing board Prisma

The disadvantages of this model include:
– Laundry rack does not look reliable,
– A heavy model and if you often iron clothes, then a girl is unlikely to be able to carry such a board from room to room every day.

Wall mounted ironing board Hafele Ironfix

Wall mounted ironing board Hafele Ironfix

[profitprice]Hafele Ironfix[/profitprice]
Such a board will definitely be appreciated by the owners of small city apartments, in which the compactness of things is given a lot of time.

The advantages of such a wall design:

+ The main plus is compactness, you need a gap on the wall to install such a board. The dimensions of such a board are small, since it folds in half.
+ The board itself is made of dense materials, and the cover is made of 100% cotton,
+ Looks stylish
+ Save time, because it unfolds in a couple of minutes.
+ Color options.

+ Cover is removable and replaceable.

– The height is not adjustable, so when you first attach the board to the wall, pay attention to the height at which you attach the board.

Ironing board with chest of drawers Ariva 086

Ironing board with chest of drawers Ariva 086

[profitprice]Ariva 086[/profitprice]
This is a convenient option for transforming an ironing board. Ironing chest of drawers Ariva 086 is made of wood and looks 100% like a chest of drawers.

Consider the advantages and disadvantages.

+ Modern look that is sure to fit into your apartment or house,
+ It does not take up much space, which means it is compact,
+ Easy to use, even a child can handle disassembling such a board,
+ 2 drawers for laundry storage
+ No one will understand that this is an ironing board,
+ Stand for iron,
– No height adjustment

Fold-out ironing boards


[profitprice]Janov Temise Eco[/profitprice]
Folding ironing boards include a mirror board or a wall-mounted ironing board, but this is not correct.

That is why folding ironing boards include a model built into a false cabinet called Janov Temise Eco, manufactured in Hungary. Or a similar Russian BELSI model.

This is one of the best folding ironing boards. The ironing board is built into a wooden box. The door opens both to the left and to the right, which is quite convenient, because you can install it in the way that suits you best.

Fold-out ironing boards

The board descends smoothly when you press it, which means that you do not need to hold it yourself to release it, and this saves a lot of time and effort.

The base of the board is made of a perforated sheet of metal, due to this there will not be a trace on the clothes, and also with such a base you can use a steam generator. The board can withstand up to 50 kilograms.

The board comes with a non-stick cover made of high quality materials.

Ironing board – transformer

Ironing board - transformer

[profitprice]Vauth Sagel[/profitprice]
As with folding boards, it is noted that a transforming board can include a dresser board, a ladder board, a mirror board, and many other boards, since many of them are transformed into other objects.

But the so-called sliding boards, which are usually built into ordinary sliding cabinets, are preferred to the transformer board.

Such boards are usually not large, but they are very convenient to use if you need to hide the ironing board from prying eyes and quickly unfold the board at the right time.

Let’s pay attention to the popular Vauth-Sagel model (board dimensions 95×30 cm).

The design has such a fastening, thanks to which the board unfolds and pulls out completely in a matter of seconds and also quickly slides back, which significantly saves time spent on ironing.

After unfolding, the board is aligned with the top of the table top above the cabinet and, as it were, becomes its continuation, which is very convenient, because you can put an iron on the table, which means you don’t need to think about how to install an additional iron stand.

Such a board can withstand weight up to 20 kilograms. The board comes with a special fire cover.

Enjoy the shopping!

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