10 types of plastic constructors


The block toy is suitable for young children. Development with the help of such a toy begins from one year. Cubes are plastic multi-colored squares, playing with which, the baby learns to distinguish shapes and colors.

At the first stages, while the baby still does not know how to build figures, interest in this type of entertainment will manifest itself in observing the actions of the parents, showing the baby how to handle such a toy.

The cubes are made of lightweight high-quality plastic, they can be played with in water and washed under the tap. When the baby masters this type of figure, figures in the form of cones and cylinders are added to it.


Toddlers of one and a half years will be interested in building figures from blocks. They are presented in the form of squares or rectangles and are connected by overlapping each other.

They produce sets with different block sizes, depending on the age group. For children from one to three years old, the parts are large, you can not worry that the baby will swallow them. In addition, it is more convenient for small hands to handle large elements.

From the age of three, the size of the blocks gradually decreases, which helps to develop fine motor skills of the hands.

The material for making plastic blocks is durable. You don’t have to worry about the fact that the crumb will break and get hurt by the product.

Most often, kids collect towers, houses, geometric shapes or even animals from blocks. Thanks to the variety of options for the final result, the baby develops imagination, the ability to plan and design, or even count.

This happens because, before assembling a model, you need to imagine the future creation, calculate how many and what details will be required. In addition to the function of building figures, using blocks, the kid learns colors, counting, or uses bright squares in his games in another way.

A set with block details opens up a huge field of activity for the baby and his parents.


More advanced theme builder. It differs from the block one only in that it contains ready-made figures of animals or people for whom fairy-tale castles, or cars, or even entire cities are built according to the scheme.

There are a huge number of options for creativity, the little sculptor himself will select the plot of the finished picture based on his hobbies and preferences. So, for girls, kits containing elements for building fairy-tale castles for princesses and their pets are suitable, as well as plots in the form of a zoo, from which animal pens and feeders are built.

For boys, kits are suitable for building cars, helicopters, fire stations and cities. The advantage of this set is that kids collect plots according to the scheme or use their imagination. In addition, some sets contain identical parts that are compatible with each other, expanding the previously constructed world.


For children from three years old, a plastic mosaic is suitable. It got its name from its resemblance to paper mosaic. The difference is that the parts are made of high quality plastic and are connected to each other thanks to slots.

Mosaic links are most often round, flat or convex. 2D images are assembled from flat figures, and realistic 3D figures are obtained from convex parts. The game of mosaic develops spatial orientation, helps to gain the first knowledge about the science of geometry.


A simplified version of the mosaic is considered a puzzle constructor. Its details are large and flat, square in shape. It is possible to build from such a selection only walls or houses. The advantage of this set is the ease of use and the ability to assemble simple three-dimensional figures, so it is suitable for children of two years old, preparing for other types of games.


For children over five years old, an articular constructor will be an interesting option. It got its name from the similarity with real joints, which create a movable connection of the bones of the skeleton.

Toy joints are plastic rectangles connected to each other with a hinge. Thanks to this rotational connection, the constructed figures acquire the ability to move. This opens up wide horizons for creativity and the development of the imagination.

You can design such complex mechanisms that the child will feel like a true creator.

Children collect original toys: from a butterfly fluttering its wings to mobile transforming robots. The play set with articular elements will remain on the list of interests of the little builder for a long time, making you forget about the existence of other toys.

Made from flexible plastic tubes

The first place among innovative products for the game is occupied by a designer made of flexible plastic tubes. Such a set consists of several multi-colored tubes that can change shape (bend, stretch, shrink, twist), and fasteners that connect the tubes to each other.

The flexible material makes it possible to make from it what is impossible with a traditional designer: instead of strict walls, houses or cars, three-dimensional figures with smooth lines are obtained. The number of manipulations with flexible tubes is limited only by the imagination of a small builder.

Due to the fact that the material of the tubes is soft and pliable, the baby will be pleased with tactile touches to the resulting toy.

Assembling structures from flexible tubes, children:

  • get acquainted with spatial orientation;
  • develop motor activity of the hands;
  • train the mind and imagination.

Plastic straws are easy to use, easy to model, are not afraid of water, do not require special care.


As the baby grows and develops, the range of personal interests naturally expands. To captivate the baby with old toys for a long time becomes a difficult task. In this case, you should pay attention to the magnetic designer.

A set of such a kit consists of bipolar magnetic plates coated with plastic and metal balls for connecting into complex shapes.

Plates are available in different shapes and colors:

  • triangles;
  • squares;
  • sticks.

Such a variety of shapes allows you to collect many geometric shapes.

Depending on the size, up to 20 sticks are attached to the ball. The number of elements in the set varies depending on the age category. For children from three years old, the set is limited to magnetic sticks and balls, and for five years old, geometric plates are added and the number of available parts increases.

If desired, younger children can also play with magnetic plates, since their size is large enough to fit in the mouth, which prevents the possibility of swallowing the part. In addition, it is interesting for an inquisitive baby to examine the translucent details of the figures and sparkling smooth balls.

Even the magnet’s ability to attract and repel immensely captivates the child’s mind. Playing with magnetic plates is not limited to picking up figures. With their help, in a playful way, parents explain to their child the nature of magnetic force and the first laws of physics, which positively affects the further study of subjects at school.


Another educational toy will be a labyrinth constructor for the baby. Here you have to connect fantasy, and show ingenuity and logic. The game is to assemble a labyrinth from all kinds of elements, along which the balls descend.

The kid can assemble an ordinary slide, or, by adding other parts, complicate the design. In addition to slides, the set includes all kinds of pipes, springboards, windmills, funnels, carousels, paths. In general, the resulting design is similar to the attractions of the water park, only the main visitors here are the balls, which check the smoothness of the assembled mechanism.

The main emphasis in the set is on the ability of the crumbs to collect such a labyrinth so that the ball rolls down unhindered.

This is not only an exciting game, but also an opportunity:

  • memory training;
  • ability to plan;
  • ability to design.

Despite the fact that children have to do serious work before putting together a ready-made maze, they will not get tired of the task.

Parts of the labyrinth are easily assembled together, making it possible to assemble all sorts of options for the final result. As a result, the little one gets a funny attraction, along which the ball descends, then accelerating, then slowing down, making unthinkable maneuvers and turns.

The ball itself is a separate game tool that can jump, change colors. In some assemblies, it is even possible to launch several of these balls at the same time. Maze is an exciting game for both children and their parents.


And even when the kid has already gone to school and is familiar with such complex subjects as physics and geometry, an electronic designer will become an excellent cognitive game for him.

To pay attention to such a set is for students from the sixth to the eleventh grade. This is an indispensable thing for visual representation of physical processes. A set of electronic devices is already used in modern schools in their arsenal, and teachers are happy to add it to the educational program.

Such interest on the part of pedagogy is associated with the use of innovative parts and the latest achievements of science and technology in the kit. The main working platform is a plastic plate, on which about a thousand electrical circuits are assembled.

This is possible thanks to numerous light bulbs, LEDs, switches, as well as transistors, speakers, microcircuits and other components. The kit also includes connecting elements that do not require the use of a soldering iron, so that the learning process is not only informative, but also safe.

The kid can assemble any scheme of interest, since the set necessarily contains tutorials that clearly show how to assemble this or that chain.

A correctly assembled circuit will lead to the operation of the electrical circuit elements: the lamp will turn on, the fan will start, sound will appear in the speaker.

A teenager will be able to independently assemble simple devices at home. Such a game will also interest adult parents who have long forgotten the days of school. In particular, dads will be able to show off their talent, which will only improve family relationships.

How to choose

So, when choosing a children’s designer, you should pay attention to the following:


Plastic must be of high quality, especially durable, without the slightest smell. Painting parts is allowed with non-toxic hypoallergenic paint.

Age group

For children under three years old, the designer should assemble and disassemble as easily as possible, contain spare parts of a large size, bright color. From three years, a variety of shapes and details is allowed for the development of fine motor skills of the hands.

Children’s Interests

When choosing a thematic plot, you should listen to the wishes of the child. Kits for assembling various kinds of equipment are suitable for boys: cars, helicopters, aircraft carriers. Even kids are interested in stories based on cartoons and films, with a ready-made script. For those who are fond of mechanics, games based on schemes and projects are available.

Girls should buy a designer, with animal figures, cartoon characters, princesses. Sets that allow you to build three-dimensional figures will be of interest to both girls and boys.

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