Mirrors in the bathroom

Bathroom mirrors are placed above the washbasin, but there are also mirrored cabinets that fill a lot of space in the room. You can choose the appropriate configuration and shape of the models: round, rectangular, square, oval.

Patched, tinted and faceted mirrors are distinguished depending on the decor.

When choosing, pay attention to the technical properties of the models: they must be moisture resistant, easy to use and easy to clean. It is worth giving preference to easily transported wall or cosmetic models.

It is necessary to select products according to the dimensions of the room, taking into account the illumination, temperature conditions and style.

Types of mirrors in the bathroom


The following types are distinguished by size:

  • Wall. Models that are hung on the walls can be square, oval and round. These mirrors have a frame that emphasizes the overall decor of the room: a thick metal frame or rim.
  • Cosmetic. These products are easy to move, are round and square, made of stainless steel. Among the models stand out those that are attached to the wall, and those that are mounted on stands.
  • Mirror cabinets. Such furniture is suitable for small bathrooms, it contributes to the expansion of the room and saves space.


Depending on the decor, the following models are distinguished:

  1. Patched or artificially aged. Used in shabby chic, eclectic styles. Brown or dark gray spots are visible on the mirrors, the effect is created using special compounds.
  2. Faceted. Mirror finishes have bevelled edges that can be chamfered. Used in modern and classic interiors. Models are distinguished by significant weight, large thickness.
  3. Tinted or colored. On products with tinted glass, a colored amalgam layer is applied: gray, blue, golden, bronze. Models are used in the style of minimalism, art deco.
  4. Mirrors with patterns. They are made by matting or sandblasting. With the help of these technologies, ornaments, drawings, patterns and inscriptions are applied.


The following types are distinguished by form:

  • Rectangular – with maximum reflective area, fit well into the wall design.
  • Square – products of the correct form that make the room proportional.
  • Round – models are used as a decorative element in non-strict styles, popular in modern style.
  • oval – do not take up much space.
  • curly – individual design developments that are used to create original interiors.


Depending on how the structures are installed, there are:

  • combined, placed on a cabinet, shelf and cabinet;
  • free-standing, which are placed from furniture elements;
  • decorative, serving to decorate the interior.




  • size (width, height, length);
  • base material (silver, aluminum);
  • shape (rectangular, round, square, oval, curly);
  • number of layers, mirror coating thickness;
  • illumination (reflective properties, built-in illumination);
  • level of moisture resistance;
  • color spectrum;
  • accessories (shelves, wall cabinets, doors);
  • decoration (forging elements, beveling, toning).



  • Practical: to feel comfortable in the bathroom, you need reflective surfaces.
  • Decorative: expands the spatial boundaries of the room.

Allows you to select the shape, decoration of products depending on the style of the room, corrects the proportions of rooms, creates an atmosphere of comfort and coziness, is used as an additional source of light.


Among the accessories are:

  • fasteners for wall mounting;
  • shelves;
  • dowel;
  • fittings;
  • crutches;
  • rubber bands.


Among the accessories stand out:

  • soap dishes;
  • cups;
  • towel and paper holders;
  • liquid soap dispensers;
  • hooks.



Features of cosmetic mirrors:

  • small dimensions;
  • saving free space in space;
  • easy transportation and care of products;
  • lightweight structures;
  • mobility;
  • low strength;
  • suitable for individual use.


Features of wall products:

  • a wide range of shapes, sizes;
  • simple installation and operation;
  • convenient to use;
  • easily amenable to mechanical damage from heat or moisture;
  • emphasize the style of the room.


Features of mirror cabinets:

  • saves free space;
  • functionality;
  • built-in lighting system;
  • a wide range of design solutions;
  • difficulty in transportation;
  • needs meticulous care.



Advantages of cosmetic mirrors:

  • compact;
  • not heavy;
  • easy to move and transport;
  • do not take up much space;
  • convenient to use and maintain.

Advantages of wall models:

  • variety of sizes, shapes;
  • convenient to use;
  • easy installation;
  • emphasize the overall decor of the room.


Benefits of mirror cabinets:

  • functionality;
  • save free space in the room;
  • a wide range of design solutions;
  • built-in lighting system.



Disadvantages of cosmetic mirrors:

  • small in size;
  • used only for individual needs;
  • the glass layer is thin, so such products are easy to break.

Cons of wall products:

  • used only in the designated place;
  • are quickly damaged because they are near sources of heat and moisture.

Disadvantages of mirror cabinets:

  • heavy and bulky;
  • they are difficult to transport;
  • a large mirror area requiring special care.

How to choose a bathroom mirror

How to choose

  • Choose models according to the dimensions of the room. In small rooms, it is better to install a mirror in front of the washbasin. If the bathroom is large, place items in it to their full height. The optimal height is 35-45 centimeters.

Decorative elements (mirror mosaics, baguettes, plinths) are appropriate in any room. The height of the upper edge of the product is from 170 to 220 cm, depending on the height.

  • Decide on the dimensions of the washbasin, measure its width. It is desirable that the rectangular mirror does not exceed the width of the washbasin. Products of irregular and round shape must correspond to the proportions of furniture and other interior items.
  • When choosing and installing models, be guided by the growth of those living in the apartment. Mirrors should be suitable not only for adults, but also for children.
  • Pay attention to the shape of the product. Round models give the room extra volume; square – align the proportions, are used in narrow and rectangular rooms.

If the room is small, buy horizontal rectangular accessories; elongated mirrors visually raise the ceilings.

  • Illumination of the product is an important criterion. When choosing, consider the possibility of installing additional light sources. Proper distribution of light will make the room spacious and bright.
  • When choosing a model, consider the style and color scheme in the room. Products in beautiful frames fit the classic design, there are many options for modern interiors.
  • Note the built-in lights and magnifying makeup mirror. Models with glass heating function protect mirror surfaces from fogging.
  • Pay attention to the technical properties of products, mirror surfaces must be waterproof. It is better to give preference to models on a silver base in a metal or plastic frame.

How to choose

The mirror must have a clear reflection, no distortion is allowed.

  • Choose durable models with a wide edge. It must be of complex configuration, which is ensured by stripping, processing, polishing and bevelling.
  • Buy products with a thick mirror surface, models with a thin layer may give incorrect proportions. Good products consist of a glass sheet with a three-layer coating.

The first is reflective (silver), the second is protective (copper film against corrosion), the third (two or three layers of paint that protect against mechanical damage).

  • The surface must be smooth and clean, without chips, scratches, cracks and other mechanical damage. Bulges and bubbles on the coatings are considered marriage. The optimal mirror thickness is from 4 to 6 mm.
  • Choose functional products equipped with shelves, wall cabinets, mirrored doors. The more such elements, the more functional the model.
  • Pay attention to the use of decorative elements, they must match the overall style of the room.

Which one is better

Which one is better

Best Mirror:

  • suitable room in size;
  • with a clean and even surface;
  • on a silver basis and in a plastic frame;
  • with a thick layer of glass;
  • waterproof;
  • resistant to mechanical damage;
  • with a wide edge;
  • designed in accordance with the style of the room;
  • equipped with shelves, cabinets.



Rules for the operation of products:

  1. If the mirror is mounted on a flat surface with adhesive applied, make sure that the adhesive is evenly distributed over the area. Small discrepancies will distort the image.
  2. Be sure to place the rubber backing before placing the mirror on the floor. This is necessary to preserve the type of product.
  3. The humidity level in the bathroom is 45-55 percent, deviations from this norm will lead to a deterioration in the consumer properties of the material.
  4. When moving the mirror surfaces, make sure that the load is distributed evenly.
  5. Keep the mirror out of direct sunlight, as high temperatures will dull the surface. Do not place surfaces closer than 1 meter from heaters.


Recommendations for the care of mirror surfaces:

  • Do not use window cleaners to clean surfaces. The thin layer of silver that covers the product is sensitive to ammonia, moisture and chemicals.
  • To make the mirror shine, wash the surface with water diluted with a small amount of bluing.
  • You can clean the products by wiping the surfaces with a cotton swab dipped in denatured alcohol. After that, it is necessary to wipe the structures with newsprint. You can get rid of stains with a strong solution of vinegar – 1 tablespoon in a glass of water.
  • If the back of the mirror is not protected, do not wipe the surface with a damp cloth. It is better to wipe the products with a dry soft cloth; a couple of times a month, clean the mirrors with a cloth soaked in vinegar.
  • To clean heavily soiled surfaces, prepare the following composition: add 50 g of vinegar and 50 g of chalk to 2 cups of hot water, stir it and let it stand.


Then drain the liquid into a dish and wipe the mirror with it, then wipe them dry with a soft cloth. It is desirable that the liquid does not get on the back side or frame. Wipe frames with a dry cloth.

  • To avoid the formation of stains from drops of aerosol varnish, wipe the mirror with a cloth dipped in cologne.
  • When caring for decorative elements, use dry or wet cleaning with a soft cloth; Do not use chemically active cleaning agents.
  • When connecting the backlight, observe the technical safety rules. Prefer double insulated wiring, place the outlet away from the sink. The minimum distance is 0.5 meters.

It is better if the socket is equipped with a cover and equipped with additional protection in the form of a grounding conductor. Do not use metal-sheathed or uninsulated wiring in bathrooms.

Installation of mirrors in the bathroom:

  • We select the location of the structure, use the level to measure the line, drill holes in the wall. The number of holes is equal to the number of fasteners, weight and size of the mirror.

We insert dowels into the prepared holes, screw in the screws.

  • Lightweight products are attached to a flat wall with liquid nails, the joints are treated with a sealant. If the facing material is laid on a thick layer of adhesive, use a metal profile.

Before you mount the mirror on the tile adhesive, make sure that it is covered with a protective layer. This will prevent the reflective surface from darkening.



The warranty for bathroom mirrors ranges from 6 months to 2 years, depending on the manufacturer. To receive free service, you will need to present your sales receipt or warranty card. To obtain such a right, you need to keep the presentation of the product.

The warranty is not provided in such cases:

  • changes were made to the design;
  • non-specialized repair of goods was carried out;
  • visible signs of wear or mechanical damage;
  • violation of the rules of operation;
  • when deforming fasteners or other elements of products.

The warranty does not cover accessories supplied with the product.




A global brand that unites German, Italian, English sanitary ware companies. The name of the company is translated as “Morning-Evening”, thus focusing on the importance of the bathroom in everyday life.

Products are represented by collections of sanitary ware, bathroom furniture, faucets, bathtubs, boxes and shower cabins.

Product design is developed by the best specialists in the industry. Popular collections include:

  • 5 O’Clock – a combination of classic and modern;
  • Awe – products with a practical and luxurious design;
  • Drive is a series of environmentally friendly and reliable products;
  • Tender is a collection that combines simplicity and beauty;
  • Bliss – plumbing equipped with modern features;
  • Bourgeois is a collection designed for small spaces;
  • Sense – products designed for rational people with exquisite taste;
  • OK! – inexpensive products with beautiful design and functionality.

Plumbing AM-PM is certified according to international standards, properly labeled. Acceptable ratio of pricing policy and quality of goods.



The company’s products are represented by furniture and bathroom accessories, products that combine practicality and functionality. Products of different price groups are produced: low, medium, premium series.

Mirror surfaces are durable, resistant to mechanical damage, with interesting configurations. The company guarantees free service during the warranty period, fast delivery of products to their destination.



The company is engaged in the production of products from cast marble: furniture sinks, kitchen sinks. The company carries out a full production cycle from the creation of design developments to the assembly of furniture.

The company’s mirrors are durable, moisture-proof, three-layer, not amenable to mechanical damage, resistant to temperature changes. Products are produced in different shapes, colors, sizes.

The warranty period for goods for home use is 3 years, for furniture for public use – 1 year. Post-warranty service is provided for the entire period of operation of the goods.


Item Features:

  • materials with increased moisture and wear resistance;
  • environmentally friendly products do not emit toxic substances into the air;
  • comply with international and Russian environmental standards.

The company has repeatedly become the winner of competitions in the field of manufacturing furniture products for bathrooms.



The company is engaged in sales of home furniture, office furniture, kitchen and home furniture. The company supplies goods to Russia, Ukraine and Belarus directly through manufacturers.

Mirrors of the company are durable, resistant to moisture and mechanical damage, have a high-quality coating, interesting decor. Warranty from one to five years. Products are certified according to standards, marked.

Jacob Delafon

Jacob Delafon

A French company that manufactures sinks, furniture, bathtubs, showers and accessories, founded in 1889. Products focus on several price categories. The firm’s products include:

  • shells;
  • toilet bowls;
  • bidet;
  • wash basins;
  • bedside tables;
  • cast iron baths;
  • acrylic bathtubs;
  • bathroom accessories.

The brand’s ceramics are produced in France, Morocco, Thailand, Russia, the company’s furniture is popular in France and Russia, fences and bathtubs are sold in China and India.

Brand mirrors are durable, resistant to mechanical damage, with a thick glass layer, reflect light well. Products have quality certificates and are labeled properly.



The company is engaged in the production of sanitary ware for bathrooms. The products are represented by sinks, faucets, sinks, radiators, accessories and components.

Brand mirrors are resistant to moisture, have a thick layer of glass, reflect light well, and are not amenable to mechanical stress.

The company focuses on the needs of customers and the demand of the modern market. Products are certified and labeled, goods of the middle price range.



The company produces furniture and accessories for bathrooms. The product is waterproof, so it retains its appearance for a long time in a room with high humidity.

The furniture is painted with two-component polyurethane dyes. The company guarantees the quality of goods for 10 years, the products are certified and labeled according to standards.



The company is engaged in the manufacture of furniture and accessories for bathrooms. The company develops acrylic corner and rectangular bathtubs, products of complex configuration.

The product has good performance characteristics, withstands high humidity, changes in temperature conditions. Brand mirrors are durable and moisture resistant, equipped with shelves and wall cabinets, with original decor.

The guarantee is valid for 10 years for acrylic bathtubs and 5 years for accessories.

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