The most anticipated devices and technologies of 2020


If 2019 brought a lot of new things to the world of technology, then next year we can only expect even more. And we decided to look at those devices and gadgets that are either announced or most likely to go on sale next year. Let’s not delay and let’s get started.

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Flagships from market leaders

Each new smartphone model, which is destined to take the top spot in the assortment of its brand, is sure to bring something new to our understanding of the modern smartphone. It could be a new battery, a camera or resolution, specs, and even audio capabilities. Therefore, when it comes to flagship smartphones, we expect all manufacturers to be able to show us.

Where, for example, will Samsung move? Will foldable display technology become the standard for their new smartphones? Or are we going back to classic design? According to the leaks from those publications, we are waiting for the front camera, still in the form of a black dot, located in the center of the screen, and the display will be less curved. This is according to some sources, since others claim that the rear camera will consist of several sensors and be located on the same plate as the iPhone. In any case, regardless of the exact specifications, we are waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S11.

Xiaomi may also surprise us. The company has been working non-stop for almost the entire year, creating a new smartphone almost every month. Towards the end of the year, even Xiaomi appeared with a 108MP camera from Samsung. But since it’s only released in China, we’re looking forward to seeing it in the rest of the world. Xiaomi smartphones will definitely become more powerful, most likely based on the Snapdragon 865, and the cooling system so often used in modern smartphones will certainly allow the novelty to be equipped with gaming characteristics.

Huawei P40 is another highly anticipated smartphone. Do not assume that because of the turmoil with Google, the company is going to lose ground. And a separate emphasis will be placed on the camera, which is not surprising, because it was Huawei that became one of the best camera phones in 2019.

Rumors about each of the new products are enough, but only time will allow us to find out who will really show us the highest class.


Xbox Scarlett and PlayStation 5

Unlike smartphones, game consoles take one significant step every few years. Thankfully, 2020 has been just such a year. Both leading manufacturers, Sony and Microsoft, have already informed us about upcoming releases. Each of the competing companies noted that it was their console that would become incredibly powerful and allow them to rethink the entire concept of gaming. No wonder, because both devices will become much more powerful, allow you to play not only in Full HD, but also in 4K, open up new opportunities and, in the case of Sony, also provide support for virtual reality. Surprisingly, Microsoft has so far held back from being specific about VR. However, this did not stop the fans from reviving the debate about which of the platforms is better and what exactly will have to be chosen next time. Of course, everything is ahead and pretty soon we will find out what features and characteristics each of the new products will give us. For now, you just have to be patient.

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Canon 5D Mark V

Canon’s 5D SLR series has been incredibly successful. Everyone who has anything to do with photography knows this. Gradually, thanks to innovations and revision of the whole structure, these cameras set the tone for the entire market. However, the latest model to date, the Mark IV, appeared already in 2016 and in 2020 it will celebrate its fourth birthday. So no one will be surprised if the company releases an update to it. This explains the fact that the camera, even if not announced, has already acquired rumors and a list of possible characteristics. The main requirement that we hear most often is the high resolution of the matrix, and some even talk about the possibility of shooting video in 6K. Yes, not all cameras have received 4K yet, and someone is already demanding 6. Well, we don’t mind at all, because Canon 5D has always been a kind of leader and trendsetter.


New apple devices

We all always look forward to Apple events. Some are eager to upgrade their own arsenal, while others are eager to crack jokes about the increased price and design flaws. But one thing unites all. We are always interested in what the company is ready to offer. From the insanely popular iPhone to the Home Pod to the Apple TV, there is always something new and special to offer, and the events the company organizes to present its products are a celebration of sorts. We are looking forward to the new iPhones, among which we are promised a budget update for the iPhone SE, we are very interested in what else they can come up with for the MacBook Air, and the watch … just imagine what else can be done with a smart watch? And of course, do not forget about operating systems. In 2019, for example, we said goodbye to iTunes forever, so what’s next? Even despite the fact that many are ironic about the developments of Apple, they still manage to set the tone in numerous areas. Therefore, without a doubt, we are waiting for new Apple announcements.

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Google Watch

One of the most important news of 2020 in the world of technology and finance was the acquisition by Google of smartwatch and fitness bracelet maker Fitbit. It would seem that this has not yet played any significant role for the wearable technology market, however, will everything remain as before? We doubt it. Such an acquisition clearly tells us that Google is ready to compete for the title of the best smartwatch. Yes, despite the fact that Fitbit is famous for its fitness characteristics, it is likely that Google will try to compete with the Apple Watch, and there is every chance that the company will succeed. Take Fitbit’s expertise in sensors and workout analytics, add its own Android-compatible functionality, and equip it with its own axis. Ready! And most importantly, the distribution of these watches will be much wider, because there are much more smartphones on Android and they are much more affordable. If Google does everything right, in 2020 we will have a novelty that will have every chance of success.

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6K and 8K TVs

The 4K format seems to have appeared quite recently, but now another one is already in a hurry to replace it. 6K and 8K TVs are already a real reality, and they are predicted to be the main place at the upcoming CES 2020. This does not mean at all that all programs and films will immediately switch to a new format, 4K has not yet fully taken root. But progress is moving forward, and the availability of supply will sooner or later create demand. Someone will want to watch movies in even higher resolution one way or another, and this is where 8K TVs come into play. The first such TV was introduced already in 2013, and had a diagonal of 85 inches. However, it never went on sale. But all this may well change in 2020, because we already have everything necessary for the successful introduction of such TVs. Samsung, for example, already produces such TVs. So far, however, their cost is quite high. But we have no doubt that others will follow, and very soon 8K will still become the norm for many.

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Smart devices

Once upon a time, a “smart home” seemed like a fantasy. But time passes, and we get used to the fact that everything can be turned on from a smartphone or even by voice. But in Russia, smart speakers have not yet taken root. But this does not mean that we do not want to get more functionality from other devices. It can be kitchen appliances, household appliances, and in fact, almost anything. Ultimately, we always pay attention to the word “smart” in the product name. To date, smart devices have appeared a huge number – from TVs to toilet seats. This is not a joke, Xiaomi presented such a device and it is at least of interest. In 2020, we look forward to even more automation of all tasks that usually take time. And we can’t wait to see how much more we can make our lives easier.

The first event that promises to lift the veil of secrecy is CES 2020. And then we can only guess what else can be changed with the help of progress and new technologies.


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