Review of sunglasses Xiaomi TS Turok Steinhardt Sunglasses SM005-0220


Sunglasses are quite an important attribute in the daily life of many: for some, an indispensable thing in sunny weather, for some it is part of the style regardless of the weather, and for some it is just nice to have cool branded glasses and not necessarily wear them often.

It seems to me that I am just from the 3rd type of people, and it’s really just nice for me to have a beautiful thing for me. No, of course, I’m trying to accustom myself to wear glasses at least in sunny weather, but it turns out every other time. In any case, at some point I became the owner of Xiaomi glasses and now I will tell you about them.

These are my first branded glasses, respectively, they are more expensive than all my previous ones, which means that the expectations from them will be higher, let’s see if they are justified.

The type of glasses is the so-called “aviators”, the model is unisex, the material of the frame is stainless steel, the degree of protection from the sun is 3rd out of 5 possible, and this is 18-8% of light transmission. And this is the maximum degree of protection, so to speak, for civilian glasses, the 4th and 5th degrees are used in highly specialized areas.

The lenses themselves have a scratch-resistant coating and are made from a material that serves as a polarizing filter and will protect your eyes from both glare and UV radiation. So look at the sun, as they say, for health! By the way, the manufacturer claims that the same material is used to create masks for astronauts.

How to check glasses for polarization:

Take polarized glasses, look at any liquid crystal monitor (cell phone display or payment terminal monitor) and turn the glasses 90 degrees relative to the monitor. If the lenses of the glasses have a polarizing filter, the image will darken or become completely dark. If the glasses are simple, then nothing will change. The screen must be LCD.

The set made me very happy! It contains a case, microfiber, and a brochure in Russian, in general, everything to create a feeling of branding already at the first stage!

The cover is made of material similar to genuine leather, soft. Easy to put in your purse or pocket

The color of the frame is officially called pewter, but for me it’s just gray, the lenses are plain black, but officially they are gray again. On the inner edge of the temples on both sides, the logo of the glasses brand – Turok Steinhardt, which is a sub-brand of Xiaomi, is printed. And this logo is printed both on the box and on the microfiber case, it is also beautifully squeezed out. Personally, I like how it’s all framed, it looks solid.

The weight of the glasses is only 18 grams, the length of the temples is 145 mm, the lens width is 56 mm, and the distance between the lenses is 20 mm. When folded, the ends of the temples protrude beyond the lenses, which means they cannot scratch them, which is a common problem with many glasses.

By the way, the temples of the glasses are rubberized, which fixes the glasses in their place better, but at the same time, the rubberized surface can catch long hair and confuse them if you decide to wear glasses on your head.

Regarding the fit of the frame, I’ll say that, of course, it depends on the characteristics of the septum of each person, but whoever tried on my glasses, they all fit well, I think thanks to the soft silicone pads for that!

Finally, I will say that a special gasket made of elastic material is used inside the glasses, and if the glasses do break, the fragments will not get into your eyes, but will remain in their place. For me, this is a guarantee of security, and most likely it will be difficult to break them.


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