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Do you remember when you got your first personal computer? For some, this was the first purchase from their own salary, and for some, it was a gift from their parents for good academic performance or other merits. One way or another, times are changing and now a computer is really necessary for learning. Already in high school, the child will have essays and other tasks in the program that are very difficult to complete without the help of a PC. And teachers, most likely, handwritten text will not be accepted. Today we will talk about when is the best time to get your child their own computer and what it should be like.

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How to introduce a child to the computer?

Modern experts recommend introducing a child to a computer at the age of 3 or 4 years. It is at this age, under the supervision of an adult, that a child can already master simple games and puzzles. Most often, these games will be aimed at memorizing colors, shapes, etc. It will also be useful that by watching your actions, the child will remember the basic principles of computer management.

At the same time, you can teach your child to sit properly at the computer and take regular breaks. It is depending on the knowledge laid down during this period of life that how exactly the child will interact with technology later will depend.

The child will be able to use the computer independently when he learns to use the mouse. Then, at the age of 4-5, you can teach him to turn on and off the computer, run programs on his own. At this time, it is good to connect parental control programs or even create your own account for the baby. In this case, it’s good if you have a full-fledged desktop computer at home, since trusting a working laptop to a child is quite dangerous. Even if you have trained him not to eat or drink at the computer, just in case, it is better to limit yourself to a replaceable keyboard for now.


Independent use

In primary and secondary school, the child will need a computer in order to receive and complete school assignments. So by this time he should definitely have his own account. With the start of school, you can think about giving your child a little more freedom: your own mail account, the Internet, of course, under control. There are many programs that will allow you to provide parental supervision and restrict access to sites and services that are not intended for children. Obviously, in the process of socialization, your child may come across different peers with different interests. So there is a chance that the child will become interested in games. You should not be afraid to refuse a child, but you should not severely limit him. Moreover, you should not give up games completely. They help the child develop reaction, logical thinking and visual memory. So always pay attention to the rating of the games and the interests of your child. If you think that some game does not suit him, it is better to look for a suitable alternative.

As for educational programs, you can search and choose them together with your child, including him in the process and showing what advantages the applications you have chosen bring.

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Own computer

The question of when a child is ready to use their own separate computer is decided differently for everyone. It’s good if you have the opportunity to provide him with a powerful enough device on which you can both play and work. And, if by the age of 12-13 you are sure that you have taught him enough computer literacy, then you can give him independence. It is desirable to do this gradually and of course, only if you trust your child that he will choose programs and applications wisely.

In any case, do not forget that you cannot always control the decisions of your children, and you should not do this.

Although we would like children to focus only on their studies, this is not always the case, nor is it a priority for all children. Do not be afraid that the child will pick up popular trends online (safe trends), and at some point will begin to understand popular culture better than you. This is natural, and you should not deny it to him, socialization is a natural part of education and upbringing, and this implies the ability to navigate in modern information.

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What should be a computer for a child?

When it comes time to buy a computer for a child, the choice is between several options: a stationary PC, a monoblock, a mini PC or a laptop. If you already have a shared gaming PC or your child is not interested in games, then a mid-range laptop is fine for him. In general, it is much more preferable to choose a laptop, because with it the child will be able to move around the house, he will not need to constantly sit in his room, and he will learn to multitask. Plus, on a fine day, you can even write an essay on the balcony, which does not hurt at all.

Nevertheless, if you choose a stationary device, then first you should decide on the power. We will consider medium power, suitable for work and training, suitable for light games.



If you choose a monoblock, then you should pay attention to the IdeaCentre series from Lenovo. The price will depend on the configuration, but in general, it does not differ much from a stationary model of similar power. The downside is that if necessary, you can not replace a single element. And plus, and very significant – in the compact size of the device. For a small children’s room, it is almost perfect. Another positive is the large monitor. For example, the AIO520-24IKL model has a 24-inch screen, runs on a modern Intel Core i7-7700T processor and is equipped with a discrete video controller. So the computer is suitable for games, and for studying, and even for watching movies. The computer also has a built-in DVD drive, which will allow you to use discs. So for a child, a Lenovo monoblock will become a universal machine. You can also easily set up parental control programs, which will certainly serve as a plus.



A mini PC or nettop will require you to purchase the case itself and a monitor with accessories. In fact, you have to buy the same computer, only with a small system unit. Its power will also, accordingly, be lower than that of a full-fledged PC. But keep in mind, we are talking about ordinary nettops, not gaming ones. This option is great if you have a spare monitor, or an older model monitor. With an adapter, it will be quite possible to connect it to a PC. Intel NUC offers a fairly wide range of nettops, among which there are very modern models. For example, BOXNUC7I5BNKP. It runs on an Intel Core i5 processor with 8GB of RAM and an SSD drive. If you need more internal storage, you can easily expand it with an external hard drive. The graphic controller of the PC is integrated, but it will cope with average-demand games, and perform all other functions with ease, so this nettop is ideal for a student.



Choosing a laptop for study is quite simple. There are a huge number of options available, and among them you can easily choose the one that suits your requirements.

An excellent option could be one of the laptops from Xiaomi. For example, Mi Notebook 15.6” Lite got its name due to its functionality and more affordable price than its counterparts.

The laptop is powered by an Intel Core i3 8130U processor with 4GB of RAM and 128GB of built-in SSD storage. A separate advantage of this model is a large monitor with good color reproduction and Full HD resolution. Another handy quality of this laptop is a large 5.9-inch touchpad, which will be comfortable for a child to work with, since it is almost the same size as the display of modern smartphones. Plus, it supports multi-touch, that is, the execution of functions with two or three fingers. Such a device weighs 2.18 kg, and the case is made of metal, which adds strength to the laptop. The laptop also has a 1.3 megapixel camera, but like many modern laptops, it does not have an optical drive. In any case, for a school student, this laptop will be the best option both in terms of functionality and price.


Computer for teenagers and students

A high school student or a student, of course, should pick up a full-fledged powerful laptop. This is especially important if your child is interested in graphic or 3D programs, because on a powerful device you can not only play games, but also develop skills that are useful in the modern world.

The perfect modern gaming laptop is the Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop Enhanced Edition. This device is designed for truly demanding games and players. Not surprisingly, with its capabilities, it is also suitable for heavy graphics programs. So, the laptop has a 15.6-inch screen, runs on a modern Core i5 8300H processor, and is equipped with a Full HD display. In addition, the laptop is equipped with a 256GB SSD memory and a 1TB HDD. A 6GB nVidia GeForce discrete graphics card will support most demanding games at high graphics settings. The 8GB RAM will also help. The case, like in another model from Xiaomi, is made of metal, so it can withstand accidental shocks. And this laptop weighs 2.7 kg. Plus, it is equipped with a large number of USB ports, including USB Type-C, so that all additional devices, such as controllers or joysticks, can be connected to the laptop without difficulty. The same goes for graphics tablets.

The Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop is great for high school and university students as it provides the full functionality of a desktop computer with all the benefits of a portable laptop. It can be used both at home and at the university.

The question of when and which computer to choose for a child worries many parents. Even if this decision remains individual for everyone, it is always worth considering the fact that computers have long become an integral part of our lives. Well, we hope that our material has made this decision a little easier for you.


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