10 Board Games for Family Evenings


It is starting to get colder outside, so active walks and rest will soon be replaced by quiet evenings with family and friends. And what could be more fun on such evenings than board games? We’ve rounded up 10 board games that everyone should play at least once!

  1. Monopoly by Hasbro

Perhaps the most classic multi-player board game, Monopoly teaches you how to handle real estate and finance.

All over the world, for decades, fans have been playing Monopoly: they build their own houses, hotels, buy and sell establishments, rent and even pay taxes.

Despite the economic bias, Monopoly is quickly mastered by players of any age, it captivates and allows you to escape from your devices and spend time together.

The set includes a game board, a brochure with the rules of the game and accessories such as chips, dice, cards and play money. Rely on luck or calculate moves a few ahead! Monopoly is for everyone!

  1. Updated Jenga from Hasbro

This game is designed for active players with good coordination. It consists of special cubes that are to be stacked into a tower of 18 “floors”, after which, the players take turns drawing cubes from the tower, trying not to bring it down. The player who collapses loses and the game starts over. There is nothing more fun for noisy and active companies, Jenga promises you more than one fun game evening, whether it’s a holiday or just time with friends. Develop mindfulness, coordination and eye with this incredibly popular game.

  1. Code Word Piatnik Activity

The game “Code Word” not only helps to have a pleasant and fun time with friends or acquaintances, but also develops the ability to speak. The rules are extremely simple – the players are divided into teams and for a certain time they must guess and guess several words indicated on the card, without naming either the word itself or the same root. To complicate the task, the game has dice that indicate exactly how you have to explain the hidden word to your team: with gestures, words or a picture. Thus, the game combines elements of charades, crocodile and associations. The game is suitable for both adults and children. You can also change the rules, simplify or complicate them. “Code Word” will definitely provide you with a pleasant time.

  1. Scrabble by Mattel

Another classic game aimed at developing and expanding vocabulary. If it seems to you that you are not familiar with its rules – remember the game “Scrabble”, this is the same game in which you have to make words from random letters in order to earn as many points as possible. Do not forget that words cannot be invented and try to use letters that will bring the greatest result. The winner is the one who knows how to compose the rarest and longest words. This game is suitable for adults and children and will be perfect for a family evening or meeting with friends. Scrabble is designed for small companies up to 4 people, but you can even play it together. Spend time usefully and having fun playing this game.

  1. Taboo by Hasbro

The game “Taboo” is very similar to the “Code Word”, however, the rules are slightly different: in this game you also have to play against time on an hourglass, but your goal is to explain the word without mentioning either it or similar words indicated on the special card. You have only a minute to spare, and the goal is to explain as many words as possible. Suitable for large groups where not everyone knows each other, Taboo is the perfect way to have fun, reduce the awkwardness of communicating with people you don’t know well, and bring the whole company to life by creating memorable moments and coming up with common jokes. The game is best suited for adult companies, but children can also play it.

  1. Chess by Spin Master

Perhaps the most intellectual, complex and exciting game is chess. This game appeared an incredibly long time ago and from time immemorial it has allowed you to learn attentiveness, miscalculating moves a few ahead and observing your opponent’s tactics. Before you is a classic chess field with 64 cells and 32 pieces lined up in a certain order. In order to start the game, it is enough to learn how certain pieces move. The game is designed for two people, each of which chooses a certain color of the pieces – white or black. After that, the match begins! You can play against the clock like professional athletes do, or you can skip the rules and play your way. Keep in mind that a chess match can go on for as long as you like, until one player checkmates the other, or until the game reaches a stalemate, when the moves are reduced to repeating the same actions.

  1. Twister from Hasbro

The game “Twister” is designed for young and active people or children. On the surface, it seems extremely simple, but wait until you find yourself in the most difficult position! The rules are probably known to many: the game has a leader who spins the wheel, while the players are located on the field in accordance with the instructions of the leader. You have to put your hands and feet on the circles of the required color, getting more and more confused with other players. “Twister” always causes a lot of jokes and fun, so be sure to try this exciting game at least once and you won’t be able to stop! The game is designed for 3-6 people, one of which is the leader. It is recommended for children over 6 years old.

  1. Sea Battle by Hasbro

If you thought that naval combat could only be played in the classroom on checkered paper, you were wrong. In fact, the game consists of two playing fields with special elements that are placed according to the location of your ships and the opponent’s ships. You can play the game on such a field both on the road and at home. The main thing is that you definitely won’t have to worry about your opponent peeping at your field. Ships are marked with special molds with slots for chips. By placing the ships, you can mark a hit with red markers and a miss with white markers.

The game is designed for two players, and a special instruction is provided in the kit, which will allow anyone who has slightly forgotten them to refresh the rules.

The game is intended for children from 7 years old, as there are small parts in the kit. Otherwise, it is still the same favorite game, but in a more convenient format.

  1. Mini Backgammon by Tactic Games

Backgammon is also quite an old and popular game. Its rules are familiar to many: you need to throw the dice and move your chips to the other side of the board so as to occupy all the free space. The one who manages to do it first wins. A special board with the image of the playing field is intended for the game. The game is designed for two players. The Mini Backgammon set is great for traveling and playing on the go, as the special box holds the game pieces while the lid serves as a playing field. The compact dimensions of the box also allow it not to take up much space either among things or on the table. The game will allow you to have fun and interesting time, as well as experiment with luck and develop mindfulness.

  1. Cluedo by Hasbro

Cluedo is a game known throughout the world, which has recently begun to gain popularity in Russia. Why, there was even a film based on her motives! The game “Cluedo” is a tricky riddle with a detective story. According to the plot of the game, you and other players were invited to the mansion of a mysterious millionaire, but all of a sudden, the owner is killed. Each guest becomes a suspect, and all players gradually receive clues and clues. The winner is the one who is the first to be able to restore the chain of events and unravel the name of the killer. This game is suitable for everyone who loves role-playing games and for large companies, regardless of whether everyone knows each other. It is suitable for holidays and simple gatherings. Develop your creativity, solve riddles and, of course, convince other guests of your own innocence! You can play Cluedo at home, on the street and even while hiking! One thing is for sure – you are guaranteed a great time.


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