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A smart watch is a fashionable and convenient device that allows a modern person to leave the house and not take a smartphone with them. Yes, yes, even five years ago it would have seemed an amazing hindsight, but today such giants as Apple are striving to stuff their watches with more and more useful features. Manufacturers of more budget devices do not stop either, so we decided to consider the most modern smart watches at a price of up to 5,000 rubles.

  1. Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Bip Lite

It will not surprise anyone that when talking about smartwatches, we immediately turn to the Chinese market giant Xiaomi. Amazfit Bip Lite is truly built with the user in mind, so the watch itself is water resistant and its screen is protected by ultra-strong Gorilla Glass. The protection level of this watch is IP68. The lower part of the case is already made of ceramics and it is on it that the heart rate monitor is located, but we will return to the functions.

In terms of design, this watch can be compared to the Apple Watch, although this is not a pure copy, because the case is slightly less rounded, and the screen has neat bezels. The watch is available in four colors – orange, green, black and white. The strap is made of hypoallergenic rubber. This watch is ready to use even in water.

1.28 inches – this is the diagonal of the screen, the resolution of which is 320×320. The screen size is quite comfortable, and special technology allows you to recognize text and images even in bright light.

Of course, the watch has fitness functions. They independently recognize 4 types of activity: cycling, walking, and running both on the treadmill and outdoors. Just start your workout and Amazfit Bip Lite will take care of the rest. The watch is equipped with a pedometer, calorie counter and, of course, a heart rate monitor.

A special application works with Android and iOS and adds another feature to the watch – GPS.

One of the huge benefits of this watch is its battery life. With active use, charging lasts for about 3 weeks, while with standard energy consumption this time increases to 45 days.

In order to add Russification, you will have to take care of flashing the watch, since immediately their system is configured only in English or Chinese. At the same time, the price of watches will please anyone, and they fit perfectly into our price range.

  1. KingWear KW18

The smart watch can keep the classic style. This is exactly what the KingWear watches proved to us. True to its name, the KW18 has a round color display and a striking metal body.

The watch is characterized by the manufacturer as a watch-phone, that is, it is able to work with GSM standards and perform the same functions as a phone when using a SIM card.

IPS display is a separate conversation. Unlike promotional photos, it does not take up the entire screen space, having small frames around the perimeter. The screen itself is durable and has a scratch-resistant coating.

KingWear KW18 watch is equipped with sleep sensors, heart rate, calorie counter and pedometer. In other words, they can be used for their fitness function. The watch will even remind you when you’ve been sitting too long and offer you a walk or exercise. All this data is recorded in the application, which is available on both Android and iOS platforms. By the way, KingWear KW18 use their own operating system, so if you prefer Android, it is better to look at other models.

Nevertheless, these watches have enough pluses. One of the advantages is wide functionality, since the watch has a calculator in the system, remote control of the smartphone camera and music player, can interact with Siri and show the weather. In addition, they have special protection in case of loss.

Smartphone functions allow you to receive notifications and messages.

All this, of course, affects the cost of the battery – it works from a day to three. Of course, it will not be possible to compare this with the success of Xiaomi, but still many are satisfied with this alignment, because at the end of the day we still take off the watch.

You can also add a memory card to the KingWear KW18 and customize the display design to your liking. This will undoubtedly please fans of rebuilding everything for themselves.

In a word, KingWear KW18 is rightly considered a very good purchase for its money and brings pleasure to many fans.

  1. KingWear GT88

KingWear adheres to a price range that is comfortable for most buyers, so another model from this manufacturer, namely the KingWear GT88, was included in our list. This watch looks much more like an Apple Watch, which is why it attracts the attention of many fans of popular watches. However, can they really compete with Apple’s device?

This watch seeks to combine the functions of several devices at once: a watch, a player and a smartphone. This is a very positive trend that adds autonomy to the watch. By the way, they work autonomously for 2 days with active use. This is not much for modern watches, but at the same time, the ratio of functionality and price is really of interest.

So, KingWear GT88 can notify you of incoming calls and incoming messages, allow you to control music playback on your smartphone, provide access to mail and calendar, and of course, are equipped with fitness functions. Of course, they are limited – a heart rate monitor, sleep monitoring and a pedometer. More watches are still aimed specifically at smart functions. We can talk about the latter for quite a long time, so we will note only the most interesting ones: the watch has a calculator, the ability to control Siri or other voice assistants, and the ability to control using gestures.

The KingWear GT88 is IP57 dust and water resistant, so it’s best not to use this watch in water.

For a smartphone, of course, there is a separate application that allows you to synchronize two devices.

Not without its drawbacks: users note a weak heart rate sensor in this watch and difficulties with connecting bluetooth headsets. Therefore, it is worth considering if these functions are fundamentally important to you. Otherwise, the watch delivers a lot of convenience and pleasure for its money.

  1. IWOWN I7

One of the cheapest watches on today’s list still deserves its place. It’s a watch that’s more fitness-focused, but packed with smart features. And it is worth noting that they do not disappoint at all. The bright design is not like other models, you will not confuse this watch with others. The metal body frames the square display, which is quite bright, but can fade a little in bright daylight. The watch is available in several colors: black, blue and pink, as well as green.

With the IWOWN I7, you get a calorie counter, a pedometer and a heart rate sensor in one device, and that’s not all the features of the watch, as it has a built-in UV monitor. This feature can be very useful when traveling and outdoor activities.

Another difference between many IWOWN models, including the I7, is the sleep monitoring function. Manufacturers place great emphasis on the fact that these watches will help lead a more active and healthy lifestyle.

Among the smart features, there is also something to pay attention to. So, IWOWN I7 is able to notify you of incoming calls and notify you of messages from instant messengers and applications. However, this requires synchronization with a smartphone. To do this, the watch has a special application in which you can also get and save more detailed data about your modes. The watch perfectly maintains Bluetooth 4.0 communication even if the smartphone is in a bag or pocket.

Compatible IWOWN I7 with Android operating system, and work in English.

For anyone interested in purchasing this watch model, we recommend that you carefully monitor the firmware updates and update it to the latest version so that everything works as correctly as possible.

Otherwise, it can be noted that the IWOWN I7 smart fitness watch is a very good choice for sports fans and those who want to get a comfortable and completely inexpensive watch. They are also perfect for teenagers and schoolchildren who have grown out of children’s smartwatches.

  1. Xiaomi Mi Band 2

We all know that the Mi Band is a fitness bracelet, but this does not prevent the most popular watch from performing a number of smart functions that allow it to rightfully be considered a smart watch.

Perhaps, we will not delve into the specifics of fitness characteristics, we will only note the ability to track workouts, the presence of a pedometer, a heart rate monitor and sleep sensors. All this is present in the watch and they cope with their tasks perfectly.

Of the smart features, Xiaomi Mi Band 2 has notifications from messengers, a message about incoming calls and synchronization with a smartphone, which provides access to the application and more detailed data.

All these are quite pleasant and convenient bonuses.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is distinguished not only by its successful characteristics, but also by its stylish user-friendly design. The watch is a small capsule with a screen and sensors. And it is quite possible to emphasize your own preferences with the help of interchangeable straps, the choice of which is limited only by the imagination of manufacturers. The watch can easily withstand moisture and is not afraid of dust. Immersion in water is still not recommended, but few users complain about the waterproofness of Xiaomi watches. Moreover, the watch perfectly tolerates a shower. Protected by Xiaomi Mi Band 2 according to IP67 standard.

In bright sunlight, viewing the information on the screen will be with little effort, but the watch can withstand up to a week without recharging with standard use, which means that for a week you can put it on and wear it without taking it off. The strap is very comfortable, and all sensors are very accurate.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 watch has earned immense popularity and rightfully received a lot of positive reviews, so if you are thinking about buying a universal watch with fitness and smart functions, but do not want to immediately spend a fortune on the device, then this is one of the most acceptable options.

Not many smartwatch models can be found at a low price of up to 5,000 rubles, but the ones we have chosen are definitely worthy of your attention.


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