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Obviously, when choosing any technology, buyers are guided by its functionality and the price of a separate device. Therefore, almost always a model with high performance and low price is the most popular. In this regard, in China, which, as you know, is the world’s factory, brands often appear that seek to produce at the lowest price the devices invented by the developers of the “first echelon”.

In our article, we will look at KingWear smart watches running on the Android operating system, with various sensors, synchronization with a smartphone, and even installing SIM cards and a built-in camera (not in all models). Such devices are essentially very compact computers, moreover, they run on battery power. At the same time, KingWear offers all this at a very affordable price.

Since there are many models, and they differ from each other in characteristics, we will summarize the data in one table.

Screen Har-ki Camera Battery SIM card
GV68 1.54″, 240×240 Processor: MTK2502D RAM 32MB ROM 32MB 360 mAh
KW18 1.3″, 240×240 “Processor: MTK2502C RAM 128 MB ROM 64 MB” 350 mAh There is
GT88 IPS, 1.54″, 240×240 Processor: MTK 2502A (260MHz) Memory: 128M+32M 0.3mp 300mAh There is
KW28 1.54″, 240×240 “ProcessorMTK2502C RAM128MBROM64MB” 340mAh There is
FS08 1.26″, 240×240 Processor: MTK2503 RAM 32MB ROM 125MB 450 mAh
KW06 1.54″, 320×320 “Processor: MTK6580, 4 cores, 1300 MHz, RAM 512 MB ROM 8 GB” 0.3 MP 460 mAh Yes, with 3G support
KW88 AMOLED,1.39″400×400 “Processor: MTK6580, 4 cores, 1300 MHz, RAM 512 MB ROM 4 GB” 2 MP 400 mAh Yes, with 3G support
KW99 AMOLED, 1.39″, 400×400 “Processor: MTK6580, 4 cores, 1300 MHz, RAM 512 MB ROM 8 GB” 400 mAh Yes, with 3G support

After analyzing the table, we will understand that all models can be divided into 2 groups according to their characteristics. Let’s talk about each of them in more detail.

Basic models – GV68, KW18, GT88, KW28, FS08

These models have a small amount of memory and a weak processor, so they can hardly be called a full-fledged “smart watch”. Here you can use only those applications that are installed at the factory, plus download a very limited set of them through the smartphone application. These models use the simplest display by today’s standards, on which individual pixels can be seen with the naked eye.

That is, in terms of functionality, these watches are close to the good old push-button phones, however, there are no buttons here, instead of them, a touch screen is used to dial a number. Like phones, they can be connected to a wireless headset via Bluetooth, there is an audio and video player, a calculator, and similar basic applications. But now you will not surprise anyone with this.

So be warned if you see Android on the specs of a device at this price, you might be disappointed. Applications are installed here only via smartphone.

So, let’s move on to the design and features of specific models.

Smart watch KingWear GV68

Smart watch KingWear GV68

GV68 is a model made in a sporty style, on a silicone strap with bright inserts. The screen here is rectangular, which is optimal in terms of the use of its area. GV68 has the most compact body, that is, it can be suitable for children and teenagers.

The strap is easy to remove, so if it gets damaged or worn, it’s easy to change.

Applications in the watch are combined into groups, switching between groups occurs with the help of a side swipe, inside the group the applications are arranged in the form of a list.

Smart watch KingWear KW18

Smart watch KingWear KW18

KW18 – there is a slot for a SIM card, so we can use this smart watch for calls and messages regardless of the phone. Externally, the watch clearly looks feminine, although the case is too big and will probably not look quite proportionally on a thin wrist.

The front part of the case is made of silvery metal, and the strap is made of silicone, but it is not easy to change the strap in case of damage or wear, as it is, as it were, “integrated” into the case.

In the application menu, they are displayed in a list that appears when you swipe horizontally on the dial screen.

Smart watch KingWear GT88

Smart watch KingWear GT88

The GT88 is a lot like the Apple Watch, which isn’t too bad, as the rectangular display and rounded edges smartwatch solution has a lot of merit on its own. On the side there is a button and a camera, which was shaped like a winding head. The strap is made of silicone and is not replaceable. The camera shoots, to put it mildly, so-so, at the level of the first mobile phone cameras.

The clock interface is similar to that of KW18.

Smart watch KingWear KW28

Smart watch KingWear KW28

KW28 – unlike previous models, the appearance here is purely “masculine”, due to the imitation of a rotating bezel with notches. The strap is made of artificial leather, if desired, it can be changed.

The menu is the same as the KW18.

Smart watch KingWear FS08

Smart watch KingWear FS08

FS08 – this model stands apart, as it has a completely different interface, adapted specifically for sports functions. There are separate modes for walking, cycling, running, climbing. The watch can use GPS to record the distance traveled, keep a history of these activities, and so on. That is, this is a kind of very budget sports watch.

The menu and dial here are also made in a “sporty” style, from the dial we immediately get to the choice of sports functions.

There is a separate stopwatch here.

The silicone strap is two-tone and quick-release.

By default, the indicated models offer the Fundo Wear application for communication with a smartphone. It is used to record daily readings, install applications on the watch and send notifications to them.

Advanced models – KW06, KW88, KW99

These models have a completely different level of performance – a full-fledged quad-core processor, enough memory for use with modern applications, a display with a high pixel density.

The current hardware allows you to install regular applications for smartphones, and the Play Market application store is already appearing in three of these models. That is, this is a “real” smart device, with full Internet access, the ability to install any programs, and so on.

This watch has Wi-Fi, with which you can connect to any access point, and, for example, go to a web page through the built-in browser (however, with this display size, using it is, to put it mildly, inconvenient).

Of the sports functions, there is a pedometer and a heart rate monitor (the data of these programs is recorded on a smartphone). It has its own GPS sensor for positioning.

The watches of this group are connected to a smartphone using the WiiWatch application, which, however, has modest functionality, serving mainly to read and register information from a pedometer and heart rate monitor.

Let’s move on to specific models and their features

Smart watch KingWear KW06

Smart watch KingWear KW06

KW06 – we liked this watch in appearance most of all, as it has an original design that does not directly resemble anything. The watch and strap are solid black, which makes it less noticeable and hides the size.

The main functions menu can be organized in Windows-style tiles.

Settings are displayed as a list

With a vertical swipe on the watch face screen, we switch to a handy weather widget.

The minus of the watch compared to the models below is a display that is simpler in terms of technology and image quality.

Smart watch KingWear KW88

Smart watch KingWear KW88

The KW88 has a round AMOLED display, the brightness and clarity of which are at a fairly decent level even by global standards. The watch is made in a sporty style, with a metal case and an integrated strap with original perforation.

The interface is very similar to what we saw in KW06, with the difference that instead of tiles in the main menu, there is a standard list.

Smart watch KingWear KW99

Smart watch KingWear KW99

KW99 differs from the previous model only in design, and also there is no camera. The case is made of metal and the strap is made of faux leather. The menu and set of functions are the same here.

General conclusions

Under the Kingwear brand, different models are sold, which have fundamental differences from each other. In the first case, we have devices without WiFi, a wide range of applications, the lowest possible display quality in our time. However, for those who need only basic functionality, this option is quite suitable.

The second group of devices has a fully functional Android “on board”. That is, the capabilities of the device are limited only by your imagination and screen size. In fact, we have a smartphone replacement in the watch form factor.

All models are designed for one, maximum two days of work.

The USB cable is original, almost the same for all models, “sticks” to the clock with the help of two magnets. Not to say that this is the most reliable method of fastening that we have seen, since the magnets themselves are rather weak.

The build quality of the cases is average, however, the “metal”-looking surfaces are indeed made of metal. Faux leather straps, of course, reduce the cost of appearance, while the rubber straps look normal (on the GV68 and FS08 they are made of pleasant soft rubber and can be easily removed, on the rest they are made of hard rubber).

In general, all watches are worth their money (small, of course). Of the comments, we can note the “curve” translation of the watch menu, the poor functionality of the smartphone software.

Is it worth it to unambiguously recommend a watch for purchase? Of course, they are inexpensive relative to competitors, but the amount is still such that it is a pity to spend it on a “try”. But if you are lucky with the reliability of the equipment you buy and you know English at a minimum level to read what is not fully translated, plus you are ready to improve the properties of the device using firmware, then you can buy a KingWear watch.


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