How to choose a wireless speaker?


No matter how much you want to choose equipment solely by its design, this approach is not always correct. And when it comes to portable speakers, there are plenty of options to consider. So the choice is actually quite difficult. But we will talk about what to consider when choosing a portable bluetooth speaker, what they are and what to avoid.


To begin with, of course, it is worth deciding on the portability of the device. Do you want to take the speaker with you, or are you looking for a replacement for classic wired speakers that you can use at home? Depending on this, first select the size of the device that suits you.

Both home bluetooth speakers and audio systems are widely represented on the market. Among them, you should choose those that are suitable for the device with which you plan to use them.

But if we are talking about the most portable, that is, small speakers that run on batteries or rechargeable batteries, then the size and weight of the device will play a fundamental role. Surely you want to pick up a device that is easy to take with you and can be placed in a bag, backpack or even a pocket.

There are also special speakers that provide attachment to clothing or sports equipment. Thus, cycling, playing sports, etc. you can also use the device while keeping your hands free.

The advantage of the compact JBL Clip 2 speaker is that it can be attached to anything thanks to a convenient carabiner. That’s why JBL Clip 2 is convenient for hiking, walking and traveling. The weight of the speaker is 184g, and synchronization is carried out via Bluetooth 4.2. The frequency range reproduced by the device is 120-20000 Hz. The battery capacity of 730mAh allows the device to work up to 8 hours in playback mode. On the durable case there are buttons for adjusting the volume. The device does not have a microphone, but it does an excellent job with music.

Where do you want to use the speaker

It is important not only to understand what you need a portable speaker for, but also where you plan to use it most often. Be it living room, bedroom or street. Basically, this will affect such parameters as design, volume and protection against moisture and dust. For the street, it is worth picking up a device louder and with the most protected case, since it may well turn out that you will be caught in rain, snow or splashing water. And of course, it is worth considering urban and suburban dust.

To make the column last longer, pay attention to its protection protocol.

The operating temperature of the device is also important, because often in extreme cold or heat, our devices overheat or cool to such an extent that the battery stops working.

As for the body, it is worth deciding on its shock protection. If you suspect that the speaker may fall or get hit, look for more protected models with bumpers or a rubberized surface.

Speakers are usually IPX rated. IPX 1-3 is a very mediocre protection against drops that fall exclusively vertically. Since such greenhouse conditions practically do not exist, it is better to turn to devices with more serious protection. IPX4 provides just that protection against rain and drops from all directions. So a column with this class can be used on the street. Speakers with IPX5 protection are able to withstand not only drops, but also a directed stream of water, however, this does not mean at all that such a speaker can be placed under a tap. This will require an IPX6 protection class. But protection level 7 allows you to immerse the device in water. So if you’re planning on taking your speaker on vacation by the water, IPX7 is exactly the rating you’re looking for.

Soul Storm is designed specifically for extreme recreation. The design of the column is such that it is not afraid of water and can even float on its surface. What can we say, the device is ideal for outdoor use. The frequency range is 20-20000Hz, the speaker reproduces sound in mono mode and is synchronized via Bluetooth with any device. In 3 hours, it charges the battery so that it will easily play music for 8 hours. The column weighs 162g and is equipped with a mount that will allow you to place it on a bag or backpack. The case is protected from moisture and dust, and the sound of the device gives a realistic and voluminous.

How much are you willing to spend

Once you clearly understand what exactly you want to get from the column, it is worth considering how much you are willing to invest in it. The usual rule is that you will have to pay more for better sound. Although this is partly true, it does not mean at all that it is impossible to pick up a high-quality and miniature speaker with good sound at a budget price. The cost of portable small speakers can vary from 1,000 to 20,000 rubles, and sometimes even higher. And of course, for a large amount you will almost certainly get a quality device, but there are quite successful copies among inexpensive speakers.

But if you choose a large device, you will have to fork out. The speaker must provide a rich, deep sound, and such pleasure can be expensive: from 10,000 and up, depending on the brand and characteristics of the device.

Stylish, small and incredibly loud speaker from Xiaomi – Mi Bluetooth Loudspeaker. The body of the device is made entirely of aluminum, which provides the speaker with a presentable appearance and allows it to look great in any interior. Xiaomi synchronizes with the playback device via Bluetooth 4.0 and provides stereo sound. There is a volume control on the case, and the column itself is equipped with a microphone. Charging in just 2.5 hours, it is capable of playing music for 8 hours without interruption. The column weighs 270g, so you can either take it with you or install it at home. You can keep your device up to 10 meters away from the speaker and enjoy excellent music quality.

Battery capacity

Portable speakers, especially small ones, are directly dependent on battery capacity. This will determine both the mode of operation and the ability to take the device with you for a walk or a trip. Speakers can work from 4 hours in the mode of constant music playback up to 24 or more. It depends only on the specific device and, since manufacturers do not have direct requirements for the time frame, everything will depend only on your goals. Almost all manufacturers indicate not only the battery capacity in mAh, but also the operating time in playback and standby mode. Be sure to pay attention to this parameter, since it is fundamental for a portable device.

As for the home speaker, in this case you will always have the opportunity to recharge it at any time. Some speakers also provide for operation from the network, pay attention to them. They will also be able to play music from the device via bluetooth, but will not run on battery power.

If you have found a speaker that suits you in all respects, but the batteries will not last all day, it is quite possible to purchase an external battery. It can double or even triple the lifespan.

If you need a portable speaker that can last 20 hours on a single charge, look no further than the JBL Charge 3. True to its name, the speaker can charge a 6000mAh battery in 4.5 hours so that it can play music for 20 hours . At the same time, you will get great sound, because JBL Charge 3 reproduces audio frequencies in the range of 65-20000Hz. The column is synchronized with the playback device, be it a smartphone or tablet, via Bluetooth 4.1 and allows you to listen to tracks of any genre. That’s not all, because the speaker is equipped not only with volume buttons on the case, but also with a microphone. This means that wherever you are, you can answer the call and chat using only the speaker. It weighs 800g, and although this does not make it the lightest, it has no equal in assembly and design: JBL Charge 3 is protected from drops, splashes and sand.

Microphone and call capability

Bluetooth speakers basically provide synchronization with a smartphone. This means that you can be called at any time. So, many devices are equipped with a microphone and the ability to answer calls. These devices are often slightly more expensive than usual, but when choosing such a speaker, be sure to pay attention to the quality of the microphone and how it picks up sound. When selected, make a test call.

The microphone will be useful not only for conversations, but also for using the voice assistant. Thus, without having to search for a smartphone or tablet, you can use Siri, Google Assistant, etc. If this is what you want from a speaker, then make sure it has a microphone.

One of the small speakers specifically designed to work with a voice assistant is the Dreamwave genie. The speaker is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Siri, Google Now and Cortana. On a small body weighing only 195g, there is one button, which also serves as a volume control. On a single charge, the Dreamwave Genie is capable of running for 10 hours, playing music, allowing you to answer calls and, of course, give instructions to your voice assistant. The sleek and neat design of the speaker, as well as its compact size, make it an ideal portable device.

speaker sound

High-quality sound can be an objective concept, but the frequency range depends only on what kind of music you prefer. If you are planning to move to speakers from headphones, then most likely the sound will really impress you. But if you plan to use the speaker at home, taking into account the acoustics in the room, then perhaps you should really listen. When checking, choose the widest range of tracks you normally listen to. This will give you a better idea of ​​how the speaker will handle playback. Also, it is worth noting that some speakers imply the ability to connect multiple devices and dilute the sound.

In other cases, rely on your own perception.

When choosing the perfect sound for your home speaker, be sure to check out Marshall Woburn. The speaker is not among the budget, but it provides absolutely phenomenal sound quality. Marshall reproduces frequencies from 35-20000Hz. Externally, the speaker is quite large, but it is fully consistent with the classic design of Marshall devices. The cabinet has controls similar to those found on Marshall amps, and is turned on with a retro-style switch. The only task of this speaker is high-quality sound, and it copes with it incomparably.


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