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Game lovers still cannot agree on which is better: game consoles or PCs, Sony or Xbox, and it may be much more fun to play on mobile devices – a smartphone or tablet. However, consoles always have their own army of fans, and many of them have no plans to change their habits.

Therefore, especially for such gamers, we have prepared a brief overview of gaming devices that are perfect for starting 2018 off to a great start.

Recall that this year we expect several major releases, but for now we will discuss exactly what is already on the market.

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro

The PS4 Pro didn’t come out as a standalone console, but as a light upgrade to the already existing and already popular PS4. Basically, the changes were aimed at changes in performance, graphics quality, 4K / HDR support, etc. All this with support already compatible with PS4. In the best quality, you can stream games, unlike 720p like on PS4, on the pro version it can be done in 1080p.

Of the main advantages, it is definitely worth noting that games run faster, and the console itself is quieter – almost imperceptibly both during the game and when watching programs. The SATA 3 hard drive also works on the plus side, it is almost 2 times faster than the SATA 2 installed on the PS4.

In any case, the less time the player has to watch the loading screen, the better.

The console is slightly larger than its predecessor, and the appearance is slightly changed.

It is worth considering not only the gaming capabilities of the console – support for Netflix in 4K format, YouTube and various applications.

I must say that fans have accepted the PS4 Pro with a bang, and today it is one of the best devices for games.

Sony PlayStation 4 Slim

Another, this time just a smaller version of the PS4, is the PS4 Slim. For those who already have a PS4, this model is not of particular interest, but if you are looking for a budget console for a regular (non-4K) TV, then this is perhaps one of the most acceptable and profitable options.

All games that run on the original PS4 run on its “little brother” in the same way, just like the Pro, the Slim version is also compatible with the Sony PlayStation VR.

For most games developed for PS4, the difference in graphics will not be very noticeable. But the smaller version of the console works much quieter, and supports expansion up to 6TB of memory. This is already a significant plus compared to the original.

The cost reduction, in turn, is due to the lightweight plastic case, so the device itself is quite small in size (really Slim) and very light.

The DualShock 4 has been slightly modified – firstly, an LED backlight appeared on the controller, and secondly, a reduced response time via USB.

In short, as a budget and quite modern version of the console, PS4 Slim definitely takes its rightful place, but for more advanced gamers, the Pro is still the best option.

Microsoft Xbox One S

The PS 4’s main competitor is, of course, the Xbox One S. In terms of performance, it even beats the Sony product, offering more hard drive storage, a redesigned controller and 4K support.

At its core, the One S is an upgrade to the Xbox One.

It differs from its predecessor in the first place, the appearance, now the console is 40% smaller, and the design is more concise. Unlike the PS4 Slim, the Xbox One S is quite stable in an upright position, so it takes up very little space.

We already talked about 4K support, in addition, One S also has HDR support ^ plus support for Netflix.

The controller has become more comfortable, has the ability to work via Bluetooth, and the handles promise a more comfortable grip.

The console still has an infrared port to work with the remote control, but of course, it copes with all the tasks of its predecessor One S perfectly well. Be it Kinect, however, now only through a special adapter, HDMI ports and support for games designed for both Xbox One and Xbox 360. In addition, the console supports Cortana voice assistant, Windows Store and cross-platform features for some PC games.

Today, the Xbox One S is a great investment and a player’s choice.

New Nintendo 2DS XL

Nintendo continues to make handheld gaming devices and the 2DS XL is one such device. It is a smaller and lighter version of the 3DS XL. But it is the library that impresses game lovers in many ways – Nintendo supports games for 3DS and DS models, moreover, on cartridges or downloaded. The attractive point, compared to 3DSXL, is mainly the price, but otherwise, like the previous titles on this list, it is an adapted version of an existing console with a number of interesting differences.

So, the Nintendo 2DS XL is a clamshell console with two screens, the upper diagonal is 4.9 inches, and the lower one is touchscreen, with a diagonal of 4.2 inches. This toy weighs 238g.

Pleases gamers and access to the Nintendo eShop, where you can buy almost any game for the console and, of course, enjoy both retro and newer games.

The 2DS XL also supports Virtual Console SNES games, something other models don’t.

But the main difference from the “big brother” is the lack of support for 3D without glasses, although it cannot be said that this greatly changes the gaming experience itself.

Nintendo Switch

With this handheld console, Nintendo has proven once again that it’s not afraid to stand out. This time, the company has offered users a hybrid console that makes available both indie games and their own, and many popular ones.

So, the essence of this console is that you can play both through the TV and offline, and the impressions remain unchanged. That is, you can play games such as Zelda or Skyrim in vehicles and even on an airplane.

In appearance, the console is extremely concise and neat, but it looks quite expensive.

The US version of the Nintendo Switch supports the streaming service Hulu, which means that Netflix support may also appear.

In mid-2017, Android and iOS app support for the Nintendo Switch was added. In fact, it is more of a social add-on with voice chat.

The Switch runs its own OS, which is pretty simple, straightforward, and nimble. The console allows for local multiplayer, so up to 4 people can play the same game together via tablets. The ability to take screenshots also pleases players, and of course microSD memory – if you have a memory card, you can download a large number of games.

Nintendo 2DS

So we come to the most budget gaming console that you can buy now. The Nintendo 2DS is great for kids or for those players who don’t care for 3D graphics and prefer retro games.

So, on this console you can play the same games as on the 3DS and the main difference is the lack of 3D support. By design, this is not a clamshell, but a one-piece device, so it is best to purchase it with a protective case.

What attracts players in this device? The first is, of course, nostalgia for your favorite Nintendo games, and the second is perhaps a huge library of games and access to the Nintendo online store. As for these very games from Nintendo, they are not ported to smartphones, so this option is best suited for those who need to satisfy this particular gaming need.

However, the device has gained popularity, so if you are among the fans of 2D games, but have already acquired both a PC and a set-top box, then this device will suit you perfectly.


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