The best glasses and helmets of virtual reality 2017


For many of us, virtual reality is still a novelty that has yet to be tested in practice. However, the market is already filled with various devices that promise a unique experience in games and applications that are already adapted for special helmets and goggles. We offer to understand what the market offers us and choose the best options.

Virtual reality helmets

Virtual reality helmets have appeared relatively recently, they are designed specifically to be connected to a PC or game console.

Sony PlayStation VR

With this helmet, virtual reality is finally available for PS4 consoles. The first thing that attracts in a helmet from Sony is its affordable price compared to analogues. At the same time, the capabilities of the helmet do not suffer from this at all.

The Sony PlayStation VR headset is capable of playing 1080p games on a 920×1080 RGB OLED display at 90Hz or 120Hz, depending on the game or application itself.

The helmet is available in several bundles – a basic one that only includes the helmet, a VR Launch Bundle that includes a PS VR system, a PlayStation camera, motion controllers and PlayStation VR Worlds. The best option is the second package, because it includes everything you need for a comfortable game.

The Sony PlayStation VR helmet looks very stylish, and the controls are simple and straightforward almost immediately.

HTC Vive

HTC is ahead of the competition by already announcing VR for the MacBook, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The HTC Vive costs almost twice as much as Sony’s headset, and a third as much as the Oculus Rift, which we’ll talk about later. Like other helmets, Vive immerses the user in a virtual world, creating two pictures at the same time. Unlike Sony, however, it uses a single camera that tracks body position. HTC runs on PC and includes several games at once.

The helmet itself is very comfortable, it is held on the head with soft velcro straps that are adjustable so that it fits snugly and does not create inconvenience. Adjustable on the helmet and focal length. The wires are bundled together, so you don’t have to get confused in a bunch of different wires. HTC Vive works with external headphones, which is very convenient, since many gamers are very picky about the quality of the built-in headphones in helmets. The OLED display has a resolution of 2160×1200 and plays video at 90Hz. The viewing angle is 110 degrees.

The HTC Vive is one of the best examples of what modern VR is all about. And if you are not planning to buy a helmet yet, then at least you should definitely try it.

Oculus Rift CV1

Perhaps the most popular VR headset on our list is the Oculus Rift. Loudly announced last year, this helmet has already managed to take pride of place in its niche. Over time, more and more games have been adapted to it. Priced right in the middle between the more expensive HTC Vive and the Sony PlayStation VR, however, unlike the latter, the Oculus Rift is designed to work with PC and Xbox.

The helmet looks very stylish and impressive. It weighs relatively little, although with prolonged wear, the weight is still felt. The straps are made of soft plastic and velcro, just like in the HTC Vive, their size can be adjusted so that it is comfortable and the light does not get under the helmet. Built into the helmet is a pair of high-quality headphones that can either be lowered to immerse yourself in virtuality or raised to communicate with the outside world. You can also connect external headphones.

Oculus Rift is a great way to experience new worlds.

Qualcomm Snapdragon VR820

Another very unexpected player among virtual reality helmets is Qualcomm. And this helmet is significantly different from its competitors, since it has two front cameras that are responsible for spatial localization and gesture recognition. In addition, the helmet does not require any external sensors or equipment. Intel Alloy, announced in 2016, followed exactly the same path.

In terms of its characteristics, Qualcomm is somewhat behind serious helmets (Sony, HTC and Oculus Rift), you can even say that it is still closer to VR glasses, which we will talk about later. But for those who appreciate novelties and mobility when playing, it will definitely be interesting.

As for spatial localization and gestures – in this regard, no one can compare with Qualcomm, the innovations are very high quality and work incredibly well. The 4K image looks great with high quality, and a separate plus is the absence of any wires.

Virtual reality glasses

Glasses are much cheaper and therefore more popular than helmets. The fact that they do not need a sophisticated computer or set-top box is also in their favor – just a smartphone is enough. VR Glasses are a great way for everyone to experience virtual reality and experience it for themselves. We will list several popular VR glasses models that you may be interested in.

Google Daydream View

Google is trying to keep up everywhere, so the company already has everything on its account – from the eminent search engine to virtual reality glasses directly. The glasses are made of plastic, but for convenience, the edges and surface are covered with a soft cloth. The shape is specially designed so that no light enters the device. The strap is easily adjustable for the most snug fit to the skin. The kit also includes a remote control, with which you will navigate in the virtual space.

The glasses are very convenient to manage – almost all settings are selected automatically, and to get started, you just need to place your smartphone in the glasses tray.

The Google Daydream View VR glasses are available in grey, red and white.

Samsung Gear VR

With smartphones with curved displays and new bright and powerful screens, it seems that Samsung has purposefully prepared for a loud arrival in the world of virtual reality. The Samsung Gear VR goggles only confirm this – a comfortable device with soft straps that allow you to easily adjust the size, allow you to immerse yourself in a game or application using your smartphone. The wide viewing angle of the goggles ensures comfortable wearing.

The glasses are compatible with most of the latest smartphones from Samsung, but it works particularly impressively with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and Samsung Galaxy S8.

If you own a Samsung smartphone, you should definitely try the Samsung Gear VR and see for yourself what this device is capable of.

Xiaomi Mi VR and Mi VR Play 2

Perhaps one of the most affordable and multi-platform options for VR glasses is Xiaomi Mi VR. With the steadily growing popularity of smartphones, everyone expected such a step from the Chinese company. Xiaomi glasses are compatible with most Android and iOS smartphones, and they work with all applications from Google Play or the AppStore that have a special VR mark.

A later model of glasses – Mi VR Play 2 has an improved redesigned design. Thanks to the improved shape, light transmission is reduced and weight is reduced. The plastic body has been replaced with a polyester with a cationic coating.

Xiaomi’s dedicated VR app is also not far behind, it includes a lot of useful educational films that will be of interest to both adults and children.

Homido Grab

Homido presented the brightest virtual reality glasses. This is a fairly simple and inexpensive device, made according to the principle of Google Cardboard. The glasses do an excellent job of showing videos and 3D movies, games and applications in the AppStore or Google Play with the appropriate mark. The glasses are very light, they weigh only 240 grams and are made of plastic. They fit comfortably to the face and do not let in light. Homido Grab is certified by Google and is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones from 4.5 to 5.7 inches.

The kit includes one pair of lenses, cleaning cloth and instructions. Homido Grab virtual reality glasses are available in six colors: white, black, yellow, blue, red and pink. They are suitable for both adults and children and will certainly bring a lot of fun. A separate plus is a very low price, which will allow anyone to get acquainted with the world of virtual reality.

Rombica VR360 v01

Rombica VR360 v01 virtual reality glasses is another device compatible with Google Cradboard apps. They differ from their analogue Homido Grab in the form and presence of straps that will allow you to conveniently fasten the glasses on your head and even adjust the size. The glasses are very comfortable to use thanks to high-quality materials. All you need to work with these glasses is a smartphone with a built-in gyroscope (that is, almost any smartphone). The display diagonal supported by Rombica VR360 v01 glasses is from 3.5 to 6 inches. The glasses are easy to use and you can take them with you anytime and anywhere, in addition, they do not require additional power. With Rombica VR360 v01 you can play games and watch videos and movies. All this is available at a low price.

There are not so many devices yet that allow us to work with virtual reality, but most of the top manufacturers have already paid attention to the rapidly developing direction in the world of games, movies and applications. Therefore, ahead of us is definitely waiting for a lot of new products and improvements. In the meantime, we can only choose the best of the devices and enjoy artificially created fantastic three-dimensional worlds and game universes.


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