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International Children’s Day is approaching, and with it the end of the school year. Summer begins – the time of rest, travel and gaining new knowledge and experience. And besides this, June 1 is an excellent occasion to please the child with a gift.

True, this year, instead of ordinary toys, we suggest that you choose a gift for your child that will help in their studies, allow you to always stay in touch or ensure safety. So, here are 10 interesting and original gifts that will delight a modern child!

  • Children’s smart watch Smart Baby Watch

  • Price: 2390 rubles / 3490 rubles

    If you are not yet ready to buy a smartphone for your child, but still want to stay in touch with him, there is a great solution – smart watches for children. These watches look like regular smartwatches, but they are distinguished by a bright design and a large selection of colors. There are undoubtedly many options, such as the Smart Baby Watch Q80 and Q100.

    The first model includes a GPS tracker that will always know the whereabouts of the child. Thanks to the presence of a telephone module and a speaker, you can call the watch.

    Smart Baby Watch Q80 is compatible with Android and iOS, in addition, it is able to receive notifications of messages and calls and is equipped with a calendar.

    The improved Q100 model has a camera, touch screen and supports 3G. In addition, they can install educational applications or games.

    With this watch, your child will always be able to contact you!

  • Tablet Xiaomi MiPAD 2 64Gb

  • Price: 13 560 rubles

    An excellent gift for a child, especially on the eve of summer, can be a spectacular modern tablet. The child will be able to take it with him on a trip or to the country, take pictures, communicate and much more.

    The perfect combination of price and quality is MiPad from Xiaomi. This tablet combines a powerful processor, a comfortable and lightweight body, and an expensive, trendy design. It is perfect for texting, watching movies and playing games. The bright screen of this tablet performs well in any light, and the battery supports fast charging.

    Choose a unique case and protective film for your MiPad, and it will be reliably protected from drops and scratches. Any child will be happy to receive such a gift for the summer holidays!

  • E-book PocketBook 615

  • Price: 8900 rubles

    Remember when we had to stack stacks of books from our summer reading list? Now it is not necessary to do this at all, it is enough to buy all the books in the electronic version and upload them to the “reader”. One book will fit a whole list of educational and entertaining literature, and the reader can be taken with you out of town, on trips and for walks.

    E-Ink displays are absolutely safe for your eyes, even with daily reading, the touchscreen will help you easily navigate through the list of books and turn pages. The page size is as close as possible to real paper books. The book reads all popular formats: txt, PDF, DOC, DjVu, Epub, Fb2, RTF, as well as JPEG, TIFF and PNG.

    Built-in memory 8GB can be grown with microSD cards and download even more books!

  • Polaroid Snap instant camera

  • Price: 8 740 rubles

    Summer is a time of vivid memories, new meetings and hot days that will be remembered forever. But, in order not to have to rely only on your memory, you can give your child an instant camera. Gorgeous rich and vivid pictures will be printed instantly, and pleasant moments can be immediately pasted into an album or hung on the wall.

    Thanks to ZINK (Zero Ink) technology, photos taken with polaroid instant cameras are printed without the use of ink. The cards are 5×7 cm in size, and the photo resolution is 10 megapixels.

    The Polaroid Snap has a lot of functions – a timer, shooting scenarios, and a long shooting mode. This instant camera makes a great gift and will bring a lot of fun to any child, especially on a summer trip!

  • Prolike 4K Action Camera

  • Price: 4590 rubles

    For a child who goes on a trip or plans an active sports summer, there is no better gift than an action camera. The Prolike Camera is a small and easy-to-handle device capable of capturing 4K video. The action camera is specially designed for difficult conditions that a conventional camcorder or smartphone cannot handle. The shockproof case is reliably protected from moisture, and thanks to unique technologies, the camera takes clear shots even when driving at high speeds. Mounts are provided on the camera, with which you can install Prolike on sports equipment and shoot right during sports. The kit also includes an aquabox that will protect the camera from water during underwater shooting.

    Prolike 4K can be a great summer adventure companion for your child.

  • Meizu M3 Smartphone

  • Price: 10 450 rubles

    If you send your child to summer camp and stay in the city, your child will definitely need a smartphone. The perfect combination of an affordable price and a set of useful features is the Meizu M3 Note. The stylish design and user-friendly design of this smartphone make it easy to learn how to use it. Meizu works quickly and efficiently, allows you to open many applications at the same time and allows easy navigation between them. The large 5.5-inch screen makes it easy to watch videos, read books and articles, play games and chat. The 13MP main camera is perfect for taking snapshots, while the 5MP front camera is perfect for taking selfies.

    Meizu is a very strong and high-quality smartphone, and if you purchase a high-quality bumper and protective glass for it, it will withstand falls and serve its owner for a long time.

  • Aquafarm Back to the Roots

  • Price: 4 900 rubles

    For those who want the child to spend the summer with benefit, taking care of plants and animals, and at the same time, maintaining a pleasant freshness in their room, an aqua farm is ideal. What is it? The aqua farm combines an aquarium and indoor plants, which together create a unique ecosystem. The farm gives a harvest of fresh greens, and the aquarium creates a great mood. The kit includes everything you need: an aquarium for fish, a tray for plants, seeds (it can be flowers, and greens, and grass), and fish food. The device plugs into the socket and works silently, providing for itself. It remains only to purchase a fish and put it in an aquarium.

    The aqua farm will be a really useful and exciting gift for a child, it will help him get acquainted with wildlife and learn to be responsible for a pet. And thanks to the stylish design, Aquafarm will decorate any room!

  • Levenhuk Strike 60 NG Telescope

  • Price: 9 108 rubles

    Summer is an occasion to go out of town, and outside the city you can watch the clear, untouched sky, and at the same time improve your knowledge of astronomy. A telescope from one of the leaders in the production of optics, Levenhuk, is perfect for this. The Strike 60NG is very easy to handle and is great for both beginners and advanced stargazers. The kit includes everything you need: a telescope and a set of eyepieces, a manual for the device, which lists the most interesting celestial bodies, a set of posters, and even a disk with a virtual planetarium.

    The telescope is suitable for both home stargazing and outdoor use. With such a gift, your child will spend time with benefit and get a lot of fun and new knowledge.

  • Binoculars Yukon Sideview 10×21

  • Price: 3 160 rubles

    Not everyone likes to watch the stars, some prefer the land and adventure in the wild. For such young explorers, there is no better gift than binoculars! Compact and lightweight, Yukon Sideview binoculars will become an indispensable assistant on a hike or hunting. It will also be useful to all those who like to observe the animal world.

    This model of binoculars is specially designed for outdoor observations, the lenses are well protected by caps, so you can avoid scratches and dust on the glass. The body is designed so that the binoculars are comfortable to hold with gloves or in the rain. A minimum magnification of 10 times and a clear, contrasting image will provide the child with unforgettable viewing pleasure.

    Yukon Sideview 10×21 is a great gift for all young naturalists.

  • Hoverboard Smart Balance

  • Price: 9 490 rubles

    For active and modern children, for lovers of fashionable gadgets, a hoverboard is ideal. A fun toy that helps develop balance and move around the streets or around the house. Smart Balance is designed for drivers weighing from 20 to 120 kg, and is able to move both on a flat surface and at an angle of up to 15 degrees. Capable of traveling 20 km on a single charge, with a top speed of up to 15 km/h, the hoverboard provides mobility and speed. At night, the hoverboard illuminates the road with marker lights, and it operates at temperatures from -20 to +60 degrees.

    The hoverboard will no doubt provide a lot of fun and positive emotions for both children and adults. However, before use, we strongly recommend that you read the instructions and explain the safety rules to your child.

    Well, if you want the child to choose a suitable gift for himself, you can always purchase a gift certificate for him from the Fotosklad.ru store. You can choose the appropriate amount, and the child is the most interesting device!

    We can only wish everyone a great summer, bright and unforgettable holidays and congratulations on Children’s Day!


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