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A fitness tracker is an incredibly useful thing. Even for those who do not want to go in for sports, but prefer to always be aware of their own health and condition, a fitness bracelet brings a lot of benefits. But we are not always ready to spend 10 thousand or more to understand whether we need such a gadget. And not always the best models are expensive. That is why we have collected 10 budget models of fitness bracelets that have proven their usefulness in practice.

Xiaomi Mi Band

Price: 890 rubles

Mi band is a simple and inexpensive activity and sleep tracker. It is perfect for those who are not ready to carry a smartphone with them everywhere, while striving to monitor their activity indicators. The sensors of this tracker are very reliable, which is why both it and later models are equally popular. Mi Band is a capsule with LED lights that fits into a comfortable bracelet and reads data using sensors. A separate pleasant moment is a large number of colors and options when choosing a bracelet. With simple design and good quality, Mi Band will be a great companion. It syncs with Android and iOS.

Xiaomi Mi Band 1s (Pulse)

Price: 950 rubles

Mi Band 1s Pulse is the next tracker model after the original Mi Band. It is not surprising that he knows a little more. In size, it is slightly heavier than its predecessor. In addition to all the features of the Mi Band, Pulse includes a heart rate sensor and a more durable strap. The first of the characteristics at one time singled out Mi Band Pulse among competitors in the same price category. The bracelet can withstand up to 30 days without recharging, a little less with constant use of the heart rate sensor.

Even now, when a lot of newer and more advanced fitness bracelets have appeared on the market, Mi Band 1s remains popular.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2

Price: 1790 rubles

Around March, we are all looking forward to the market launch of the new Mi Band model. So far, the market leader remains unchanged – Mi Band 2. A convenient and affordable fitness tracker with a display and smart watch functions. Calorie counter, workout tracking, vibration notifications, alarm clock and many other options are available with this tracker model. Plus, all sensors have become even more accurate. The watch can be safely worn in the water and shower, removing only for recharging.

It is not for nothing that this tracker watch has become one of the most popular. It is the value for money that attracts more and more fans of the Mi Band brand.

iwown i6pro

Price: about 2500

Some trackers successfully combine the characteristics of smart watches and fitness bracelets. One of the most successful examples of this combination is the Iwown i6 Pro. This watch is able to track activity, heart rate, sleep and several training modes, receive notifications and messages from your smartphone, sync with iOS and Android using a convenient application, and much more. Iwown i6 Pro are equipped with a large display – they are comfortable to wear, water resistant and last up to five days without recharging.

Iwown is a great solution for anyone who needs to stay connected and track their daily activities.

One Trak Life

Price: 1400 – 4500 rubles

OneTrak is a Russian company that started developing fitness trackers in 2013. By 2017, the company had already accumulated four different models of bracelets. The simplest of them, OneTrak Life 01 offers a minimum of functions – analytics of activity, sleep and goal setting. The OneTrak Life and OneTrak Life 05 models add a calorie counter to these features. And the OneTrak Sport model provides training data. The tracker is synchronized with a special application available in Russian. Of the interesting and unusual functions, it is worth noting reminders and a smart alarm clock.

This tracker is perfect for anyone who wants to keep track of themselves.

Samsung Charm

Price: 2290 rubles

Samsung Charm is not exactly a bracelet. Incredibly stylish and spectacular gadget looks like a decoration. It can be worn as a bracelet, cufflink, pendant or even a ring. Samsung’s Charm is designed to work with the S Health app and is compatible with most Android devices, it does not have a display, but it notifies you of calls and messages with an LED light. Samsung Charm tracks activity, counts steps, calories and sleep. You can choose the right color and bracelet from a large number of options. This will undoubtedly be a plus for those who appreciate style and want the tracker to be not only a useful gadget, but also an ornament.

Moov Now

Price 4199 RUB

Moov Now is a stylish and original fitness tracker – the second generation of the Moov tracker. Moov Now is more sports-focused than many other gadgets. So this tracker is able to measure movement and record data, which in the future helps to correct and change the intensity of training. A single LED light notifies you if the bracelet is syncing with your smartphone. The tracker can be worn on the wrist or on the ankle. The tracker works with the handy Moov app. Its sensors track your workouts accurately.

In fact, Moov Now is not just your tracker, it’s a personal trainer.

Meizu Bong 2P

Price: 2490 rubles

Another spectacular tracker in the review was created by the Chinese company Meizu. Simple and stylish in design, it tracks your daily activity metrics. Meizu Bong 2P counts steps, calories. The tracker is equipped with a smart alarm clock and notifies you of incoming messages and incoming calls. It syncs with Android and iOS devices.

Meizu is a fitness tracker without a display. It is available in three colors: black, pink and white. Meizu Bong 2P will look stylish with any outfit and help you get accurate activity information.

Jawbone UP2

Price: 2900 – 3690

Jawbone is a popular and successful manufacturer of fitness devices. Many bracelets from this company have received high marks from reviewers. Jawbone UP2 is no exception. Simple in design, it is also affordable. Plus, you can choose a comfortable bracelet for the tracker, for example, one that fits any wrist size. The bracelet tracks activity, workouts, automatically notes sleep. In terms of reading accuracy, Jawbone devices have always received positive reviews. The UP2 model continues this tradition. The battery lasts up to 7 days without recharging and this tracker can rightfully become your companion 24/7.

Amazfit Moon Beam

Price 3100 rub

Huami, which teamed up with Xiaomi to create the Mi Band Pulse and Mi Band 2, has created its own line of trackers – Amazfit. One of the most spectacular models is the Amazfit Moon Beam. This is another piece of jewelry that serves as a fitness tracker. This device looks like a very nice wristwatch. Quite accurate indicators of the pedometer, sleep and notification of incoming calls make this device convenient and useful. The application for Amazfit Moon Beam helps to record all the received data and have constant access to them using a smartphone. The battery of the device lasts up to 12 days without additional charging.

In order to get a convenient and high-quality fitness tracker for use, it is not necessary to spend large sums. With a budget of up to 5,000 rubles. You can choose a stylish device as a gift or for yourself.


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