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Xiaomi has recently gained a reputation as an omnivorous flagship company, though mostly in mainland China. It produces such a wide range of products that you are amazed: from smartphones to T-shirts, from TVs to water testers. Today we have in our review the Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale “smart” scales, which, fortunately, have full functionality not only in China. But more on that below.

The scales come in a traditional Xiaomi laconic box, this time not white, but yellow. Of the identification marks on the box – only the company logo.

Inside are the scales themselves, instructions and 4 AA batteries, which the scales need to work.

The scales are made of glass (upper part) and plastic (lower part). The weighing legs are movable. This was done, apparently, for better fixation on the surface and to improve the accuracy of the readings.

You must not forget to put the switch in the extreme right position, it corresponds to kilograms.

After installing the batteries, the hourglass screen lights up. After 10 seconds, the inscription HELLO appears. Scales are ready to work. By the way, the whole screen is, in fact, a set of 161 LEDs.

The balance must be placed on a level surface. When weighing, they wait until the weight is fixed, after which it is displayed on the scale screen for a few more seconds.

If you want to use the potential of the scales to the fullest, then you should install the Mi Fit program from Google Play. With it, you can track your weight and the weight of your family members. The application also works with bracelets.

After installation, the application will ask you to log in with your mi account and select the device you want to add.

In order to add the scales, you need to turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone, and then stand on the scales. The scales will determine the weight and transfer it to the smartphone.

The program at the first weighing will prompt you to choose a name. If at the next weighing the weight will be very different, the program will automatically offer to get another user.

In the application, you can also track your weight, it displays it in the form of a graph.

Also in the application there are tips on how to use the scales correctly.

The application can be configured to work in tandem with the mi band bracelet, then there will be more opportunities for monitoring your weight. It can track and display many different parameters that may be of interest to people who want to do fitness and lose weight. In addition, you can synchronize the scales with several smartphones at once.

In general, Xiaomi scales give the impression of a well-made product. Given the full-fledged Russified application and the ability to synchronize with a fitness bracelet, the scales can be safely recommended for purchase. Just do not give to your soul mates – they may not understand.


platform material Glass
Food 4xAA
The weight 1.9 kg
Maximum load 150 kg
Measurement error 100 g
Synchronization Bluetooth


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