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In the beautiful world of music, there is no place for mediocre sound and recordings spoiled by poor-quality equipment, so in this article I will tell you about 12 Zoom devices for recording music at the highest level.

Portable recorders

Portable recorders are little helpers with big possibilities. These units deliver near-studio-like sound quality and are great for broadcasting, film production, interviews, and live recordings—anything you can imagine.

Zoom H1

Professional recorder with light weight, compact size and affordable price. As for the sound quality, it is clearly out of its price range and makes the Zoom H1 almost the best solution for this amount.

I advise you to additionally get the Zoom APH1 accessory kit, which consists of a windscreen, soft case, adjustable tripod, USB cable, holder and a special adapter. I also recommend considering the Zoom HS1 Camera Adapter, the Zoom MA2 Mic Stand Adapter, and the Zoom WSU-1 Universal Fur Windscreen.

Zoom H2n

The second generation of popular recorders from Zoom. Despite its size, the Zoom H2n is full of innovative audio technologies that allow you to record crystal clear sound. This recorder is equipped with a stereo microphone and can work with Mid-Side recording, so those for whom sound recording is not just a hobby should pay attention to it.

The Zoom APH2n accessory kit is also on sale, which, in addition to the standard set from APH1, is also equipped with a remote control.

Zoom H5

A more advanced model with support for simultaneous recording of four tracks at once, XLR inputs and an XYH-5 capsule microphone in the kit. He has already visited us for a review and left only the most positive impressions, a really good buy.

I recommend that you immediately take a closer look at the Zoom APH5 accessory kit, which consists of the RCH-5 remote control, AD-17 AC adapter and, of course, a windscreen. If you’re looking to record dialogue, interviews, and speeches, then also take a look at the Zoom SGH-6 Detachable Capsule Mic. Also check out the Zoom EXH-6 combo capsule with two additional XLR/TRS jacks, allowing you to connect up to four additional sources such as microphones, mixers, turntables and musical instruments.

In addition, take a look at the Zoom XYH-6 capsule, equipped with two unidirectional microphones that better respond to sound coming from the front.

Zoom H6

Zoom’s flagship recorder. By purchasing this device, you can safely expect the highest sound quality and a very wide range of features. Zoom H6 is able to work with four microphone capsules at once and can record six tracks at once at the same time – in general, complete freedom for creativity.

Separately, the Zoom AHP-6 accessory kit is available, consisting of a remote control, windshield, USB cable, stand holder and AC adapter.


Zoom iQ5

Small and handy condenser-type stereo microphone for recording music with an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch equipped with a Lightning connector. If you don’t feel like carrying around bags of all kinds of audio equipment, then the Zoom iQ5 paired with the iPhone 6 will be a great bundle for you.

Zoom iQ6

A more advanced unidirectional X/Y condenser microphone. The Zoom iQ6 boasts the ability to record audio at 44.1kHz/16bit, 48kHz/16bit quality, as well as a high maximum sound pressure level of 130dB.

Zoom iQ7

This mid-side capsule microphone is ideal for recording music and video. The Zoom iQ7 is capable of 90°, 120° and Mid-Side modes.

Portable studios

Portastudios are designed for multi-track audio recording. Their appearance is that of a mixing console with multiple channels (typically 4-12). Usually they are used for recording rehearsals and demos.

Zoom R8

Portastudio with compact dimensions and a fairly extensive set of functions. Zoom R8 can work as a two-track recorder, audio interface, mixer, equalizer and rhythm machine.

Zoom R16

A versatile port studio that can easily replace your controller, multi-channel recorder and audio interface. Zoom R16 can not only record sound, but also work as a metronome, mixer and audio effects processor.

This porta studio also comes with a Zoom SCR16 case, which makes it much easier to transport.

Zoom R24

A true portable combine, equipped with the most advanced technology in the recording world. The Zoom R24 combines the functions of a controller and a sampler, it also supports multi-channel recording and is equipped with a solid number of additional inputs and outputs.

Audio interfaces

Using such a device, you can record and play audio material without the need for additional adapters and adapters, which is especially important, since most computer sound cards do not have the necessary number of inputs and outputs.

Zoom TAC-2

This audio interface allows you to work with sound through the high-speed Thunderbolt port, which is equipped with almost all models of MacBook, iMac, Mac Pro and Mac Mini. Zoom TAC-2 is equipped with two XLR/TRS inputs, so you can work with the highest quality audio 24-bit/192kHz with minimal latency. Its compact size and light weight make it easy to take the TAC-2 to any gig.

Zoom TAC-2R

An improved version of the TAC-2, equipped with additional inputs that allow you to work with synthesizers, drum machines and electronic keyboards.

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