Apple confirms iPhones will switch to USB-C


As part of the WSJ Tech Live conference, Apple Vice President of International Marketing Greg Joswiak confirmed that the iPhone with USB-C will indeed appear, as the EU has made this connector mandatory for all gadgets sold in the union.

Joswiak said that he respects the decision made in Europe, therefore: “Obviously, we will have to comply, we have no choice.”

He also noted that charging adapters with detachable cables solved the problem of standardization, and that the iPhone’s switch from Lightning to USB-C would lead to a lot of e-waste.

A spokesperson for The Verge disagreed, noting that it has to replace most of its Lightning cables every few years due to wear and tear. This happens at about the same rate as he buys new phones, so reducing e-waste is a moot point.

Whether Apple will release iPhone with USB-C outside of Europe, Joswiak did not answer. It is possible that different markets will receive different modifications.


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