EcoFlow introduced a series of “power banks for the home” River 2


EcoFlow has released a new series of River 2 external chargers. It consists of three models: the standard River 2 with a capacity of 256 Wh, the River 2 Max with a capacity of 512 Wh and the River 2 Pro with a capacity of 768 Wh. They can charge the MacBook Air 5, 10 and 15 times respectively.

Illustration: EcoFlow

All three models have standard 220W sockets, USB-A, USB-C and car sockets. But the number of ports differs: the standard model has only 6, the Max and Pro have 11 each.

In standard mode, the basic River 2 outputs 300 watts, Max – 500 watts, Pro – 800 watts. There’s also an X-Boost mode that aims to power a single device up to 600W, 1000W or 1600W, respectively. Fast charging is supported not only for output, but also for input: these devices are fully charged in 60-70 minutes, depending on the model. From solar panels, they charge in about 3 hours.

Illustration: EcoFlow

It uses a lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePO4). It is capable of surviving 3,000 recharge cycles versus 500 for lithium-ion batteries, and higher thermal and chemical stability make such stations safer. According to the manufacturer, with 6 recharge cycles per week, the maximum battery capacity will not fall below 80% in 9.6 years.

But there is also a minus: such batteries are quite heavy. The junior model weighs 3.5 kg, the River 2 Max weighs 6 kg, and the Pro weighs 7.5 kg. This, of course, is not Anker PowerHouse 757 weighing 20 kg, but it is also noticeable.

Illustration: EcoFlow

EceFlow River 2 and River 2 Max will go on sale on October 25, the top-end River 2 Pro will be released later. Versions with 220 W sockets will be available in Russia, new items will cost from 20,990 to 55,990 rubles, depending on the modification.


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