Poll: What laptop do you use?


According to analysts, laptops from American companies are gradually disappearing from the Russian market. Thus, sales of Dell devices from January to August decreased by 90%, while HP laptops were sold three times less than usual during the same period.

This trend also affected the MacBook from Apple – they were sold four times less. Such statistics are confirmed by both distributors and representatives of large sales networks. They also note that against the background of this recession, Chinese vendors have significantly improved their positions.

In particular, sales of Huawei laptops from January to August grew by 372% to 33.3 thousand, Honor – by 113% to 20.7 thousand.

The list of the largest manufacturers by market share in the Russian Federation is now as follows:

  1. HP (21%)
  2. Lenovo (18%)
  3. Acer (13%)
  4. Asus (12%)
  5. Apple (8%)
  6. Huawei (7%)
  7. Honor (6%)

What laptop are you using? Write in the comments.

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