Apple catches up with Samsung: 5 largest smartphone manufacturers named


The analytical company Canalys has published a fresh report on shipments of smartphones in the world. It is dated Q3 2022 and reflects the current state of the market.

Image: Canalys

In the report, experts note that compared to the same period a year earlier, sales of smartphones fell by 9%. The last time such a drop was observed in the third quarter of 2014 – even in a pandemic, the situation was better.

Image: Canalys

In the top five, everything is unchanged, but the trends are also not quite standard for the quarter. Thus, only Apple showed significant growth, the share of which increased from 15% to 18% – this is the second place in the top. The first is still with Samsung, whose share grew by only 1% – from 21% to 22%.

Image: Canalys

Xiaomi with 14% remains in third place, while the share of following Oppo and Vivo was 10% and 9%, respectively. Analysts do not expect major changes from the fourth quarter of this year.


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