The global version of Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro did not receive an NFC module


Earlier this week, along with Xiaomi 12T, the European version of Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro was also introduced – with a slightly changed name Smart Band 7 Pro. The novelty was priced at 99 euros (≈5,900 rubles), according to its characteristics it is similar to the Chinese one, with one exception. There is no NFC chip in the global model, although it is in the Chinese version. True, contactless payment only works in China.

Previously, Xiaomi released global NFC versions of its bracelets shortly after the release of models without a chip, but the regular Smart Band 7 is still waiting in line. As a result, it turns out that it is worth considering any modifications of the Band 7 Pro only if you do not plan to pay from the bracelet.

Note that after Visa and Mastercard left the Russian market, any versions of Mi Band do not work with Russian cards, and with the release of global versions of Mi Band, Chinese models usually receive a full set of languages, including Russian. As a result, it turns out that in the current situation, the version does not matter. You can choose a bracelet based on your priorities: price, delivery speed or warranty.


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