Anker has released a new “power bank for the home” PowerHouse 767: massive GaN charging on wheels


Anker introduced the new PowerHouse 767 charging station, which is positioned as a device for travel and backup power for the whole house. She received a capacity of 2,048 W / h (output power – 2,400 W). But even this is not the limit: you can buy an external Anker 760 Expansion Battery unit so that the total capacity reaches 4,096 W / h.

Illustration: Anker

The gadget offers 12 ports, and it charges from the network in just 2 hours. Green charging is also supported: if you connect five Anker 531 200 W solar panels, it will take 2.5 hours to fully charge the station.

The capabilities of the new model are not specified, but the previously released Anker PowerHouse 575 station with a 1,229 W / h battery is capable of charging an average smartphone 97 times, a laptop 17 times, or providing a portable refrigerator for 22 hours. Even without an additional battery, the novelty will be able to power about 1.6 times more.

It uses a lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePO4). It is capable of surviving 3,000 recharge cycles versus 500 for lithium-ion batteries, and higher thermal and chemical stability make such stations safer.

Illustration: Anker

The weight of the device is not specified, but it certainly will not be small: the PowerHouse 575 with a capacity of almost half as much weighs 20 kg. However, it is not necessary to lift the gadget: there is a retractable handle to carry it like a suitcase.

The cost of Anker PowerHouse 676 has not yet been specified. The novelty will go on sale on November 14 in North America, so far on the official website you can only subscribe to updates and get a $400 discount on the release.


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