The strength of the iPhone 14 Pro Max and Galaxy S22 Ultra compared on video


The new iPhone 14 went on sale only on September 16, and the YouTuber from the PhoneBuff channel has already managed to test the strength of the older model in the line – the iPhone 14 Pro Max. For greater clarity, its results were compared with another flagship of similar size: the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

If the front of the iPhone has an advantage in the form of a flat screen (the Galaxy has a 6.8-inch panel curved at the edges), then the Galaxy wins at the back due to the new Gorilla Glass Victus + protection. The iPhone 14 Pro Max has an unnamed “textured frosted glass” rather than Ceramic Shield.

The drop test showed that the situation is unequal not only on paper. Already after the first fall from a height of 1.5 meters onto a concrete block, the rear windows cracked on both devices. At the same time, the damage to the iPhone is more noticeable, and in addition to the glass, the camera protection also cracked. However, this did not affect the operation of the camera.

In the second test, smartphones were dropped on a corner. And here the Galaxy got it harder: its aluminum frame was scratched more than the steel of the iPhone. True, the glass of the iPhone again made itself felt: after the second fall, the fallen fragments were added to the cracks.

Further, both models flew onto the concrete with the display down. Neither Ceramic Shield nor Gorilla Glass Victus + saved from cracks, but the clear winner was the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Its display is less cracked, and damage to the top didn’t stop Face ID from working correctly. On the Galaxy, a large web of scratches appeared, and the under-screen fingerprint scanner stopped working.

The final fourth blow hit the display again, but this time on steel sheet rather than concrete. The Galaxy has more cracks, but the front panel of the iPhone has not changed much – but the back has begun to look even worse. Upon closer examination, small glare was found when shooting on the front camera, but the effect is insignificant and hardly noticeable.

As a result, in four tests, smartphones received the same result – 38 points out of 40 possible. Both had little to no damage to important functions after a series of serious falls, and most of the damage was cosmetic.

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