From iPhone SE to iPhone 14 Pro Max: an enthusiast compared the autonomy of all current Apple smartphones


YouTuber Mrwhosetheboss, known for videos with all sorts of comparisons of smartphones, released a new video for the release of the iPhone 14. In it, he tested the autonomy of three new models that are already on sale, and older devices that remained on the Apple website: iPhone 13 and 13 mini , iPhone 12 and iPhone SE (2022).

Traditionally, the blogger charged all devices to 100%, calibrated the brightness of the displays and the volume to the same level, and also turned on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for all. In order not to take into account battery wear, he took new smartphones for this test.

After adjusting the brightness, the smartphones were disconnected from charging and performed the same actions on them, simulating an intense daily load: watching YouTube videos and scrolling through social networks, playing games, shooting videos and surfing the web in Safari. In this scenario, 6 hours of work is considered a good result, and 7 hours is already excellent. Here’s how the devices performed:

  1. iPhone 14 Pro Max – 9 hours 31 minutes;
  2. iPhone 14 Pro – 7 hours 49 minutes;
  3. iPhone 13 – 7 hours 15 minutes;
  4. iPhone 14 – 7 hours 13 minutes;
  5. iPhone 12 – 6 hours 48 minutes;
  6. iPhone 13 mini – 6 hours 36 minutes;
  7. iPhone SE (2022) – 4 hours 52 minutes.

Based on the available data on the not yet released iPhone 14 Plus, the author calculated that this model should take second place with a result of about 9 hours and 23 minutes. Like it or not, we will find out in October.

In the comments, users complained that the blogger did not include the iPhone 13 Pro Max, last year’s champion, in the test. To this, he replied that he reduced the number of devices to fit in the frame, so he limited himself to devices that Apple still sells.

This is where the test from TechDroider comes to the rescue. The comparison showed that the iPhone 14 Pro Max is slightly inferior to the iPhone 13 Pro Max: in intensive mode, the devices lasted 10 hours 12 minutes and 10 hours 22 minutes, respectively. Both smartphones outperformed the Android competition, although the Motorola Edge 30 Ultra came close, running for 10 hours and 1 minute.

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