Apple named the cost of replacing the Watch Ultra screen


The Apple website has information about the cost of repairing recently introduced devices. It turned out that replacing the screen on the new Watch Ultra smartwatch will cost a hefty $499 (≈30,000 rubles).

For this money, you can buy a new Apple Watch Series 8 and save another $ 100. The cost of the new Apple Watch Ultra in the US is $799 (≈48,000 rubles), that is, screen replacement is about 60% of the cost of a new watch.

Image: Apple

Residents of the United States and a number of other countries can benefit from AppleCare + insurance. If you purchase a repair service subscription, it will cost $79 to replace the screen on a new device.

Replacing the Watch Ultra’s battery will also cost more than a regular Apple smartwatch, at $99 instead of $79.

Despite the fact that pre-orders for a new generation of Apple smartwatches have already been opened in Russia, official sales of Watch Ultra in the country are not expected. It is still difficult to say how domestic retailers will cope with the problem of repairing devices and how much it will cost, given that the cost of watches imported through parallel imports amounted to 84,990 rubles.


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