American iPhone 14 lost the slot for SIM-cards


On September 7, as part of a large presentation, Apple officially introduced the iPhone 14 line of smartphones. For the first time, all four models for the US market lost a physical slot for SIM cards. In other words, buyers of new products in the US will have to use eSIM.

Later it became known that smartphones will be able to work with two electronic cards and easily switch between them, and it will be possible to store up to 6 (iPhone 14 / 14 Plus) or even up to 8 cards (iPhone 14 Pro / 14 Pro Max) in memory.

This innovation will not cause difficulties for subscribers of large American operators – all of them have been offering eSIM for a long time. But customers of small telecommunications companies will have no choice – they will have to switch to another provider or simply not buy new Apple smartphones.

Apparently, the same rule now applies to all those users who are used to ordering new iPhones from the US, since eSIM technology in many countries is not yet developed as it is in America and Canada.

In Russia, operators offer the use of electronic cards, but the vast majority of users still use only physical SIM cards. For many, this is easier and more familiar, especially if you often change smartphones or travel a lot, buying local SIM cards in new countries.

As for the supply of the iPhone 14 to our country, this falls entirely on the shoulders of parallel imports. The possibility of selling new products in this way was confirmed by the head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov.


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