Two robotic cats were shown at IFA 2022


In Berlin, as part of IFA 2022, two robot cats were introduced, which can be excellent companions for people with allergies to pet hair.


Image: Futurezone

The first hypoallergenic robot came from China, created by Elephant Robotics. The developers dubbed the electronic pet MarsCat. The idea of ​​its creation came to the creators in 2016. And with the help of the Kickstarter crowdfunding service, after many years of development, the pet is finally ready to go into circulation.

The robot is completely autonomous, it does not need the presence of a person to have fun. The device works with Raspberry Pi and is synchronized with a mobile application. The user can adjust the color of the cat’s eyes, control its movements, and teach it to recognize people.

“Marsokot” responds to voice, responds to touch and has the makings of emotional intelligence, the creators say. The device is equipped with AI that analyzes the image from the cameras located in the eyes – thanks to this, the character of the cat becomes unique over time. MarsCat will cost $1,299 (≈79,000 rubles).


Another device was presented by South Korean developers. This is also a robot cat, and his name is Maicat. The pet also works with the help of artificial intelligence and loves when people play with it and pet it.

Image: Futurezone

The main disadvantage of this model is a short battery life, only about three hours. If the Maicat starts to run out of power, it will go on its own to recharge (yes, like a robot vacuum cleaner). However, all cats like to sleep, so this feature is unlikely to greatly spoil the impression of users.

The price of Maicat will be about $1,500 (≈91,000 rubles), and it will be available for purchase at the end of this year.

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