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Video games are an insanely popular pastime for children, teenagers, and adults. But this hobby requires a computer, and usually not just any computer, but a powerful gaming computer.

The latest video games themselves look impressive, but the vast majority of players can only afford to enjoy the game’s photos and presentation videos. Why? Because in order to enjoy the game itself, you usually need a very good computer.

So what are they? gaming computers the best? The perfect choice is always a PC – great ventilation, lower cost, more power and upgradeability. However, the huge downside is no mobility.
In that case, gaming laptops are the next great choice. For the price, you might be able to buy a slightly more powerful PC, but the ability to enjoy the latest games anywhere definitely makes up for the negatives.
So is it worth choosing a gaming computer and how to choose it?


If you visit any computer store, you will find a section with gaming computers. However, keep in mind that not every gaming PC can meet your needs.
Even the cheapest “gaming PCs” may not be properly optimized for gaming. Sometimes sellers rely only on basic parameters to determine the type of computer.
For example, an Intel i7 processor and a GTX 1070 video card do not yet show that only such parameters make computers for games.
Cooling, number of connections, screen resolution, amount of RAM and many other factors that are not appreciated by everyone are very important.


We have selected some of the latest computers that we recommend you pay attention to if you want the highest quality, but the price is still relevant to you.

Fast MSI GL72M and GL62M

If you go to the laptop section of the online store and choose MSI products, you will see that only gaming computers dominate here.
This manufacturer doesn’t offer much choice, but the current gaming PCs are really impressive, including the GL72M and GL62M models.

The main difference between the GL72M and GL62M models is size – the latter is slightly smaller with a 15.6-inch screen, while the GL72M has a 17.3-inch screen.

Both models are sold with powerful GeForce GTX series graphics cards, SSD memory and various features useful for game lovers.
* Good price
* Exclusive design
* Great additional features

Modest Acer VX 15

If you’re looking for a laptop that you won’t be disappointed with at a relatively affordable price, the Acer VX 15 could be your solution.

The manufacturer created a gaming PC for those with a slightly limited budget. But the end result is really surprising!

Intel i5/i7 processors and GeForce GTX series video cards are not all that you get for just 1000 euros.
* Perfect price-performance ratio
* Keyboard lighting
* Commendable battery life

Patikimasis Asus FX503

A great choice for Asus computer lovers. You get everything you need for gaming – a good processor, a GTX series graphics card, keyboard lighting, a solid body and, of course, the Asus name.

If you want to buy a computer even cheaper, then you can also choose the FX502 version. The latter has a slightly weaker, 5th generation Intel processor and does not have SSD memory.

* Surprising power for the asking price
* Solid body
* Very comfortable design

Unique Alienware 15/17

The latest series of Alienware PCs brings even more joy.

This series of computers is certainly not the cheapest, the computers weigh about 3-4 kilograms, and the battery life is also a bit disappointing. However, the highest quality in playing is guaranteed and unique.

* Tremendous power
* ULTRA HD resolution available
* Designed specifically for games


When you buy the cheapest computer, you cannot guarantee yourself secure work in the future – a weak processor will slowly cope with your requests, a weak video card will not be able to “pull” even old games, and the cheap assembly quality is felt as soon as you pick up the computer.
And this list of computers, although short, will help you not to be deceived and choose only the latest computers at the best price.


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