TOP 10 smart watches and reviews about them



Smart watches is the second most popular smartphone accessory. They are only surpassed headphones. Smart watches now perform not only the functions of a pedometer and a style item, but also many others:
  • They can be used to answer calls;
  • Maintain conversations;
  • View photos;
  • Reply to text messages;
  • Track the number of steps taken;
  • Monitor the pulse;
  • Monitor blood pressure;
  • Track your weight;
  • Track physical activity;
  • And many more.

Huawei GT 2 smart watch


The most popular choice of buyers is the particularly masculine, but minimalistic and modern smart watch Huawei GT2. Not in vain – although the watch weighs only 41 grams, its battery works for two weeks at full capacity:

  • When showing the distance walked or traveled, this is especially relevant for sportsmen;
  • Pressure;
  • GPS;
  • Monitoring sleep;
  • Monitoring physical activity;
  • Counting the number of calories burned. This data helps you lose weight and achieve the desired shapes without additional activity calculators;
  • Monitoring heart rate.

This device is compatible not only with Huawei smartphones, but with all Android and iOS operating systems. It’s not for nothing that Huawei’s smart watches are so popular.

Smart bracelet Xiaomi MI Band 4


The second choice of buyers is a smart bracelet for those who do not like smart watches. Reviews of smart bracelets are not inferior to reviews of watches:

  • Inexpensive, but very functional device, much more convenient for performing various functions than telephones;
  • Thin bracelet and small size do not interfere even when doing dangerous work;
  • The battery lasts for up to 20 days;
  • The Xiaomi MI Band 4 bracelet is waterproof and works even at a depth of 50 m;
  • The device has a lot of useful features like pedometer, sleep tracker, sports modes, timer, alarm clock, pedometer and more.

Smart watch Samsung Galaxy Watch3 45mm Wi-Fi


It’s no wonder the Samsung Galaxy Watch3 is such a popular smartwatch among users. Reviews of Samsung products are always the best, Watch3 watches are no exception:

  • It is the most advanced and latest watch released by Samsung Galaxy, offering the latest technology and smartest features;
  • Lighter, thinner than other Samsung smart watches, but thanks to new technologies, these watches have an even larger and more convenient screen;
  • Blood oxygen monitoring is the future. According to Samsung, counting steps and other simple functions are a thing of the past, a specification of every watch, and this time the manufacturers have offered more.

Smart bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 5


In the list of the most popular smart devices worn on the wrist, there are only two smart bracelets. Both are Xiaomi Mi Band, only one is newer and the other is older. The fourth place in the TOP 10 list is occupied by the new version of the smart bracelet, which differs from the old one in its size (it is larger) and new functions.

The most relevant and modern is the function of tracking a woman’s cycle, which informs about the upcoming menstruation and other days related to fertility. This is a great helper for women! Of course, the bracelet is also perfect for men, but this function is not relevant for them.

Smart watch Huawei GT 2 Classic


Smart watches created for men who love timeless classics, but seek modernity and convenience. Reviews praise the battery that is active for up to two weeks, a high-quality leather strap, the ability to connect to smartphones with various operating systems, even 4 GB of memory and other additional features:

  • Sleep mode monitoring;
  • The possibility of counting steps;
  • Calculation of burned calories;
  • The possibility of tracking physical activity;
  • Accelerometer function;
  • Barometer function;
  • the possibility of heart rate measurement;
  • GPS function.

Smart watch Huawei Watch GT 2 42mm


A smaller version of the Huawei Watch GT. This version has the same features, but everything is compressed even more and tailored for the smaller, petite wrist, users who prefer a smaller dial and a more modern and less classic look.

It is this watch design that is ideal for women – gentle, perfect for a variety of styles. The metal and durable bracelet not only matches other jewelry, but also does not wear out. The watch itself is resistant to water, dust, and moisture, so if modern, elegant style, all functions and resistance to environmental effects are important to you, this is a smart watch that will not disappoint.

Smart watch Amazfit AMAZFIT GTS 2 MINI


Light (it weighs twice as much as the most popular smart watch – Huawei GT 2), small, but very colorful smart watches. Reviews praise the choice of three colors – green, black and pink. Despite its size and low price, the watch has all the essential features:

  • Oxygen measurement function;
  • Daily reminder function;
  • A sleep monitoring function that will help you track the level of rest and understand how many hours of sleep and rest you need individually;
  • The function of changing sports modes, which allows the most qualitative calculation of the amount of calories burned during sports;
  • Stress monitoring function;
  • Heart rate measurement function.

Smart watch Huawei GT 2 42mm


Another Huawei GT 2 series watch. It is not surprising that even four watches from this series are in the TOP 10 most popular smart watches list:

  • Many useful functions not only for convenience, but also for health monitoring;
  • The function of recommendations for training, which helps to keep physical activity interesting and not boring;
  • Rubber, non-slip and comfortable bracelet;
  • The white color and gold details do not stand out, so it fits perfectly with every style.

Smart watch Amazfit GTR


Inexpensive but high-quality smart watches produced by Amazfit remain popular. Only the best reviews. They highlight the following advantages of the Amazfit GTR smartwatch:

  • Low price;
  • Beautiful design;
  • Even a 34-day battery;
  • Many useful functions: GPS, speed indicators, compass, sleep monitoring, contactless payment (NFC), weather forecast, call and message notification, various sports modes, calorie burn calculation, heart rate monitor and, of course, pedometer.

Apple Series 6 Smart Watch


Apple smartwatches, although they only connect to iPhones, are popular for their versatile, sleek design and many features that other watch manufacturers don’t offer. While the Apple Series 6 has all the aforementioned features found in other watches, with this smartwatch you’ll also get:

  • Accelerometer.
  • Altimeter;
  • Ability to use Apple Play;
  • Loudspeaker and microphone to talk using only the watch;
  • A gyroscope;
  • A calendar that helps you keep track of daily tasks and important events;
  • Daily reminders reminding about the events marked in the calendar;
  • The help button, which when linked to the selected phone number, will provide an opportunity to inform the owner of the phone number about a possible danger after pressing the button;
  • The ability to control the phone’s camera, which allows you to take photos and videos without holding the smartphone in your hand.


A smart watch is not just a style item or a pedometer. It is a device that helps to monitor health and physical activity, while providing many convenient functions. If you choose a quality one, you will spend much less time on your smartphone, because everything you need can now be on your wrist.


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