Increasing computer RAM: what is important to know?



When choosing a new computer, buyers often forget to check one of the most important factors – RAM memory. This important detail indicates the speed and performance of the computer, so buying the right amount of RAM memory will not only save you a lot of time and money (the right RAM contributes to lower energy consumption), but most importantly, you will change the way you think about working with a computer and finally enjoy it.

What is RAM?

RAM, also known as the computer’s random access memory, ensures a fast response of the computer and the execution of active tasks. We all know that using multiple programs at the same time makes it difficult for the computer to respond to the commands sent and its performance slows down significantly. RAM is then the most active – it supports the operation of simultaneously activated programs and ensures the smooth operation of the computer.

Why is RAM important?

Thanks to RAM, our computers are able to quickly fulfill the different requests we send. An internal hard drive is similar to RAM and it seems that it could be enough to keep the computer running smoothly, however, the large amount of information it contains prevents it from processing tasks quickly. Unlike a hard disk, RAM does not store information in physical form, and its small memory allows you to quickly respond to commands and easily complete assigned tasks.

Types of RAM


Modern types of RAM are created in accordance with the SDRAM standard – currently the most commonly used RAM on the market. Later types of RAM are improved versions of the original SDRAM, and the latter are arranged in the following order:

  • DDR has the same clock frequency as SDRAM, but this type of RAM can transfer significantly more data.
  • DDR2 – has the same frequency as the latter types, but features memory twice as fast as DDR.
  • DDR3 – even faster and even 40% less energy than the type using DDR2, which can work even with minimal electrical voltage.
  • DDR4 – the most recent type of RAM memory, which requires even less energy resources and, thanks to its improved characteristics, is able to perform more tasks in the same time.

RAM capacity


The purpose of your computer is one of the main criteria that helps you decide how much memory you should use. It’s no secret that a large amount of RAM memory means a fast computer speed, however, the price of the product rises along with the size of the memory capacity. In order to choose the most optimal option for you, we suggest you look at the options offered on the market and choose the one that meets all your expectations:

  • 2GB – this is a small amount of RAM memory, suitable for performing simple computer tasks, for example, sending a letter or reading the news in one browser window. If your day-to-day work consists of more complex tasks, chances are you’ll run out of RAM quickly.
  • 4 GB – in most modern computers, you will find installed RAM memory of this size, since it is enough to ensure the smooth operation of the computer when opening several browser windows or using Microsoft and other common applications.
  • 8GB – this RAM memory is known as the most popular choice among many buyers, the advantages of which are revealed when watching a high-quality movie or playing games with exceptional graphics. After purchasing such a RAM memory capacity, you usually have to forget the limited capabilities of the computer and the inconvenience caused by a small memory.
  • 12GB – an intermediate option between 8GB and 16GB, when you want a higher speed than an ordinary user, but are hesitant to invest more. Such RAM memory will surprise you with its speed and efficiency, even when using more complex programs or performing many tasks at the same time.
  • 16GB – this choice is especially pleasing for developers who are involved in video or audio editing/editing and gamers who spend a lot of time playing high-quality and high-resolution games.
  • 24GB (and more) RAM memory ensures exceptional computer speed and is an ideal option for those who encounter a large data flow during work. With such a memory, there are really no restrictions left and even the most complex programs of our time can be used without interference.

Increasing computer RAM

Topping up RAM is one of the most effective computer performance upgrades that can be done very quickly and easily. Here are three of the most effective ways to increase your computer’s RAM:

RAM modules


Increasing the RAM of a desktop computer can be done simply by purchasing a new or installing an additional RAM module. However, before upgrading, it is important not to forget to check whether there are still empty slots left on the computer board and to find out what modules can be installed, for example, if the default RAM type of the computer is DDR2, it is unlikely that you will be able to insert DDR into the slot3 or DDR4 type. It is also important to remember that the RAM memory can be increased as much as the motherboard and processor will be able to read it – you can find this information in the computer’s technical documentation or on the Internet.

Laptops has a similar process of increasing the RAM of a computer, but in this case there is another additional task – it is difficult to open body. With the right tools and experience, this may seem like a minor challenge, but if you’re unsure if you can do it yourself, you can save yourself the added stress of having a professional do it for you.

Buying a motherboard with more RAM slots


Perhaps the easiest way to increase your computer’s RAM is to buy a new motherboard with more slots. This method is usually chosen by users whose default RAM memory is extremely small, for example 2GB or 4GB, and the number of slots for installing additional memory is very limited.

RAM upgrade using operating system and USB


Microsoft offers its users to use the ReadyBoost technical solution and choose to increase RAM by connecting USB and using its available capacity. This method is not the most efficient way to increase the computer’s RAM, but it can become a great alternative for owners of older computers who have difficulty finding suitable RAM modules, or for those who lack free slots to install additional modules.

Updating or deleting apps


You can do this method of increasing your RAM right now – take a look at the most used applications and make sure that each one is installed according to the latest version. Also consider which apps you use very rarely and which you may not even need.

RAM RAM is one of the most important parts of your device – it not only helps to ensure perfect and efficient computer work, but also helps to achieve the maximum efficiency of its operation. Increasing the computer’s RAM is a great solution for those who constantly face interruptions and want to save not only time, but also money. You can find all the choices of RAM memory in the online store, where after setting the search filters, you will easily find the most suitable product for you and soon you will enjoy a faster computer. You can also find other popular computer accessories at gaming mice, smart keyboards and the most modern software. Don’t hesitate and try it now!


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