Apple will mask the space between the holes in the screen of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max


Insiders confirmed and supplemented the rumors that instead of a notch, two holes will appear in the iPhone 14 Pro models – one round for a selfie camera and the second oblong for Face ID sensors. Judging by the new data, the space between them will be programmatically masked with a black background so that both cutouts look like a single whole.

9to5Mac sources say that Apple is going to use this small area of ​​the screen to display privacy indicators when using microphones and a camera. Under such an innovation, a redesign of the application for shooting is already being prepared.

Visualization 9to5Mac

On current iPhone models, a small orange indicator dot appears in the upper right corner of the display when an app is using the smartphone’s microphone. A similar green dot is displayed when something activates the camera. On iPhone 14 Pro, these indicators will become more visible and will be able to light up at the same time.

More details about Apple’s new products – September 7, when the official presentation will take place.


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