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Sound speakers are devices for high-quality and convenient distribution of music and other sounds. Nowadays, it is hard to imagine everyday life without music, so everyone who loves loud music dreams of having the best sound system. It is not easy to choose such a one, so we selected it Loudspeakerswhich are included in the TOP 10 list of columns according to the criteria set by users.

Types of speakers

Speakers are usually divided into two large types based on the type of connection:

  • Bluetooth connected speakers. These speakers are wireless, so it is convenient to carry them with you and change their location. Wireless speakers connection does not require special conditions – a charged device can work not only where there is an electricity source, but also in nature, in a car and similar places.
  • Regular, wired speakers. Wired speakers are usually not portable and have one fixed location – for example, stereo systemwhich is permanently connected to a stationary computer or TV.


Purpose of speakers

Speakers can be used for a wide variety of purposes:

  • For everyday music listening (for creating musical background). For everyday listening to music, speakers are usually wireless – they are more convenient to carry. It is true that music centers and listening to music through applications on smart TVs are becoming more and more popular, although there are also users who listen to music through the radio.
  • For playing computer games. Speakers designed for playing computer games have surround sound that helps you visualize the game environment more easily.
  • For parties. The best speakers for parties have a wide frequency range, a good bass system and resistance to high volume broadcasts. These types of speakers often have built-in lighting that plays to music or is controlled by a smartphone, adding to the party mood.
  • For creating music. Speakers used for music production and other work by artists must be extremely precise – every note is important here. The ability to connect headphones and extremely high-quality surround sound are also important for these speakers.
  • For watching movies, series and videos. Surround sound is also important for speakers intended for movies – it allows the viewer to get even more involved in the movie scenario.


The best speakers: what to consider when choosing?

Consider the following criteria when choosing a speaker:

  • Sound system type. There are two types of sound system – 2.1 or 5.1. The first number indicates the number of speakers, the second number indicates the number of woofers.
  • Power. The power not only indicates the maximum volume at which the speakers operate, but also ensures the quality – the more power, the better the sound quality.
  • Frequency range. The frequency range indicates what sounds you will be able to hear – the higher it is, the more different sounds and instruments the device broadcasts.
  • Material. The sound quality of speakers partly depends on the material, so it is important not to choose the cheapest material. The best choice is wood, but if you want to save money, high-quality plastic will not disappoint.
  • Size. The size of the speaker should be chosen not only according to the parameters, but also according to the room where you will use the purchase. For example, music centers take up a lot of space, so it is necessary to evaluate the space of the premises.

Speakers that perfectly meet all criteria are named in the TOP 10 list.

Wireless speaker JBL XTREME 3

Weighing almost two kilograms, a relatively large portable speaker has a power of up to 50 W, the ability to connect with both Bluetooth and USB, and resistance to moisture and dust. After fully charging this speaker, you can enjoy music for up to 15 hours.

It is a relatively inexpensive, but very high-quality option.

Wireless speaker JBL CHARGE 5

A cheaper, smaller version of the XTREME 3 speaker that differs in three specifications:

  • Power. The power of this speaker is lower – instead of 50 W, the manufacturer offers 40 W.
  • Operating time. Reduced power increases runtime. This wireless speaker works for up to 20 hours.
  • Connectors. This speaker does not have a Bluetooth connection.

Of course, reducing the power and removing one connector significantly reduces the cost of the device.

Wireless speaker JBL Clip 4

The JBL Clip 4 wireless speaker is a small speaker weighing only a few hundred grams, ideal for carrying in a handbag or backpack – resistance to moisture and dust only confirms this. Although this speaker is only 5W of power, it is enough for everyday use for listening to music.

The special shape of the device allows you to attach the column to, for example, the straps of a backpack, so that you don’t have to carry it.

These are the best speakers that are smaller than the palm of your hand and priced under fifty euros.

Wireless speaker Sony GTK-XB72

One of the best choices for parties is the Sony GTK-XB72. The medium-sized wireless speaker not only boasts a large number of connections (RCA, Bluetooth, NFC, USB and even microphone-friendly connections are what you’ll find in this device), but also has LED lighting to further liven up the party or home atmosphere.

Wireless speaker JBL Charge 4

JBL Charge 4 is an older version of the Charge 5. It has a smaller frequency range, power and weighs less, so it’s perfect for those who don’t want to spend and like quality sounds, but don’t want the highest quality. True, the quality with such specifications is amazing, because JBL’s long-term experience and well-earned name never disappoint.

Wireless speaker JBL Xtreme 2

40 W power, 15 hours of operation, moisture resistance, Bluetooth, AUX and micro USB connection – this is the JBL Xtreme 2. The second and even more improved version of the Xtreme.

Sound system Sony GTKXB60L

Another sound system that is even lighter and easy to transport – only 8 kg, and you will enjoy speaker lighting, 14 hours of operation, karaoke function and even 150 W of power, which will guarantee quality sound.

Wireless speaker Philips SB300

A small sound speaker, which is distinguished by its resistance to both moisture and shocks. It is the ideal choice for camping or spending time outdoors in any weather.

Wireless speaker Denver BTS-200

A small, light but 10 W speaker with a very elegant retro style design. It’s not just a column, it’s a style detail.

JBL PARTYBOX310EU system fork

The powerful 240W system is adapted for easy transportation. AUX and USB connections will allow you to easily play the music you want, and the karaoke function and integrated microphone will allow you to enjoy additional entertainment. By the way, this sound system also has speaker lighting.


As you can see from the list, the best speakers are manufactured by JBL, Philips, Denver and Sony. These producers are leaders in the field of music. Visit the online store – here you will find not only the products of the most popular manufacturers, but also many others!


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