The best printer for home – what is it?



It is said that the printer is the most popular and most used computer accessory. Not in vain – printing of documents, photos, contracts, even summaries and learning materials is usually required at least several times a month, and for those who work with documents or like to learn from tangible summaries even more often. But how do you choose the best printer for your home when there are so many different options on the market?

A printer can be found in almost every home. It is not needed by a specific group of people (such as gaming chairs only a computer game lover needs), and for many of us, it is important to choose a quality one.

Types of printers

Printers are divided into several types according to the principle of operation. When choosing a printer, it is important to consider the purpose of printing (image or text), method, additional care, sound and economy.

Inkjet printers

  • Printing purpose. Inkjet printers are suitable for printing photos and images – they are more detailed and use colored ink. This type of printer is also suitable for text printing, but it is important to consider your needs. If you print text more often, an inkjet printer will not be the best printer for your home because of the high cost.
  • Printing method. These types of printer cartridges are filled with ink, a more expensive material than that used in laser printers.
  • Additional care. After a long period of non-use of inkjet printers, it is necessary to check the cartridge, as the ink may dry out.
  • A sound is emitted. These are extremely loud printers.
  • Economy. As you can see from the previous criteria, inkjet printers are not economical – higher costs, more expensive cartridges and the possibility of drying out will not save you money.


Laser printers

  • Printing purpose. Laser printers are adapted for text printing and best reveal their capabilities when printing text. Of course, a laser printer will also print images, but their quality will be lower, and color laser printers are also very expensive.
  • Printing method. Laser printers print more accurately and less expensively because they use very little powder.
  • Additional care. Nothing will happen to the cartridge if the printer is not used – the powder will not change its properties.
  • A sound is emitted. This type of printer will run very quietly, making it the best printer for homes that value silence.
  • Economy. Laser printer cartridges are more economical and cheaper than ink cartridges.

Multifunction printers

Multifunction printers, as the name suggests, perform many functions – not only print, but also scan, copy, and some even have a fax function. This type of printer can be both inkjet and laser, so when choosing this device, it is still important to remember to choose a more accurate way of its operation.

The main advantage of multifunction printers is the price. Of course, it is larger than a single printing device, but smaller than several devices performing different functions. And at the same time, it is the best printer for the home, which uses both print, copy, scan, and sometimes even fax functions, because one device takes up much less space than several.


The most popular printers for the home

If you do not know which manufacturer and printer model to choose, we recommend that you consider the most popular devices with the most positive reviews. The best printer for the home should not only be economical, satisfying the needs, but also of high quality.

HP OfficeJet Pro 9020 All-in-One


A multifunction inkjet printer with a range of features including color printing. This device not only prints, but also copies and scans. This ultra-smart printer can hold up to four cartridges, allowing you to print on both sides.

The HP OfficeJet Pro printer can not only print standard documents, but also photos, so investing in this device will give you all the features you need.

HP 107w


A much cheaper and more economical printer is the HP 107w. This model works with the help of a laser and has a relatively high speed – as much as 20 pages per minute. He joins not only USB connection, but also with the help of WiFi.

The ability to connect to a WiFi network allows the printer to be used in any corner of the house, it is important that the stationary or Laptops would be at a sufficient distance for adequate connection strength.

HP LaserJet Pro M28a


A cheaper version of the most popular printer, characterized by more economical operation (laser device), easier to fit size and standard functions – copying, scanning and black-and-white printing.

Canon Selphy CP1300


Canon Selphy CP1300 multifunction inkjet printer with ultra-modern design can print in both standard black and color. The option to print photos is also installed, but if you choose this function, you have to give up copying and scanning, so this printer is recommended for those who like a paper, tangible version of photos and filling albums – the device is perfect for this function.

Canon Pixma MG2550S


One of the cheapest inkjet printers with color printing on the market is the Canon Pixma. A small device with a scanning and copying function stands out for its relatively slow printing – just 8 pages per minute. True, this helps reduce the price of the printer to less than fifty euros, so if printing speed is not your priority and features are more important to you, you will not be disappointed.

Brother MFC-J6945DW


A professional multifunction inkjet printer for those who want all possible functions (even fax) and speed. This device has a capacity of 500 sheets, which is very convenient for those who print huge quantities.

HP MFP 135a


Another inexpensive but efficient laser printer with scanning and copying capabilities. This one is not far behind the best in its speed – 20 pages per minute, and additional functions – printing on both sides of the sheet. True, like other laser printers, this one does not offer color printing.


The list of the most popular printers clearly defines the most common need – not only printing is important to users, but also additional, frequently used functions that make work easier. A flexible price range allows you to choose a multifunction printer even for those who do not want to invest a large amount of money. specialists have selected the best printers – visit the printers section, where you will definitely find a printer that will satisfy all your needs and expectations.


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