LG showed a smart closet that takes care of shoes


LG has introduced a new gadget called the Styler ShoeCare. This is a small locker that looks like a safe or a storage box in the gym, able to take care of leather, suede and sports shoes.

Illustration: LG

He refreshes the shoes with steam and uses the Zeo-Dry filter to dry and deodorize them. The filter consists of zeolite, a mineral that absorbs moisture well and is also used on the ISS to absorb carbon dioxide released by astronauts when they breathe.

Inside there are two shelves, each will fit a pair of shoes. Each cell is configured individually, there are ten programs in total, designed for different materials. LG claims that you can steam four pairs of shoes in 37 minutes, but does not specify: in two passes, or in case of a hurry, you can put two pairs in one cell. The device is not silent, but quiet enough: up to 35 dB (this is comparable to the volume of a muffled conversation).

What to do with shoes after cleaning? LG has taken care of this too: you can buy a ShoeCase cabinet with the purifier, which will protect the contents from moisture and fading thanks to UV-resistant panels. This is a showcase in which each pair of shoes can be rotated 360 ° – just like a plate in a microwave.

Illustration: LG

Each block is independent, so you can arrange them however you like – and when the collection grows, buy a couple of showcases instead of changing the entire rack. Moreover, the showcase can be controlled from a smartphone through the LG ThinQ app.

So far, the cost of new products has not been disclosed, just like the release dates. Would you like such technological furniture?


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