Anker Unveils 5,000mAh Power Bank for iPhone with MagSafe


Anker has announced a new power bank in the MagGo line – as the manufacturer calls its series of devices adapted for iPhone with MagSafe. The Anker 621 external battery is an alternative to the Anker 622 introduced last year.

Illustration: Anker

It has a capacity of 5,000 mAh and provides 7.5 W wireless charging. At the same time, its thickness is 11.4 mm – against 10.9 mm for the official Apple power bank with a capacity of only 1,460 mAh. Last year’s Anker 622 was slightly thicker than both of them (12.7mm) due to the built-in stand.

There is USB-C for wired charging. Only one device can be charged at a time, with priority given to wired charging. This is a plus for those who do not like wireless charging, but want to clean up their bag: you can attach the power bank to your smartphone with a magnet and charge with a short USB-C to Lightning cable.

The magnet will only work when used with MagSafe compatible cases or iPhone 12/13 without a case. Due to the dimensions (104.9 × 66.5 mm), the manufacturer does not recommend using the device with the iPhone 12 mini and 13 mini: the power bank will stick out from the bottom. But it will not close the camera block, so performance will not suffer.

Illustration: Anker

In the US, Anker 621 was priced at $50 (≈3,050 rubles) – for Anker 622 they ask for $20 more. A 60 cm USB-C to USB-C charging cable is included in the box. Later it will be released in other countries, but the release date is not reported. On the American Amazon, the delivery date of the first batch is October 11th.

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