How to improve computer performance? Tips for you



A computer is one of the most common electronic devices used by almost everyone. Work, studies, games and many other activities are done online today, so it is not surprising that a computer that is constantly running can slow down over time. However, our carefully selected tips for improving PC performance will help you get your PC back up and running in no time. We invite you to familiarize yourself with relevant information for every computer owner!

Why is it important to improve computer performance?

It’s no wonder that constant activity slows down our computers. The main reason is the installation of unnecessary programs and accessories, and sometimes malicious programs that have entered the computer without the user’s knowledge. Also, as the demands on software increase, how the computer responds to these changes can have a significant impact on its performance. Due to the overload, you have to wait longer for the programs you want to launch, for files and web pages to open, and for each page to print. It may seem like a few seconds, but increasing your computer’s performance can save you more than 40 hours of time a year.

How to improve computer performance – a list of ideas


Even small steps to take care of your computer can add significant benefits to your device’s productivity. So how to improve computer performance and ensure fast and efficient work?

Restart your computer

Shutting down and restarting your computer is one of the first steps you can take to improve the overall performance of your device. Rebooting your computer usually terminates programs and processes and clears cached data, which helps to resolve day-to-day performance and stability issues caused by running an operating system for long periods of time.

Turn off unused applications

Background apps take up expensive processing power and slow down your computer. If you want to see what programs are running, it’s easy to close them by selecting the task manager section (Ctrl + Shift + Esc), or even better, prevent the computer from opening unnecessary programs. If you know there are apps that you don’t use every day, right-click on them and select standby to prevent them from starting automatically.



A computer’s RAM is like a short-term computer data center. If this important part of the computer is overloaded, the device may run slower. Fortunately, updating the RAM is not a difficult process, but changing the part requires opening the computer – be careful and prepare properly. Also, before buying new RAM sticks, make sure your computer can be upgraded.

Remove unused files and programs

Every computer’s hard drive contains a lot of files and programs that have not been used for a long time or that are no longer needed. Also, most computers come with pre-installed programs and trial software that you never use or run very rarely. If you are interested in how to improve the performance of your computer, remove unnecessary programs and files that take up space – you will immediately notice that work goes more smoothly and efficiently.

Ensure the quality of applications


Old and poorly designed programs with unnecessary functions can negatively affect the performance of the computer. If you’re worried about how to improve your computer’s performance and want to keep your device healthy and fast, download only good apps. Look for reliable apps that have been tested for security and performance. Also, pay attention to the source from which you intend to download them.

In addition, productive work is ensured not only by coordinated internal computer processes, but also by important external factors. Looking for a more powerful computer? Choose responsibly not only apps, but also computer accessories. Accessories to help you manage the device, such as quality mouse padshelps to work more comfortably and efficiently.

Use antivirus programs


Viruses that get into your computer cause a lot of problems. One of the most noticeable is a decrease in computer performance. If you want to protect your device from unexpected problems, install PC performance monitoring software. Antivirus programs quickly deal with malware, so you can ensure the safety of your computer. However, it’s also a good idea to look into apps that offer continuous protection and run in the background. Keep in mind that these antivirus programs take up a lot of space, so choose an option that does not negatively affect performance.

Use hard drives

If you’re looking for more PC performance, SSD the disk can help reduce the load on the CPU. If you use multiple programs or photo and video editing software at the same time, a startup disk can help ensure that your programs run more smoothly and load faster. It is important to note that SSD drives can be installed not only in stationary computers, but also in laptops. And if you don’t have the opportunity to use an internal SSD drive, you can always buy an external drive that connects to the computer via a USB connection. This drive can provide the extra boost you need when starting up your computer and kickstart programs that need more temporary memory to run properly.

Delete the Internet browser cache (cache)

Clearing the cache of your web browser is one of the easiest ways to speed up your computer and make your internet browsing more efficient. Temporary files are constantly stored on your computer to help load data faster, but when they accumulate, these files can slow down your computer. Also, it’s always a good idea to empty your computer’s recycle bin and clear your browsing history. Clearing your browser history will make your browser start up and run faster. You can choose a setting to save browsing history to a minimum, which will improve the performance of the browser.

Select the correct number of monitors


Adding a second monitor can affect your computer’s performance, especially if both screens are displaying intense 3D images at the same time. This forces your graphics card to work twice as hard to display graphics on two screens at once. However, a few monitors can improve your productivity, so any small computer performance

the loss will be offset by how much more you get done with two screens.

Nowadays we can’t imagine our life without a computer – so many activities can be done using the internet! However, by constantly using this device, we tire it and reduce the productivity of the computer. We hope that the ideas we have presented to improve the performance of your computer will contribute to increasing your work efficiency and help you achieve the best result. And you will always find the best computers and their accessories in our online store.


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