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We receive a huge amount of information every day, so it’s no wonder that we sometimes become forgetful. One of the most common cases is a mistake in the PIN code of the phone, which can block your smart device and the necessary information on it. However, there’s nothing that can’t be fixed – our carefully selected information will help anyone wondering “what if I’ve forgotten my phone PIN?”.

Phone PIN – What is it?

Since smart devices store extremely important information, contacts, photos and messages, it is necessary to take care of phone security. Modern mobile phones has innovative facial recognition technologies and fingerprint scanners, but the classic code consisting of several numbers is one of the safest and most reliable methods. A PIN code, otherwise known as a personal identification number, is a multi-digit password that allows you to identify a user. However, despite the fact that the PIN code is a simple and short password, the numbers are extremely easy to forget. In this case, after several unsuccessful attempts, the phone is blocked and access to information becomes impossible.

What if I forgot my phone PIN?


If you can’t remember your phone’s PIN, don’t worry – here are some helpful tips to help in the unlikely event:

1. Locate the SIM card box

If you ask “what to do if I forgot my phone PIN” and you can’t find a quick answer, don’t panic. Most of the time, after purchasing a SIM card, we keep its packaging – look for the box and find the documents in it that contain information about the PIN code.

2. Contact your telephone operator

Your mobile operator’s team is always ready to help. If you cannot find the package of the SIM card, contact the consultants who will provide the necessary information. In addition, you can find out the PIN code online by logging into your account on the services provided by the telephone operator.

What if I blocked my SIM card?


Can’t guess your PIN and lost access to your information? This means that the SIM card has been blocked to ensure your security. Don’t lose hope – if you ask “what to do if I forgot my phone PIN”these simple steps will surely help you solve the problem:

1. Enter the PUK code

If the phone is locked after re-entering the PIN code, the first step is to write down the PUK code, which comes with other important information in the SIM card package. The PUK code (personal unblocking key) is a sequence of 8 digits that allows you to unlock your mobile device. After entering this code, it is necessary to come up with a new sequence of PIN numbers, which will be easy to remember next time. In addition, you will be able to set an option that will not require a PIN code. However, keep in mind that these number sequences protect your personal information and come in handy if you lose your device.

2. Contact your telephone operator

Those who ask “what to do if I forgot my phone’s PIN code” are always advised to contact the telephone operator’s specialists. Call your telephone company and securely provide personally identifiable information. In addition, you can find out the PUK code in your account, on the page of services provided by the telephone operator.

3. Get a new SIM card

Enter the required codes very carefully – if you enter the PUK code incorrectly 10 times, you will block the SIM card irreversibly. However, if you have accidentally locked your phone after repeated attempts, the only solution is to purchase a new SIM card. When going to the salon, don’t forget your ID!

How to remember the phone’s PIN code?


It is extremely easy to forget a short multi-digit code, especially if we don’t use it every day. So how do you come up with a memorable sequence of numbers? One of the most common answers is to choose an important birthday or anniversary, but these easy-to-guess PIN codes can make your personal information easy prey for hackers. If you use these clever ways to remember passwords, you will never have to ask “what if I forgot my phone PIN?”.

  • Write down the code. Marking the sequence of PIN numbers on a piece of paper is an extremely insecure way to save information. For this reason, use modern password storage apps. Also, when recording the PIN code, keep it safe from prying eyes.
  • Use the word method. PIN codes are made up of numbers, but it’s easier to remember your password if you associate it with a word. Look at the phone keypad, choose a 4-letter word and see which numbers match it. However, if you use this method, it’s best to use a less common, hard-to-guess word.
  • Use a combination of memorable dates. When choosing a PIN code, use your imagination – choose the dates of two memorable anniversaries (for example, your birthday and the birthday of a loved one) and create a password that is easy to remember, but difficult to guess.
  • Use mnemonics. Mnemonics is an ancient art of memorization that helps you capture important information. For each number you choose, choose a word with the same first letter and make a sentence. For example, 1865 (W, A, W, P) would become “frogs leaping high in the swamp.” This is not only a smart, but also a playful way to easily remember a forgotten PIN code.


Forgetting your PIN code is a situation that everyone is very familiar with. However, this short sequence of numbers is an important part of protecting your private information, so it is extremely important to note and protect it. We hope that useful tips and relevant information will help you regain access to important photos, documents, messages and phone numbers stored on your smart device. And various mobile phones and their accessories are waiting for you on our website.


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