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15 best split systems - Rating 20210

So, probably, historically, when considering air conditioners, many experienced buyers first of all know the novelties of well-known Japanese manufacturers. It should be noted right away that recently many worthy competitors have appeared on the market, although in the premium class, not many Chinese and Taiwanese counterparts are able to “get around” them. As for the entry-level category and the mid-budget class, the picture is somewhat different. However, in our ranking of the best split systems in 2021, everyone will be able to find a model suitable for their wallet. At the same time, the editors tried to pay attention to the main questions of buyers and models assembled for the needs of different users. On our list you will find:

  • budget split systems for small rooms;
  • modern air conditioners for allergy sufferers;
  • popular models in terms of price / quality ratio;
  • premium equipment for maintenance of large houses.

The best inexpensive split systems

Ballu BSD-07HN1

15 best split systems - Rating 20211

The list of good split systems opens with an inexpensive model Ballu BSD-07HN1, which attracts with an optimal level of energy efficiency and good filtration. A self-cleaning function has been implemented, thanks to which excess moisture leaves the unit and protects the equipment from mold. The noise level is not the lowest, but this can be explained by the good capacity for both heating and cooling. The technique is suitable for apartments up to 22 sq. The old line, also presented in our top, is a little more powerful. As for this unit, it would not be out of place to note the quality of the implementation of inverter technology, cable and self-diagnosis system in case of failures.


  • well-known manufacturer
  • filter self-cleaning;
  • inverter technology.


  • there is a stronger line than this;
  • high noise level.

General Climate GC/GU-A07HR

15 best split systems - Rating 20212

We are talking about an inexpensive home air conditioner, the power of which is enough for rooms up to 21 square meters. There are various configurations with efficient cooling, up to 80 m², but considering the price, we chose the most objective option. In addition to a good range of configurations, the manufacturer has offered efficient heating that can be used in combination with heating technology or separately at temperatures down to -7 ° C. This range of split systems is designed for ease of use, timer programming is implemented, there is an automatic mode of operation. The company’s engineers upgraded the heat exchangers by adding fins with a hydrophilic protective coating. This allowed us to achieve better results in our work. In addition, a cold plasma ionizer is used, but it is difficult to say anything about the effectiveness of this element.


  • improved design;
  • efficient heating;
  • many configurations;
  • there is an ionizer.


  • dubious marketing.

NeoClima NS/NU-HAX09R

15 best split systems - Rating 20213

When choosing between various economical split systems for an apartment, many users have chosen NeoClima NS / NU-HAX09R for its good economy and functionality. This series has the IFeel function, excellent indication, and also advanced filtering system. The last unit includes a silver ion, high quality antibacterial and catechin filter. There is an automatic restart function, turbo cooling, intelligent defrost mode. The manufacturer offers a 3-year warranty for this device. Families with children may find it useful to use the Parental Control feature, which locks the buttons on the remote control. Another advantage is self-diagnosis.


  • maximum cooling;
  • many options;
  • good filtration;
  • build quality.


Ballu BSD-09HN1

15 best split systems - Rating 20214

As mentioned earlier, in our list of affordable but high-quality split systems, there is another successful line from Ballu, but more powerful – the BSD-09HN1 series. Like the above system, this unit complies with energy efficiency class “A”, but can serve large areas. It should be noted the best ergonomics and low noise level – up to 23 dB, which will allow you to comfortably relax at night. More modes are available, including SLEEP. Users respond positively to the intensive dehumidification and cooling. In the kit you will find a convenient and intuitive remote control. An advanced filtration system is installed inside the structure.


  • good screen;
  • simple control;
  • temperature control accuracy;
  • filtration quality;
  • cheap technology.


Electrolux EACS-07HF/N3

15 best split systems - Rating 20215

The best split system in 2021 according to PriceQuality is the Electrolux EACS-07HF / N3 model, designed for small rooms up to 21 m². This line supports cooling, dehumidification, fan mode and of course cooling. The technique copes with all the designated tasks at the proper level. A good level of practicality should include the presence of a display, as well as a good remote control. The manufacturer decided to use catechin and antibacterial agents as filters. Together, these design elements give a good response, which is surprising for the entry-level air conditioner segment. The air circulation capacity reaches 460m³/h.


  • many modalities;
  • good filtration;
  • simple control;
  • famous manufacturer.


  • not found at this price.

The best split systems for an apartment

Hisense AS-10HR4SYDTG5

15 best split systems - Rating 20216

Our top 15 apartment split systems are equipped with Hisense AS-10HR4SYDTG5, which is positioned as one of the best air conditioners with a plasma bacteria removal system. It’s definitely a worthy option for allergy sufferers who don’t want to pay too much for a brand’s reputation. However, the flagship inverter motor unit features low noise levels and 4D AUTO-Air automatic blinds. Works in two modes, including heating and cooling. In addition, users can use the dehumidification function, keep the optimum temperature, ventilation mode. The composition includes an anion generator, a fine filter, deodorants and plasma filters. In this case, the energy efficiency class is “A”.


  • silent model;
  • engine quality;
  • blinds 4D AUTO-Air;
  • filtration system;
  • affordable cost.


  • heating energy consumption.

LG Mega DUAL Inverter P-07SP

15 best split systems - Rating 20217

Undoubtedly, each user is trying to find a good and quiet split system for the bedroom, which is the LG Mega DUAL Inverter P-07SP. At the same time, the model is equipped with a reliable compressor of the Dual Inverter series, which is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty for a period of 10 years. In addition, the engineers of the South Korean manufacturer took care of the wear-resistant fan of the indoor unit, there is also a unit with BLDC technology. Long service life is also due to the support of “Smart Diagnostics”, with which users can check the quality of the device at any time on their smartphone. The advantages of the model include a simple adjustment of the speed of work, a timer and automatic cleaning. The manufacturer recommends using a split system in rooms up to 20 sq. Thus, users can rely on cooling, heating, dehumidification and ventilation. Antibacterial, plasma filter and automatic cleaning are used as a filtration system.

  • self-diagnosis;
  • good compressor;
  • filtration system;
  • there is a timer;
  • convenient management.


  • requires maintenance.

Toshiba RAS-05BKV

15 best split systems - Rating 20218

Certainly, a reliable and efficient split system for allergy sufferers is the Toshiba RAS-05BKV model, designed to service premises up to 15 square meters. Indeed, we are talking about the updated Toshiba MIRAI line, which 4 years ago pleased users with the company’s stylish Japanese inverter compressors. Of course, the novelty works even better. For small living spaces and offices, drying, ventilation and cooling capacity is sufficient. The level of energy consumption in this case corresponds to the “A +” standard. The noise level does not exceed 22 dB. The long service life of the equipment can be explained by the presence of a self-cleaning system.


  • good remote control
  • noise level;
  • Japanese compressor;
  • level of energy consumption;
  • self-cleaning system.


  • low power.

Daikin FTXG 20L

15 best split systems - Rating 20219

If you need a powerful split system for a spacious apartment, you should pay attention to the premium Daikin FTXG 20 L model. The air conditioner attracts with its ergonomic indoor unit, which is mounted on the wall in a classic way. The total area of ​​the service is 25 square meters. It is worth noting low power consumption, simple power regulation and a reliable inverter motor. The facility includes an advanced sensor that detects and records the number of people in the apartment. This contributes to the effective regulation of the direction of air masses. In addition, it has a convenient digital screen located on the panel of a durable and fairly compact indoor unit. It is worth noting the presence of a built-in diagnostic system and advanced protection. It is convenient to manage the main options using a smartphone and the proprietary Online Controller application.

  • simple control;
  • big screen;
  • elegant design;
  • reliable assembly;
  • high power.


Electrolux Evolution Super DC Inverter

15 best split systems - Rating 202110

The best split system for an apartment is the Electrolux Evolution Super DC Inverter model, which attracts with its optimal technical characteristics and chic design. In particular, this is due to the use of double fusion technology with a mirror effect, complemented by smooth lines in a futuristic design. This model will certainly fit perfectly into any interior. Another clear advantage of the technology is the presence of a really quiet (19 dB) and reliable inverter motor, which is characteristic of all representatives of the innovative Evolution line. Many users have already adequately appreciated the ease of operation and the quality of the implementation of the remote control, which has buttons in Russian. At the same time, the air flow rate is 700 m3 / h, and the air masses are evenly distributed in four directions, which indicates a rapid cooling of the entire room. Automatic blinds, like other structural elements, are manufactured with high quality, which is confirmed by a 7-year manufacturer’s warranty. One of the main advantages of this model is the patented NANOE ™ air purification system, which can neutralize up to 99.99% of pathogenic bacteria. In addition to the latest generation compressor, simple control, filtration system, this model attracts with a self-diagnostic system and low energy consumption. In fact, our choice is obvious.

  • noise level;
  • air purification technology;
  • high power;
  • elegant design;
  • ergonomics.


The best split systems for home

Toshiba Shorai Edge RAS-B07J2KVSG-E

15 best split systems - Rating 202111

It is unlikely that any of the experienced users will be surprised by the presence of the Toshiba Shorai Edge RAS-B07J2KVSG-E model in our rating of split systems. We are talking about a relatively inexpensive multi-split system, the power of which is enough to service a room up to 20 square meters. 2500W available for heating and 2000W for cooling. Given the high quality of Toshiba inverter compressors, there is no doubt about the reliability and efficiency of this device. Specifications include heating standby, ionization and self-cleaning. Of course, there is a night mode, traditional for the brand, although without turning it on, this system works quite quietly. It should be noted that the operation of the blinds allows you to adjust the flow not only vertically, but also horizontally, which also explains the high efficiency of the invention.


  • control of horizontal blowing;
  • quiet work;
  • expensive compressor;
  • fair price;
  • self-cleaning system.


  • low power.

Royal-Clima RC P 29 HN

15 best split systems - Rating 202112

If you need a good classic air conditioner for a premium home, it makes sense to pay attention to the Royal-Clima RC P 29 HN model. To be honest, the entire PRESTIGIO line of this manufacturer attracts with its elegant design and high-quality efficiency. In the indoor unit you can find cold plasma, the technology responsible for removing bacteria. In addition, 3D AUTO AIR curtains provide efficient air distribution throughout the room. The basic options are extremely easy to use with the remote control. In addition, there is a hidden screen, the air conditioner features low noise and advanced filtration system, including Active Carbon and Silver Ion. It should be added that the durable heat exchanger received an anti-corrosion coating.

  • remote control;
  • cold plasma generator;
  • silent model;
  • good filtration;
  • refrigerant leak indication.


  • For this price, only pros.

Panasonic Deluxe CS/CU-E7RKDW

15 best split systems - Rating 202113

In search of a reliable split system for your home, we recommend that you pay attention to the review of the CS-E07RKDW / CU-E07RKD model from Panasonic. The features of this air conditioner include an attractive design, an advanced nanoe-G class air purification system. In addition, the function of removing unpleasant odors is provided, which is very convenient if there are pets in the house. For a comfortable sleep, you can activate the Silent option. In addition, there is a dual sensor, soft dry mode and acceleration of both cooling and heating. Of the useful features, it is worth noting the presence of a hot start control system, personal settings, a dual-mode timer with a setting for 24 hours of operation.

  • Bluefin capacitor;
  • automatic diagnostics;
  • good timer;
  • quiet work;
  • air purification system.


  • large indoor unit.

Daikin Sensira FTXB35C/RXB35C

15 best split systems - Rating 202114

Another top model. The powerful Daikin Sensira FTXB35C / RXB35C wall-mounted split system is designed to serve rooms up to 33 square meters with a cooling capacity of 3300 watts. At the same time, user reviews also indicate that you should not judge by the design of this device: there is incredible potential inside. At the same time, the noise level is only 21 dB. The filter system perfectly removes viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. It should be added that the surface and coating of the model have a long service life. Of course, this rule also applies to the installed engine. There is a turbo mode, a timer.

  • remote control;
  • noise level;
  • titanium apatite filter;
  • good timer;
  • many modes.


  • humble design.

Mitsubishi-Electric MSZ/MUZ FH 25 VE

15 best split systems - Rating 202115

The best split system for the home in 2021 is the Mitsubishi-Electric MSZ / MUZ FH 25 VE model. The premium air conditioner of the DeLuxe line is perfect for heating and cooling rooms up to 25 square meters with a capacity of 3.5 and 5.5 kW. I must say that the powerful climate technology of the Japanese manufacturer provides exceptionally clean forced air thanks to the operation of the Plasma Quad system. The technology is great for removing viruses, bacteria and other allergens. At the same time, the high result is due to the support of the I-SEE 3D sensor, which determines the temperature as well as the location of users with maximum accuracy. At the same time, the model has a low level of energy consumption. Among the useful options, it is worth noting automatic restart, closing the damper, as well as a timer for 24 hours of operation.

  • excellent plasma filter;
  • installed sensors;
  • premium engine;
  • volume of operation;
  • heating power;
  • modern features.


  • price of the DeLuxe line.

How to choose a good split system?

If you have not yet decided which split system to buy, and among the models presented to your attention there was no suitable solution, you should pay attention to a small list of features before making a final decision and comparing other inventions:

  • energy consumption (heating / cooling);
  • service zone;
  • maximum noise level;
  • type of refrigerant;
  • power in different operating modes;
  • diagnostic system (if any);
  • seasonal fees (EER, COP, SEER, SCOP);
  • the number of indoor units (depending on the purpose);
  • functions and technologies;
  • quantity, methods and methods of control;
  • filtration system.

The list is not exhaustive as many brands have their own unique technologies. It is important to compare popular models and look for the most suitable ones according to your financial capabilities, in which we, friends, tried to help.

Rating of the best manufacturers of split systems

Today, the choice of good manufacturers of split systems is very diverse. Along with well-known Japanese brands, including Mitsubishi-Electric, Toshiba and Daikin, who have occupied the premium niche, Taiwanese, Korean and Chinese companies look quite solid. The latter’s air conditioners are good value for money. In particular, Chinese company HiSense, Taiwanese Ballu and South Korean Samsung are considered reliable manufacturers. It is important to note that each of the brands offers its own technologies and lines of split systems, which differ in a number of characteristics. For a more detailed consideration of this issue, it is more appropriate to consider several categories of popular climate products.

Leading manufacturers of split systems for bedrooms

Of course, there is no such class of “sleeping” equipment. As a rule, this term refers to a split system with a quiet power plant. In fairness, it must be said that four companies have succeeded in this regard right now:

  1. LG: wide range of products, including the “P” range with noise levels up to 20 dB;
  2. HiSense – representatives of the Sm DC Inverter series are considered especially “quiet” split systems. Among other things, the models of this segment are distinguished by the presence of ionization, as well as control of temperature differences;
  3. Toshiba – models of this brand have silent inverters and effectively maintain a certain temperature range;
  4. Panasonic: The deluxe models with up to 20 sq.

For luxurious bedrooms, it makes sense to pay attention to the Mitsubishi-Heavy-Industries and Daikin FTXG series.

Top manufacturers of air conditioners for allergy sufferers

Obviously, the requirements for climate technology in people with vulnerable respiratory systems are higher. It is important that split systems have a good filtration system, which was offered by several well-known brands at once:

  1. Mitsubishi-Heavy-Industries – the line includes a built-in air purification function from pet hair and small allergens;
  2. Mitsubishi-Electric – This company has the FH 25 VE series which supports Plasma-Quad. This technology helps to remove 99 percent of the harmful elements that may be contained in a residential building.
  3. Toshiba – The RAS line can actually produce ozone and has a plasma filter.
  4. HiSense: Despite the affordable price, the company produces many models with plasma filters for allergy sufferers, which also ionize the space with silver and effectively kill bacteria.

The best manufacturers of air conditioners for home

As a rule, multi-split systems are chosen for large houses, in the production of which many modern companies have achieved success, including:

  1. Royal climate;
  2. General climate;
  3. LG;
  4. Panasonic;
  5. Samsung.

In the segment of multi-split budget systems, the products of the following companies look favorably:

  1. Dance;
  2. Pioneer;
  3. HiSense.

In the premium segment, the leading positions are still held by three brands:

  1. Daikin;
  2. Mitsubishi electrician;
  3. Toshiba.

What is the best split system to buy in 2021?

Friends, of course, we are aware that ten models are not enough for everyone to understand which split system to buy. For this reason, we have paid due attention to the review of the best brands, successful lines of air conditioners for users with different needs. In conclusion, I would like to summarize our assessment:

  1. The best split system in terms of price-quality ratio is Electrolux Evolution Super DC Inverter;
  2. Effective model for allergy sufferers – AS-10HR4SYDTG5;
  3. High-quality budget system – Electrolux EACS-07HF / N3;
  4. A good cheap home air conditioner is the LG S 09 SWC;
  5. The best premium split system is Mitsubishi-Electric MSZ / MUZ FH 25 VE.

Do not forget to evaluate the quality of publications in order to develop the skills of the “Price-Quality” editorial.


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