Top 15 Best External Batteries (Power Banks) – Ranking 2021


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15 best external batteries (power banks) - rating 2021

To my shame, I will say that before studying this topic, I could not even imagine that so many questions could arise when choosing such a simple technique. Having practically tested several power banks with Aliexpress, it became interesting not only to provide the reader with useful information, but also to finally buy a quality product. As a result, we were able to find answers to almost all the important questions that I want to share with you. Our ranking of the best external batteries in 2021 includes devices for charging phones, laptops and small household appliances. In addition, we have selected modern gadgets that support wireless charging.

I must say right away that they ignored models with unique technologies and full-fledged advertising, because they were disappointed more than once. At the same time, I do not rule out that truly progressive solutions may be on sale: they simply have not been found. Therefore, in order not to mislead the reader, we have collected models that have received a lot of positive feedback, which also met our expectations.

The best power banks for smartphones

As practice shows, more and more ordinary users are looking for good external batteries on AliExpress, which is associated with the possibility of significant savings. However, this is far from a new trend, and many power banks from the Chinese catalog are already in a huge assortment in the vastness of various online stores at almost the same price. The difference is that the parcel will not have to wait long. We have tried to compile a selection of such solutions.

Hiper MPX10000

15 best external batteries (Power Banks) - ranking 20211

The entry-level Hiper MPX10000 unlocks the first 15 smartphone external batteries. This is a compact and excellent device for charging various devices: from smartphones to laptops, because the battery capacity reaches 10,000 mAh. Gadgets are charged via USB-C and a microUSB port. Despite the affordable cost, the device received support for the Quick Charge 3.0 fast charging standard. According to the manufacturer, it takes a little more than 3 hours to charge this gadget. In the box with the gadget is a microUSB cable. As for the important parameters, it should be noted that it is quite compact in size and weighs 225 grams.


  • good protection;
  • guarantee period;
  • compact size.


  • it’s not the most popular brand.


15 best external batteries (Power Banks) - 20212 classification

Given the good budget power banks for smartphones up to 10,000 mAh, many buyers have chosen the ZMI QB810 model. The popular line from the Chinese developer supports the Quick Charge 2.0 fast charging standard. In addition, it should be noted laconic classic design and low weight – 180 grams. The body is mainly made of ABS plastic. According to customer reviews, this device can withstand voltage drops without problems, and also has protection against high temperatures. At the input, it can be charged with a voltage of 5, 9 and 12 V. Among other things, the device charges quickly – in just 2 hours up to 80%. Controlling the process is extremely simple due to the presence of an indication.


  • reliable manufacturer;
  • fast charging standard;
  • light;
  • there is an indication;
  • compact size.


  • the surface gets dirty easily.

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2S (2i)

15 best external batteries (Power Banks) - ranking 20213

If you do not know which power bank to buy for a phone up to 10000 mAh, we recommend that you pay attention to another budget device from a company that needs no introduction. Model Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2S (2i) received an elegant aluminum case, which is not afraid of minor mechanical damage. In addition, such a case provides reliable protection against batteries. The capacity is enough to charge your tablet, phone and other similar gadgets. Thanks to the fast charge recharging and good working life, this gadget has a wide range of applications: you can take it with you on the road, use it every day if you need to interact with various devices.


  • aluminium case;
  • wear-resistant model;
  • good working resource;
  • clean look.


  • this is not the best Powerbank in the company.

Baseus Choc Powerbank 10000 mAh

15 best external batteries (Power Banks) - classification 20214

If you are looking for a beautiful 10,000 mAh Power Bank, there is a reason to consider purchasing the Baseus Choc Powerbank. This device allows you to charge various tablets, smartphones and other devices. The device received modest dimensions, but this did not prevent the manufacturer from implementing an LED indicator. With it, you can always be aware of the charge level of the gadget. The quality of Li-Pol does not cause any complaints, which can be understood from the life of the gadget. This is confirmed by customer reviews, many of whom constantly use the device on business trips and trips.


  • high quality performance;
  • elegant appearance;
  • reliable manufacturer;
  • good indication.


Awei P9K

15 best external batteries (Power Banks) - ranking 20215

The best low-cost power bank of 2021 is the Awei P9K with 22.5W fast charging support. At the same time, the device has a creative and very convenient design – the Type-C output is installed on the right on a solid rubber group and went to Apple and Micro-USB. Using fast charging, we were able to reset a smartphone with 15W support to 50% in 33-34 minutes. In this case, some charge remains in the external battery. Given the real tests of Chinese chargers, this result seems satisfactory to us. Also worth noting is the information screen showing the inclusion of fast charging modes. The problem is that the Awei P9K bank can only be bought from AliExpress and delivery can take a long time. However, in the near future, Alikha’s products will appear on the market.”


  • fast charging support;
  • actual battery capacity;
  • interesting design;
  • best quality.


  • sold on AliExpress.

The best external laptop batteries

Of course, this set of external batteries includes models with larger batteries. As practice shows, they weigh more, but allow you to restore the battery of a smartphone or laptop several times. Today, there are PowerBanks for sale with a capacity of up to 100,000 mAh. We have collected the most popular models, taking into account the price / quality ratio and expert reviews.

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 Pro

15 best external batteries (Power Banks) - ranking 20216

The rating of external laptop batteries has been replenished with the Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 Pro model, which has a concise look. The capacity of this device is 20000 mAh, which is enough to charge your laptop, tablet and other devices. You can also reset the battery of several simple gadgets at once. Stable operation and long service life are ensured by high-quality Li-Pol components of the device. In turn, they can supply voltages from 5 to 20 V. Classic interfaces are implemented to work with other gadgets, including USB and USB Type-C. The model has a compact size, fast charging and elegant appearance.


  • practical model;
  • there is fast charging;
  • different voltage;
  • good articles.


  • actual capacity is less.

Romoss Zeus 40000

15 best external batteries (Power Banks) - ranking 20217

Surely Romoss pleased with a good power bank for a laptop by releasing the Zeus line. From the name you can understand that the gadget has a compact size, which cannot be said about the capacity. 40,000 mAh is enough to repeatedly charge an ultrabook or laptop. At the same time, the engineers of a well-known company took care of the availability of durable and stable Li-Pol elements. To connect gadgets, proprietary interfaces are used, including USB and microUSB. The external battery itself is charged via microUSB, the cable is included. In general, the gadget has a compact size, attractive with a stylish body that does not slip in your hands. At the same time, the 18W fast charging standard is implemented.


  • number of ports;
  • quality of components;
  • large battery;
  • fast charging;
  • reliable brand.


  • in this container – they are not.


15 best external batteries (Power Banks) - ranking 20218

The TopON TOP-T72 model is certainly a popular and high-quality power bank for laptops. There are two lines of this brand on our list at once. The specified series has a capacity of 18000 mAh with support for fast charging by watts. It is worth noting the presence of a neat LED display, as well as the possibility of recharging the car battery. Not all gadgets can boast of such power. The kit includes 8 connectors that can be replaced at the same time. Judging by user reviews, it takes about 35 minutes to load the gadget. It can also be used to power small appliances. There is a system for correcting the output voltage and current. The output voltage range can reach 24V, which is unthinkable for many analogues.


  • voltage range;
  • scope of use;
  • excellent equipment;
  • there is a display;
  • fast charging.


  • there is a bigger version.

Romoss Sense 8 Plus

15 best external batteries (Power Banks) - classification 20219

Looking for a premium power supply for small home appliances, many users have chosen the Romoss model. This is a novelty of the current year, the capacity of which is 30,000 mAh. At the same time, a high-quality lithium-ion battery is hidden in a really stylish case, complemented by LED indication (shows 4 charge levels). In addition, the design received 5 ports at once, which justifies a wide scope. The latest iPhone can be charged 5-6 times, and a good tablet 2-3 times. In addition, the bandwidth and capacity is enough to charge up to 3 smartphones at the same time. The design provides 2 USB A interfaces and 1 USB Type C connector. Also worth noting is support for QC 3.0 fast charging with a maximum power of 18W.


  • You can charge up to 3 smartphones at the same time;
  • 18W fast charging;
  • excellent indication;
  • many connectors;
  • elegant design.


  • weighing 671 grams.


15 best external batteries (power banks) - rating 2021 10

The best external laptop battery in 2021 is the TopON TOP-X72 72000mAh. The power of this product reaches 180 W, which is much higher than analogues. Excellent protection is implemented, and the kit includes 28 connectors at the same time, which significantly increases the range of this power bank. The output power for powering laptops in this model is 90 watts. Also includes 2 USB ports. There is a fairly bright flashlight in a durable case. Among other things, the manufacturer offers a 12-month warranty for this device, which, again, can be explained by the use of intelligent proprietary protection by the manufacturer.


  • brand protection;
  • output power;
  • warranty period 12 months;
  • number of connectors.


The best power banks with wireless charging

This category includes models that allow you to charge remotely without annoying cables. This is definitely a more modern and affordable PowerBank format, but you should understand that a lot depends on the standards supported by such gadgets. On sale (especially on Aliexpress) you can find a huge number of absolutely useless devices. We tried to find solutions that have at least Quick Charge 3.0. However, there can be a lot of them, as you can see in this collection.


15 best external batteries (Power Banks) - ranking 202111

The list of good wireless power banks is supplemented by the INTERSTEP 10DQi model with support for the Quick Charge 3.0 standard. In fact, this is not the only fast format. In addition to the declared standard, this model boasts support for Samsung Adaptive Fast, Power Delivery and Huawei FCP. This suggests that the gadget allows you to charge smartphones and other devices of these brands much faster than analogues. There is a magnetic connector for recharging the battery from the docking station. It is also included in the kit. At the same time, the wireless charging power reaches 10 W, which is a good indicator of the declared value. As for the battery capacity, it is stated that it is 10000 mAh, but in fact it is 6300 mAh.


  • fast charging standard;
  • magnetic connector;
  • 4 hours of charging;
  • build quality.


  • effective power.

Apple MagSafe Battery Pack

15 best external batteries (power banks) - 2021 classification 12

Considering branded external batteries with wireless charging, I would like to draw your attention to a series of branded Apple MagSafe Battery Pack batteries. Obviously, this solution is designed for users of Apple products and has really stable operation. The capacity does not decrease over time. The device supports new versions of iPhone, including the 12th and 13th generation. At the same time, the charging power reaches 5W (offline), and the wireless charging efficiency is about 15W. It is also worth noting that this gadget can be charged from the iPhone (reverse charging). An interesting feature is the support for the MagSafe magnetic holder.


  • magnetic support;
  • corporate solution;
  • reverse charging from iPhone;
  • fast wireless charging.


  • capacity 3000 mAh.

Xiaomi Mi Wireless Power Bank

15 best external batteries (Power Banks) - rating 202113

Considering good models of power banks with wireless charging, it is difficult to switch from the Xiaomi Mi Wireless Charger Power Bank model with a capacity of 10000 mAh. This is a very popular external battery, which, as you understand, many have learned about thanks to Aliexpress. The fact that the product is found in many catalogs and online stores indicates its demand. You can use a wired connection – there are USB and USB Type-C ports. The current strength can vary from 1.5 to 3 A. The model has a practical design, elegant appearance and thoughtful ergonomics. There are no questions about compatibility with different gadgets.


  • bright design;
  • good ability;
  • a series of doors;
  • good indication.


Xiaomi Solove W5

15 best external batteries (Power Banks) - ranking 202114

Analyzing modern power banks with wireless charging, I would like to express a few positive lines of praise for Xiaomi. In particular, the modern compact gadget of the Solove W5 series deserves attention, which stands out against the background of analogues with a fabric finish on the working surface. At the same time, this battery weighs less than 240 grams, so it is easy to hold and carry even in your pocket. The mid-range device has a 6300 mAh battery and operates in 2A/5V mode. The device is charged via the microUSB connector. It is worth noting the support of Qi technology with charge transfer at a power of 5 watts. On average, the device is enough for 2 recharges of a modern smartphone. At the same time, the product is compatible with various devices – from phones to action cameras.


  • volume;
  • fast charging;
  • light;
  • elegant design.


Samsung EB-U3300

15 best external batteries (Power Banks) - rating 202115

The best battery for wireless charging in 2021 is the Samsung EB-U3300, which supports 10,000 mAh and is powered by high-quality lithium polymer cells. The fast charging power of this device is 18W, which is a level higher than many analogues in this price category. All ports 25 watts. As a result, support for several standards is implemented, including Quick Charge 3.0 and Samsung’s own Adaptive Fast Charging protocol. There is a separate area for wireless charging of smartwatches.


  • 7.5W wireless charging;
  • power supply for all ports 25 W;
  • different fast charging standards;
  • case quality;
  • elegant design.


  • No, given the merit.

How to choose a good power bank?

As practice and my experience of an inexperienced buyer show, the choice of such electronics is based on a comparison of the capacities of different external batteries. This is not quite the right approach, because even the declared parameter rarely corresponds to reality. If you do not know how to choose a power bank, we recommend that you pay attention to the following nuances and recommendations:

  1. Optimal capacity. Here it is necessary to distinguish between actual and declared data, because the manufacturer indicates the power supply of the power bank itself, but the real energy transfer rate is always less than the declared data. So, if you have a smartphone with a 5000 mAh battery and you want to get a power bank with the expectation that you can fully restore the battery twice, you need to get it with a margin, not 10,000 mAh.
  2. Fast charging. In modern USB standards, the voltage is often higher than that of the converter, so some of the energy disappears without a trace. Also, if your gadget supports fast charging (in budget models, up to a third of the charge is lost). Therefore, you need to take mAh with a margin of 25-30% if you want to use the fast charging standard.
  3. Frame. Modern manufacturers are trying to surprise customers with a screen, bright design and a flashlight. Indeed, the issue of the stylistic component should not intersect with such parameters as the duration and quality of the elements.

What is the best bank for iPhone and iPad? In the case of Apple tablets, you need to focus on external batteries that support a current of at least 2A. Otherwise, you won’t be able to recover the large iPad battery. In the case of smartphones, everything is easier. Take into account the battery capacity and take it with a margin of 10-15%, and if the buyer has a gadget with fast charging, then with a margin of 25-30%. Is it worth buying a power bank on Aliexpress? Many Chinese models of external batteries are ordered from there in online stores, but they allow you to receive goods faster, sometimes taking a formal, sometimes large commission for this. But it is important to understand that some Chinese manufacturers on Aliexpress offer products that do not correspond to reality: they have poor useful power, different amperage, etc. What you need to know before buying a power bank? Always buy a power bank with a spare capacity. In particular, if you are interested in a device with fast charging.

What is the best external battery to buy in 2021?

Considering the power of modern gadgets, as well as the above facts, it is absolutely not worth saving on the power of such equipment. If you do not know which power bank to buy, focus on well-known brands. Also, if you are interested in a gadget with a progressive fast charging standard. Regarding our opinion:

  1. Best cheap external battery – Awei P9K;
  2. Maximum capacity external battery – TopON TOP-X72;
  3. A good model for charging an iPhone is the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack;
  4. The best power bank in terms of price and quality – Xiaomi Solove W5;
  5. Efficient PowerBank with wireless charging – Samsung EB-U3300.


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