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Top 12 Fans - Ranking 20210

It is not always necessary to purchase a split system or floor air conditioner due to the lack of free square meters or the inability to take care of the direct flow of air masses to the user. You have to resort to the good old way of organizing comfortable conditions for living or working. We will try to help you with our ranking of the best fans of 2021, in which you can find the following types of equipment:

  1. Desktop – compact models that are installed on the surface of the workplace using simple fasteners. As a rule, such inventions are not high in productivity, since they serve a single user.
  2. Mini fans are another type of table fans that have one leg or even less. Like the equipment of the previous class, there is an insignificant capacity for keeping a person. Most often, such inventions are used in offices. Radial fans are a premium option. In the latter case, the risk of explosion is minimized.
  3. From the ground: there are models without legs (they differ in large blades) and on one leg (a classic version for the home).
  4. Column fans are premium models equipped with grilles and even distribution of cold. They are distinguished by a narrow body, compact dimensions and a higher price.

There are wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted models that are installed using special mounting systems, but the need for such highly specialized equipment is extremely small. We do not research them.

Assessment content

  1. The best desktop fans
  2. Maxwell MW-3547
  3. Energy EN-0605
  4. Midea FS4543
  5. Tefal VF6210F0
  6. The best floor fans
  7. Ballu BFF-805
  8. Electrolux EFF-1004i
  9. AEG T-VL 5531
  10. Midea FS 4051
  11. VITEK VT-1944
  12. Top Premium Fans
  13. Stadler shapes Peter
  14. RYOBI R18F5-0 ONE+
  15. Fan Stadler Form Otto O-006 / O-009R
  16. How to choose the right fan for your home?
  17. Which fan is better to buy in 2021?

The best desktop fans

In hot weather, it becomes especially difficult to perform common tasks on a PC or laptop without the proper environment. For many office workers and ordinary people, rigidity is an additional burden that comes with a decline in productivity and well-being in general. If the size of the workplace allows you to simplify and accumulate work processes, then you should not neglect the opportunity to purchase a good and inexpensive fan, and if there is not enough space on the table, you can pay attention to radial models. Our list includes both types of such fans.

Maxwell MW-3547

Top 12 Best Fans - Ranking 20211

Our top 10 MAXWELL MW-3547 30W room fan opens. Performance will not be enough to organize a comfortable working environment on the hottest day. The low price did not prevent the manufacturer from dealing with a simple mechanical control, with which you can adjust the inclination, as well as the rotation of the fan. This model is extremely simple to use: just place the device on any table and activate one of two rotation speeds. The diameter of the blades is 22 cm, which is enough to serve the user. Obviously, the cost of this invention justified the use of plastic at the heart of the project. Obviously, the supplied remote control cannot be found.


  • large blades;
  • affordable price;
  • simple control;
  • 2 operating modes.


  • unpretentious body;
  • no remote control.

Energy EN-0605

Top 12 Fans - Ranking 20212

When looking at good inexpensive home fans, it’s hard to ignore the existence of a device called the Energy EN-0605. The compact device is great for home use, despite having optimal power settings in the competitive range described above. Enough performance to serve two employees at a large double table. At the same time, the axial fan is equipped with an elementary setting, protection against premature wear and overheating. Like cheaper counterparts, the body provides mechanical two-speed adjustment and tilt adjustment. The diameter of the blades is not remarkable (the standard is 23 centimeters or 9 inches).


  • modest size;
  • low price;
  • simple adjustment;
  • optimum power.


Midea FS4543

Top 12 best fans - Ranking 20213

If you have not yet decided which fan to choose for your home, we suggest you pay attention to one of the best desktop models from Midea – the 100W FS4543. Clever design involves using a compact device both on the floor and on the table, if the workspace allows such a choice. The diameter of the blades in this case reaches 45 centimeters. Of course, the possibility of tilt is implemented. Unlike cheaper analogues, this invention is made of stainless steel, which indicates long-term operation. In addition, a timer operating in three modes is implemented. Management is carried out by mechanical regulators. There is a safety net. The device is powered by the mains.


  • metal grill;
  • steel case;
  • there is a timer;
  • 3 operating modes;
  • volume.


  • not low price.

Tefal VF6210F0

Top 12 best fans - Ranking 20214

For the price, it is clear that we are talking about a premium model. And, in our opinion, we are talking about the best floor fan of 2021, which is justified by the introduction of Tefal proprietary technologies in the implementation of radial devices. The compact device supports 3 speeds of air mass supply, enlarged grilles, high level of air distribution. One of the main advantages is a refined and premium design that fits perfectly into elegant high-tech offices. It is worth noting the presence of additional options, including a built-in timer with optimized ignition time, silent operation and a display. The set parameters are displayed on the screen. The equipment is controlled by electronic keys. The manufacturer also took care of the presence of a special fuse to prevent engine overheating.


  • excellent timer;
  • there is a screen;
  • elegant design;
  • silent operation;
  • type of column equipment.


The best floor fans

Among the most popular devices for the home are floor and column fans, representatives of each of which can be found below in the list. Wall and ceiling options are not considered due to additional difficulties and a small range of such equipment. As for the selected models, they were selected taking into account the recommendations of independent buyers by studying reviews and basic parameters. This is reflected in the number of modes, options and power to serve users in the office or at home. Obviously not without an excellent quality / price ratio.

Ballu BFF-805

Top 12 Best Fans - Rating 20215

Our fan rating is adorned with the Ballu BFF-805 model, capable of serving living spaces up to 15 square meters. The elegant model of the floor axis has a power of 45 watts. To test the potential of the power plant, 3 speeds are implemented. The blades are up to 45 cm in diameter. It can be seen from the image that the design includes 3 blades, which is enough to effectively serve users. Management is simple: mechanical with the ability to adjust the angle of inclination. There is an option “Auto Rotate”. In fact, the features are classic. The invention from a well-known manufacturer weighs about 5 kilograms. The model looks quite elegant, there is no doubt about the manufacturer’s reputation, because it is a manufacturer of high-quality climate equipment.


  • elegant design;
  • modest size;
  • reliable design;
  • optimum power.


  • minimal functionality.

Electrolux EFF-1004i

Top 12 Best Fans - Rating 20216

Not the cheapest device. However, this brand has long established itself from the best side and offers a truly reliable single leg floor fan. The Electrolux EFF-1004i model supports 6 speeds simultaneously to control a 55W power plant. The throughput reaches 3000 m³ / h with a blade diameter of 40 centimeters. The features of the device include a well-thought-out rotary system, a timer, simple adjustment in height and angle of inclination. The noise level does not exceed 45 dB. At the same time, the brand’s engineers did not forget to pay due attention to the ease of operation and functionality of the model: a remote control is implemented (remote control included), there is a small display and a convenient timer. However, for such a cost, of course, I would like to get a steel case, but you will have to be content with a plastic one, unless, of course, the choice fell on this device.


  • high performance;
  • large blades;
  • 6 power settings;
  • good functionality;
  • There is a timer and a screen.


  • high price;
  • Plastic container.

AEG T-VL 5531

Top 12 Best Fans - Rating 20217

We are satisfied with AEG and a good radial floor-standing fan – we are talking about the T-VL 5531 model. This device is attractive both in terms of design and efficiency: 50 W power, there is a 120-minute timer, 3-dimensional adjustment. In addition to functionality, I am satisfied with the quality of the case. It is worth adding that the manufacturer has taken care of the availability of a convenient and thoughtful control panel, which can be controlled by every novice user. Electronic switches can be used to trigger automatic swivel up to 90 degrees to cover maximum workspace. In general, user reviews confirm the fact that the tool is great for servicing small spaces both in an apartment and in an office.


  • elegant appearance;
  • simple control;
  • optimal power;
  • 3 working speeds;
  • affordable cost.


Midea FS 4051

Top 12 best fans - Ranking 20218

In terms of value for money, the Midea FS 4051 floor fan looks good thanks to its simple and convenient mechanical control. There are 3 speeds and 3 modes of operation. It would seem that they are competitors, but they are not. The manufacturer perfectly understands the needs of users, so he figured out really useful modes, including “Natural wind”, “Sleep mode”, “Normal”. Choose based on your application requirements and enjoy optimal performance. It is difficult to find fault with the reliability and quality of the engine. 45W power with 40cm blades is enough for home use. It makes no sense to find fault with the convenience of push-button control.


  • aesthetic design;
  • convenient modes of operation;
  • blade size;
  • build quality;
  • silent operation.



Top 12 best fans - Ranking 20219

The best fan of 2021 in terms of price and quality is the floor column model from the VITEK VT-1944 series. The height of this invention is only 92 centimeters with a power of 50 watts. Before you is a compact device with a narrow body, justified by the features of the type of technology. Management is carried out using a remote control with backlight or a touch panel with indication. Implemented several operating modes, including “Normal”, “Sleep” and “Wind”. Thus, you can rest comfortably even at night, enjoy the uniform distribution of air masses from 36-inch blades. In addition, you can set the timer to 7.5 hours.


  • screen backlight;
  • there is a remote control;
  • different ways;
  • simple control;
  • large blades;
  • modest size.


Best Premium Fans

This category contains the most powerful, elegant and comfortable fans for the home. For obvious reasons, we do not take industrial models into account.

Stadler Form Peter

Top 12 Best Fans - Rating 202110

The list of premium fans opens with another model of the columned floor, the power of which allows you to serve rooms ranging from 40 to 100 square meters. A complex device supports various modes of operation. Special attention deserves the “Sea Breeze”, the essence of which is to imitate the sea wind. According to customer reviews, there is enough power to complete the task. Another feature is the ability to control the remote control. However, there are also touch buttons. Of course, good circulation is ensured by the rotary mechanism. In turn, the air exchange reaches 500 m³ / hour. For night use, you can use the silent mode, when starting the device does not emit more than 33 dB.


  • washable filter;
  • operation indication;
  • there is a timer;
  • silent operation.


  • not identified in this segment.


Top 12 Best Fans - Rating 202111

If you are looking for a battery fan for your home or office that can be a relatively good alternative to a split system, we recommend looking into the premium RYOBI R18F5-0 ONE+. The flagship version of this device has a lot of power, enough even to dry painted rooms. The good working efficiency can also be attributed to the powerful airflow provided by the large 45 cm diameter drum. You can change the direction of circulation by 220 degrees. There are 3 working speeds, that is, you can reduce the noise level at night. Another advantage of this invention is the possibility of wall mounting.


  • two installation options;
  • drum diameter 45 cm;
  • good coverage;
  • high power.


Stadler Form Otto Fan O-006/O-009R

Top 12 best fans - Rating 202112

The best premium home fan in 2021 according to PriceQuality is the Stadler Form Otto Fan O-006. Also on sale is the O-009R version. This is a floor lamp with a power of 50 W, operating on the basis of an axial working mechanism with an air exchange of 3100 m³ / h. This indicator is quite enough to keep a room up to 40 square meters. Implemented several stages of power control (3 speeds). There is no timer, but thanks to the big drum, good build and solid construction, you can close your eyes to this shade. The device has a wide range of applications, has a wear-resistant coating and a durable mechanism.


  • reliable model;
  • high power;
  • stable work;
  • different settings.


How to choose the right fan for your home?

Today, many companies produce smart home devices that support many options, the relevance of which causes a lot of mixed emotions for ordinary buyers. And this means that the number of devices is growing, and at the same time, more and more questions arise about how to choose a fan for yourself. We will try to highlight a number of key parameters that are most relevant, taking into account the interests of the vast majority of users:

  1. Mechanism. The most popular are still the classic bridge models, which attract an affordable price due to low-cost components. In such solutions there are blades, during the movement of which air masses arise. The alternative is centrifugal fans, which are safer, smaller, but more expensive. The last option is rotorless fans, which have appeared relatively recently. Outwardly, they resemble a ring on a stand, look elegant and take up less space than classic alternatives.
  2. Blade diameter. This parameter is relevant for classic models, as you understand. The larger this part, the less revolutions are required to complete the task. As a result, larger models make less noise but take up more space.
  3. Maximum power. It depends on the blades. The higher the capacity, the faster the air flows. At the same time, this parameter directly affects energy consumption.
  4. Number of speeds. There are 3 operating modes available for most home fans. More advanced models have up to 6 speeds. In our opinion, this is not a fundamental parameter.
  5. Noise level. Modern fans have a “Sleep” mode and so on. As part of the activation of the special speed, the number of revolutions is reduced. At the same time, if you want to enjoy a comfortable sleep, it is desirable that the value does not exceed 40 dB. Otherwise, sound wallpapers are unlikely to allow you to enjoy the operation of such a device.
  6. Body materials. It can be made of plastic, metal or wood to suit the style of the home. It is more important that there are no defects and that the fan can be easily moved from room to room. Of course, metal is more reliable, but more expensive and heavier.

What is the best fan to buy in 2021?

Additional options include the presence of a timer, height adjustment, tilt angle and soft start. If you do not know which fan to buy for your home, we do not recommend focusing on little-known options. More importantly, the quality of construction is beyond doubt. Summing up, I want to once again highlight the leaders in different segments according to the editors:

  1. The best column fan is Tefal VF6210F0;
  2. A good table model is Midea FS4543;
  3. Reliable radial fan – VITEK VT-1944;
  4. Good street model for the price and quality – Midea FS 4051;
  5. Convenient battery fan – RYOBI R18F5-0 ONE+.

Do not forget to share your advice, friends, to offer other users. Thank you.


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