Top 10 Best Spinning Rods for Jig and Pike – Rating 2021


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10 best spinning rods for jig and pike - 2021 rating

The range of spinning rods from year to year is supplemented with new solutions from well-known and emerging manufacturers of this type of tool. At the same time, even “nouns” often satisfy with really worthy solutions. You can see this in our ranking of the best spinning rods of 2021, compiled in an interesting way, taking into account different users. In the list you can find inexpensive and premium models for catching different types of fish, including pike. First, it is worth understanding the type of rod, on which the purpose of the tool depends:

  1. Spinning is the most common option due to its wide range of applications and the ability to cast the bait a considerable distance. In this case, the mask is drawn using a spool. It can be used to catch predatory fish, regardless of the short trunk length (usually up to 3 meters).
  2. Carp rod – especially suitable for carp fishing. The narrow scope is due to the fact that such a fish is distinguished by significant strength, despite its small size.
  3. Stern rod – used to catch fish that live at the bottom of the aquarium. A special power supply, called a power supply, is used to perform this task. There is a bite alarm.

The best inexpensive spinning rods for catching fish

Depending on the type of construction, such rods are conditionally divided into plugs and telescopic ones. The former, as a rule, are cheaper, as they consist of several sections – not the most convenient option, but its advantage is the possibility of a long cast. For example, match rods, feeder rods and spinning rods of this type are used during competitions.
Telescopic spinning rods are installed, which provides additional comfort when transporting the tool. At the same time, the sections differ in different thicknesses. It is worth noting that our rating includes both cheap and professional models that allow you to catch different types of predatory fish with various baits. At the same time, while collecting even economic models, we drew attention to the possibility of using masks.


10 best spinning rods for jig and pike - Grade 20211

Opens the TOP-10 spinning rods for catching small jig fishing with a relatively cheap but good model SALMO ELITE MICRO JIG 10. It positions itself as a representative of the middle class in working with Light class lures. The rod blanks are made of high-quality IM7 graphite, on which light guides with SIC inserts are mounted, but according to a new concept. Judging by the comments of users, a good balance is achieved.
The solid graphite tip pleases with a special sensitivity that does not allow ignoring even sharp bites. The improved handle according to the invention is made of durable EVA material and is equipped with a screw-on reel seat. The blank of the barrel is made of IM7 carbon fiber.


  • light rings;
  • ring for attaching the bait;
  • comfortable handle;
  • volume.


  • more expensive than many analogues.

Mikado Fish Hunter Light 180

10 best spinning rods for jig and pike - grade 20212

Mikado has been producing really cheap and high-quality spinning rods for a long time. A vivid confirmation of this is the Fish Hunter Light 180 model, which the manufacturer recommends using with medium-sized lures. The advantages of the rod include a flexible design of the “Medium” class with a slight deflection. Nice dovetail rings on the legs. In addition, ceramic inserts are produced. In this case, the knees are fastened with a whip in the buttock. There is a high-quality reel seat, foam rubber handle. Such a design is unlikely to last several decades, but given the price, it is definitely a good option.


  • low price;
  • light;
  • reel seat;
  • average deflection.


  • wear resistance level.

Daiwa Sweepfire Tele 30 11420-271

10 best spinning rods for jig and pike - rank 20213

This is a good jig spinning medium action that can be used in a variety of conditions. I must say that in addition to rods designed for catching calm fish, there are balanced floating solutions with variable lengths of 3.6 and 3.9 meters. The handle is lined with EVA material. Thus, the spinning rod is easy to clean and comfortable to hold in your hand. In addition, the design received high-quality lightweight titanium oxide rings. Rods of this type, even in modern design, can conquer any fan of comfortable fishing.


  • elegant design;
  • affordable cost;
  • handle material;
  • good brand;
  • ease of maintenance.


  • not for long distance casting.

Norstream Rooky RKS-662M

10 Best Spinning Rods for Jig and Pike - Rank 20214

There is no doubt that Norstream is one of the best rod manufacturers, and the budget Rooky RKS-662M spinning rod clearly confirms this. This model belongs to versatile tools with an emphasis on jigging and twitching. However, users will not be disappointed if they use jerk wobblers and other types of attachments. According to the tests, when fishing on a twitch for the first time, it is possible to hit the weight on 2/3 of the test range, and when jigging at the top, the same result. The preforms for this invention are made from high modulus carbon fiber for optimal feel and stiffness. The structure has rings protected by a steel frame.


  • performance quality;
  • terms of Use;
  • EVA handles;
  • screw supports for coils;
  • hard metal inserts.


Salmo Kraft Microjig KR2100-218

10 best spinning rods for jig and pike - rank 20215

The best budget spinning rod of 2021 is the Salmo Kraft Microjig KR2100-218, presented as a medium / fast action tool. This model is designed for catching microjig. At the same time, the molds are made of high-quality Japanese graphite. By design, you can find strong and reliable Korean-made rings called KR-Guides. These parts feature advanced SIC inserts housed in a comfortable Tangle Free frame. This indicates minimal overlap even with thin braided cables. The quality of the shape sensors is also hard to find fault with. This is partly due to the fact that the spinning rods of this series have a hollow top.


  • ring quality;
  • good stuff;
  • reel seat;
  • good detection;
  • expensive parts.


  • stranger.

The best spinning rods for jig

For jigging, it is best to use rods between 240 and 270 centimeters long, although other solutions are also popular. We’ve put together a selection of the products you need for the tough challenges many sophisticated anglers love. We took into account the results of tests and studies, the experience of famous fishermen and ordinary buyers.

Black Hole Progressor 832MH

10 best spinning rods for jig and pike - grade 20216

The premium model for pike fishing Black Hole Progressor 832MH will add to the rating of spinning rods in 2021. Suitable for using various types of baits. It features a bright design, high-modulus materials from a Japanese manufacturer. The advantages of the invention include high-quality guides for FUJI tulips and a wear-resistant reel seat. Structural elements are made in a strict style that matches the style of the rod. The development is based on the advice of experienced fishermen and even athletes. As a result, the engineers of a well-known company managed to design the most convenient spinning with good performance. This rule applies to all line representatives.
No restrictions on use: suitable for fishing in rivers, ponds and other places.


  • use of cranks;
  • forced fishing;
  • structural strength;
  • the price of money;
  • lifespan.


  • cork handle.

Shimano Catana Ex Telespin 270M

10 Best Spinning Rods for Jig and Pike - Grade 20217

The premium model from Shimano – Catana Ex Telespin 270M, completes the list of good spinning rods. The manufacturer has equipped the novelty with improved forms, which are distinguished by excellent sensitivity. At the same time, the indicator of high rigidity attracts attention. Forms are calibrated by weights. In addition, the model received high-quality cosmetics and attracts with a premium appearance. Rod length 270cm. The following indicators were recorded in the test results: 10 – 30 grams. Despite the good performance, the model is light, only 194 grams. For ease of use, the manufacturer equipped the model with a new type of reel seat – Seaguide with a Vibraspot zone, which allows you to accurately control the bite and wiring. The company offers a wide range of rods of this class for different types of fishing.


  • superfast class;
  • handle material;
  • ring inserts from Shimano Hardlite;
  • light;
  • detail quality.


  • not the smartest shape.

Maximus Advisor MJSSA23MH

10 best spinning rods for jig and pike - grade 20218

Although not the latest model, this is a modern and good pike spinning rod, donated by a major manufacturer of this type of tackle. The Maximus Advisor MJSSA23MH features ultra-fast action, medium stiffness and high modulus IMSE grade graphite. Given these parameters, it becomes clear that the rod is suitable for both jigging and twitching. Plus, judging by customer reviews, it works great with wobblers and spinners. In operation, it guarantees a high level of sensitivity, provides long-range casting. The blank of this rod received Mini Guide Kigan Zirconia rings made in South Korea, arranged according to the 3D Guide System standard. In addition, it should be noted the ergonomic design, as well as a good reel seat. The SuperSensitive System series has a carbon fiber resonator so you don’t have to worry about sensitivity.


  • high modulus graphite;
  • stepped rings;
  • plugin design;
  • good sensitivity;
  • volume.


DAIKO Ultimatum UMS-962MLXF

10 Best Spinning Rods for Jig and Pike - Rank 20219

If you do not know which spinning rod to choose for catching different slaves, you should pay attention to the universal model DAIKO Ultimatum UMS-962MLXF. The model meets the modern needs of experienced anglers. The value of this line of rods is also manifested in the fact that the model is ideal for fishing in a hard-to-reach river: a large weight makes it easy to transport the tool over long distances, it is possible to use different conductors, the design has a long service life. It can be thrown over long distances. Judging by the tests, the manufacturer managed to achieve an ultra-fast action with a very long length. The workpiece is reliable and durable.


  • real range;
  • good construction;
  • light;
  • the price of money.


  • little is sold.

St. Croix Legend Elite ES76MLXF2

10 best spinning rods for jig and pike - Rating 202110

The best spinning rod in 2021 for pike fishing is St. Croix Legend Elite ES76MLXF2, designed by engineers from a well-known manufacturer. This series includes the experience of outstanding sportsmen and fishermen, which is reflected in every detail of the rod. The model is suitable for the operation of small advanced wobblers and spinners. Despite the complexity of the design and cost, the manufacturer guarantees that even an inexperienced user will be able to cope with the work of this tool. At the same time, the spaced cork handle deserves special attention, which made it possible to reduce the weight of the structure. In addition, a new generation of Fuji rings (no tangles) is used. These details eliminate potential line overlap issues on long casts.


  • convenient design;
  • updated rings;
  • light;
  • tool life;
  • reliable manufacturer.


How to choose the right spinning rod for fishing?

Having decided on the type of rod and type of construction, you should pay attention to a number of other parameters if you do not know how to choose a spinning rod for catching fish. It means:

  1. Rod action – this parameter describes the general rigidity and elasticity of the rod blank (its working part) and basically represents the type of bending and straightening. Important parameters regarding casting. Speaking of exact numbers, you can see that quick fixes include tools that support a 1/3 length crease.
  2. Tip class – the tip of the barrel can be made in two versions: glued (Solid Tip) and hollow (Tubular Tip). The first has no cavities and is usually made of carbon, so it is suitable for jig or micro jig processing. The hollow point is more rigid and therefore more suitable for contract fish.
  3. Max Cast: This refers to the maximum load, including leaders, lures, etc. This auction will do the trick.
  4. Minimum casting – indicates the minimum weight of parts that the rod can handle, which determines the accuracy, type of fishing, etc.
  5. Type of rings – a line coming from the coil passes through these structural elements. It is important that it does not get tangled and does not stick to the structure. Therefore, usability depends on the quality of the design.
  6. Number of sections – it is worth noting that the most popular spinning rods have two sections, which indicates high strength, but such models weigh more and are less convenient to carry than their counterparts with a large number of sections.
  7. Working length is an important parameter when fishing from a boat. The choice depends on the operating conditions of the equipment.

Tips for choosing and operating a rod

  • how to choose a line for spinning? Typically, the line test is specified by the manufacturer as a range of pounds. For example, from 10 to 15. Keep in mind that 1 pound is 454 grams. In this case, the breaking capacity of the line must be within the spinning capacity.
  • what is the best spinning material? Although fiberglass was the most commonly used material in the early 20th century, it has been replaced by a composite material that can include many blends, including fiberglass and carbon fiber. The first material is less sensitive to shock, but durable. In turn, carbon fiber provides good flexural strength, but is also brittle. The proportions can be different, so before buying any particular model, you should check this point with the manufacturer.
  • what kind of barrel handles are there? Most often on sale there are spinning rods with handles made of cork and foam rubber. The first ones are made of natural cork, which means that they are light and retain heat in the cold. As a rule, premium models are distinguished by such material. Inexpensive spinning rods are made of EVA (foam rubber), which are not afraid of sea water.
  • How to choose a spinning rod for pike? For this type of fish, premium-class spinning rods with a cork handle are used, as it is not afraid of exposure to salt water and it is important to keep your hands warm in the cold. If we are talking about fishing from a boat, you cannot do without a “fishing rod” of strength. In terms of testing, the top bar should have some headroom – at least 1/4 more than the weight of the spoon or crank.

Which spinning rod is better to buy in 2021?

As a rule, novice users do not need to chase expensive equipment. Especially if you are planning to fish for pike, experience is needed here, and it comes with time. It is unlikely that you will be able to pick up an excellent tool right away. According to our assessment, there are several models for the use of certain baits. If you do not know which spinning to buy, pay attention to communication with consultants, they should help you with a team of powerful solutions for narrow tasks. Let’s sum up the leaders:

  1. Good cheap spinning – Salmo Kraft Microjig KR2100-218;
  2. The best rod in terms of price / quality ratio – Shimano Catana Ex Telespin 270M;
  3. Balanced spinning for fights – Advisor MJSSA23MH;
  4. A good tool for pike fishing is St. Croix Legend Elite ES76MLXF2.


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