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Top 10 Smart Weights - Ranking 20210

Today, few people choose mechanical scales, which is explained by the presence of not only electronic, but also intelligent solutions. That is, with diagnostic functions. The principle of operation of this technique is the transmission of microcurrents, the permeability of which determines the percentage of various tissues. In our ranking of the best smart scales of 2021, we suggest considering such devices.

Be careful! It is not recommended to use the diagnostic scale during pregnancy and when using a pacemaker.

Top 10 Best Smart Scales of 2021

Our selection includes not only budgets, but also premium diagnostic scales that include more useful options. If you are just getting used to this segment of technology, pay attention to reviews of the top five solutions that cost less. For sophisticated buyers who are willing to pay more for the ultimate level of comfort, we’ve introduced our flagship smart scale.


Top 10 Smart Weights - Rating 20211

The GALAXY GL4852 opens our top 10 smart scales that truly embody the highest diagnostic features available only on entry-level devices. Despite the affordable cost, this device is able to measure fat, muscle and bone mass. In addition, the manufacturer took care of the correct display of the liquid level in the body. It is worth noting that there is enough memory for 10 people, which is more typical for more expensive smart scales. The composition includes a small LCD screen on which you can find the graduation value of 100 grams. There is no doubt about the accuracy of the sensors. The maximum load in this case can be 180 kilograms. Among the shortcomings, it is worth highlighting the rapid change in indicators, which is quite difficult to get used to, inconvenient.


  • permitted weight of use;
  • automatic shutdown;
  • good rubber feet;
  • memory for 10 people.


  • indicators change rapidly.

Scarlett SC-BS33ED46

Top 10 Smart Weights - Rating 20212

In search of good inexpensive diagnostic scales, many buyers have opted for the Scarlett SC-BS33ED46 model. The device can measure weight, fat, water content, muscle and bone mass. The list of monitored biometric data is not final. It is more important to note the accuracy of the passage of microcurrent, which allows you to control 7 different parameters of the body. At the same time, the manufacturer decided to use sensitive sensors, which indicates good accuracy. I’m glad there are no questionable features. All indicators can be saved in the smartphone’s memory. The gadget interacts with iOS and Android operating systems. As part of the design, you can see a large LED display. The maximum load on the platform is 150 kg.


  • big screen;
  • accurate indicators;
  • excellent base;
  • good brightness.


  • fragile base.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2

Top 10 Smart Weights - Rating 20213

Another good bathroom scale model with an app for smartphones and PCs, which attracts with an affordable price and high build quality. The device is made in white color, the body of which is made of durable plastic and glass. The long term of the invention is due to the use of a hidden digital screen based on LED technology. Five scales are enough to store the parameters of 16 users. The load indicator that the platform can withstand is 150 kilograms. Many buyers also use this gadget to weigh small parts from 50 grams. The device is able to determine the balancing force, which indicates a high accuracy of readings. The “smart” gadget is powered by three AAA batteries.


  • accurate measurements;
  • maximum load;
  • resistant body;
  • memory for 16 people.


  • the second version is more expensive.

Tanita BC-730RD

Top 10 Smart Weights - Rating 20214

If you are not sure which inexpensive smart scale to choose for your home, we recommend that you pay attention to the battery model Tanita BC-730 White (4pcs AAA). Despite the fair price, this device was liked by many athletes and ordinary customers who monitor their body performance. Data from 4 users can be sent at the same time. Given the cost, BMI (body mass index) is not determined, which is not surprising. The case is made of high-quality materials: high-strength plastic is used. The design is designed for users weighing up to 150 kilograms. Of the useful options, I would like to note the accuracy of determining weight, water, body type. In addition, smart scales can determine the biological age of a person.


  • functional model;
  • elegant design;
  • good case.


  • no body mass index.

Beurer BG 13

Top 10 Smart Weights - Rating 20215

The best inexpensive diagnostic scale of 2021 is the Beurer BG 13, which has a glass and metal platform. The device can withstand the weight of users less than 150 kilograms. It is worth noting a reliable base (the platform is made of glass and metal) and a rather elegant design of the device. According to customer reviews, you can understand that the error does not exceed 100 grams. There is enough memory to track the dynamics of changes in the body of 10 people at once. On the screen you can see the indicators of the content of muscles, water, bones. BMI can be determined along this line, which is very convenient for ordinary buyers, because athletes are attentive to this aspect.


  • tracks BMI;
  • many functions;
  • platform quality;
  • Weight Limit.


  • no for this price

Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale 2

Top 10 Smart Weights - Rating 20216

The rating of smart scales has been replenished with another model from a Chinese manufacturer, but already from the Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale 2 series. This device is equipped with a high-strength square tempered glass base. This allowed the manufacturer to increase the carrying capacity of diagnostic scales up to 150 kilograms. At the same time, the internal memory is enough to store data of 16 users at the same time. The equipment is powered by 4 batteries (AAA). The minimum graduated scale is 50 grams. Unlike many analogues in the same price category, this model supports 13 biometric indicators simultaneously. Synchronization of the device with smartphones is carried out via Bluetooth.


  • many indicators;
  • good batteries;
  • Weight Limit;
  • stretched glass.


  • accuracy on uneven surfaces.

REDMOND SkyBalance 740S

Top 10 Smart Weights - Rating 20217

Given the good diagnostic scale, I would like to highlight the REDMOND SkyBalance 740S model with the Ready for Sky application for total control of changes in the user’s body. Based on user feedback, we can conclude that this model clearly determines fat, bone and muscle tissue, as well as the percentage of water in the body. The information is instantly displayed on the screen of the paired smartphone. Despite the use of a very thin body, the platform can withstand heavy weights. At the same time, the manufacturer took care of an elegant design that fits perfectly into the style of any interior.


  • ready for the Sky program;
  • resistant body;
  • good lighting;
  • positive reviews.


  • accuracy 100 grams.

Picooc Mini Pro

Top 10 Smart Weights - Ranking 20218

Finally, we moved on to our review of premium smart scales, and the first three were opened with the Mini Pro V2 series from one of the leading manufacturers of diagnostic solutions, Picooc. This series impresses with high accuracy, stability, and an intuitive application that does not worry about errors that are common with economical counterparts. Among the useful options, we note the ability to measure heart rate, tone and overall body balance. The second generation of Picooc balances is based on MFIM (Multiphase Bioimpedance Method) technology. According to the manufacturer, this technology was able to reduce the probability of error by almost thirty percent. Among other things, you can control your heart rate. Body tone was used to assess body tone. If you have a low indicator of this parameter, then you need to pay more attention to rest and nutrition, as successfully reported by the scales.


  • body tone analysis;
  • pulse measurement;
  • MFIM technology;
  • leading manufacturer.


  • a bit overpriced at first.

HUAWEI AH100 Body Fat Scale WH

Top 10 Smart Weights - Ranking 20219

In our opinion, today the market of diagnostic scales is divided by popularity by manufacturers such as Picooc and HUAWEI. And the former leader among all the variety of good “smart” models is the line of the second brand AH100 Body Fat Scale WH. This is also a very neat device, which is equipped with a modified application to the smallest detail. Supported options include a weight change graph, the ability to control the proportion of fat, bone and muscle tissue. The device tracks the optimal weight, BMI, the amount of water contained. According to customer reviews, you can understand the good build quality, the scales look stylish.


  • many smart options;
  • build quality;
  • solid platform;
  • accurate scales.


Picooc S3 Lite

Top 10 Smart Scales - Ranked 202110

The best smart scale in 2021 in terms of price and quality is the Picooc S3 Lite model with Wi-Fi support and a very affordable branded app. The gadget is equipped with many smart sensors, which provides high measurement accuracy and a wide range of options. The iconic model features an ergonomic design with a base that is strong enough to measure the body of all family members. Up to 10 parameters can be saved. In addition to high accuracy and a solid base, I would like to note a low error. The manufacturer claims that if the instructions are followed, the probability of an error is 1 in 10,000.


  • accurate scales;
  • the price of money;
  • many parameters;
  • minimal error;
  • leading manufacturer;
  • handy application.


How to choose a good diagnostic scale?

it is important that the diagnostic scales have high-quality sensors that are located right at the base. The correct display of various parameters depends on them. For the same reason, it is recommended to weigh yourself in the morning when there is little fluid in the body.

First of all, if you don’t know how to choose a smart scale, you need to understand how this technique works, because marketers often enjoy the trust of customers and forget the key diagnostic method.

Bioimpedance analysis is the main technology of smart scales, which allows diagnosing the composition of various tissues based on an electrical impulse passing through various substances (fat, muscles, bones). Calculate the percentage based on the resistance level.

What functions does the diagnostic scale support?

The number of supported options varies from one smart scale to another. For this reason, we want to consider the most popular features of such gadgets:

  1. Weight is the main parameter that even simple models can handle, but the difference is that smart scales allow you to save measurements and track changes;
  2. BMI – the characteristic indicates the ratio of weight and height, after which, based on the accepted norms, it reports to the user its result;
  3. Percentage of fat – indicates the content of subcutaneous fat;
  4. Visceral fat: shows the fat content in the internal organs;
  5. The percentage of muscles is one of the main options, since this segment of the technique was originally focused on athletes. Some models can also determine the percentage of skeletal muscle;
  6. Bone mass – displayed based on total weight and accepted standards;
  7. Water is another main function that gives a percentage output;
  8. Metabolism – Numerous models, including the manufacturer Picooc, can measure basal metabolic rate.

Which smart scale is better to choose in 2021?

Finally, I would like to add that, in our opinion, the leaders in the development of this technological segment are companies such as Xiaomi, Huawei and Picooc. If you do not know which smart scale to choose for your home, first evaluate all the lines of these developers, as they have more features, good programs against the backdrop of little-known brands and use accurate sensors. Regarding the opinion of the editors about the leaders of the rating:

  1. The best inexpensive smart scales – Beurer BG 13;
  2. With a mass analyzer (BMI) – Huawei AH100 Body Fat Scale WH;
  3. Fat and water – Picooc S3 Lite;
  4. Heart Rate Diagnostic Scale – Picooc Mini Pro V2.

Video review of the tests of the best smart scales

We also offer to compare the leaders with each other, having heard a different opinion, which, in our opinion, also deserves attention.


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