Top 10 Best Hammer Drills – Ranking 2021


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Top 10 drillers - ranking 20210

Hammer drills are more versatile, as they can perform the tasks of both a drill and a jackhammer, so these tools are more widely used and popular in repair and construction. It is not at all surprising that there is always a demand for this segment of equipment and at the same time new brands, products and questions associated with the purchase of such products appear. We propose to consider the rating of the best rotary hammers in 2021, which we have compiled taking into account the main tasks that ordinary buyers face. To begin with, consider the classification of such devices by weight:

  1. Lightweight: they weigh up to 3.5 kg, but their maximum power does not exceed 800 watts. Such equipment is purchased to solve everyday problems (for working with plumbing, chipping tiles, installing sockets, etc.);
  2. Medium – has a power of up to 1000W with a weight of up to 7.5 kilograms. They are already managed by craftsmen who specialize in the construction of communication networks and electrical work. Enough power to drill holes, including wiring, but not for construction;
  3. Heavy: they have a maximum power for drilling holes over 10 cm, but weigh about 8 kg or more. Oversized tools are equipped with a shock absorber to reduce vibration when drilling stone, concrete and other dense materials.

As you may have guessed, our assessment will mainly feature light and medium hammers, which may also differ in external and internal design:

  1. Vertical hammers are smaller tools that are easier to use in the right environment (where space is limited). The advantage of this design is also better cooling of the power plant and wear resistance;
  2. Horizontal drills are less powerful but better for spot repairs, including chipped tiles, etc. The advantages of this design include a good balance and a solid body.

The best electric rotary hammers

If the area where you plan to use the tool has access to a power outlet, a corded impact drill is the obvious choice. There is no need to worry about the battery ever running out and there is clearly more power headroom. In this selection, we have presented the best solutions for the home in terms of value for money. There are also semi-professional solutions that have a wider scope. They are used by many home craftsmen in the repair of large residential premises.

DeWALT D25133K

Top 10 drillers - ranking 20211

The list of good hammer drills for the home opens with the inexpensive DeWALT D25133K mesh model, which attracts with its competent ergonomics and good impact force of about 2.6 J. This series does not include a case or bag, unlike the D25133K, which explains the more democratic price tag. As for the technical characteristics, they really do not differ. The DeWALT product is excellent for working with hard materials such as metal and high-strength polymer plastics, which can be attributed to the 800 watt power plant. The motor is protected from dust. The SDS Plus class keyless chuck ensures ease of maintenance, but that hasn’t stopped the company’s engineers from packing the device into a compact body with a total weight of 2.6 kg. Holes up to 2.6 cm in diameter can be drilled in concrete.


  • easy to cut grooves in concrete;
  • cartridge type SDS Plus;
  • excellent design;
  • weight up to 3 kilograms.


  • trigger lock button.

Makita HR 2470

Top 10 drillers - ranking 20212

The 10 best domestic rotary hammers are equipped with a reliable model of the Makita HR 2470 class, which includes 5 drills and lubricant, but without a cartridge. It is available in the HR2470X2 line, but this version is much more expensive. Despite the democratic price, this device received a cartridge from the SDS Plus series. The light impact drill (up to 3 kilograms) has a well-thought-out design with a high-quality rubberized handle. The main mode of operation is impact drilling, in which it is possible to drill holes in both concrete and reinforced concrete. As part of drilling, productivity can reach 1100 rpm, which is quite enough for home work. The power of the electric motor is 780 W, which, in combination with a steel gearbox, is sufficient for the designated tasks. It is worth noting the smooth sliding of the components when jammed, which prevents a strong recoil of the device.


  • complete set with 5 nozzles;
  • good smoothness;
  • light;
  • build quality;
  • reliable manufacturer.


Metabo KHE 2660 Quick

Top 10 drillers - ranking 20213

it’s time to talk about three-mode rotary hammers of a higher class, and their list is opened by a reliable model from the Metabo KHE 2660 Quick series, the parameters of which are sufficient not only for home repairs, but also for professional use. This is evidenced by the safety clutch S-automatic and the reverse gear of the brush. Power (850 W) is enough to work with concrete and other durable materials. It is worth noting that there are models of this series on sale in different versions: from 600663510 to 6006635001. The first is supplied without a keyless chuck, and the second is equipped with 4 drills, but is more expensive. Check with the manufacturer which modification is offered, which can be understood from the configuration. In our case, this is the standard version with S-Automatic safety clutch. This prevents the risk of injury.


  • several changes;
  • light;
  • reverse brush;
  • safety system.


  • power / price ratio.


Top 10 drillers - ranking 20214

This is a premium-class hammer for the home, which supports two modes of operation and an impact force of 27 J. According to experts, it can be understood that the AEG PN 11 E can easily cope with major repairs, and is also used for construction. One of the main features of the device is the AVS anti-vibration system, with which you can use the equipment for many hours without worrying about hand fatigue. Another plus is the speed limiter and soft start. The design weighs about 12 kilograms. The power of the power plant is 1700 W, which is enough to accelerate to 250 rpm. When connecting a drill, the diameter of the hole can be around 5 cm.


  • volume;
  • quality mark;
  • operator protection;
  • protective sleeve;
  • real performance.


  • not underpriced.

Bosch GBH 12-52D

Top 10 drillers - ranking 20215

The best impact drill of 2021 in terms of price / performance is the Bosch GBH 12-52 D model with 2150 strokes per minute and an SDS Max type chuck. A professional tool weighs about 11 kg and does not have active vibration protection, so working for a long time is tiring, but it copes with the tasks set faster than analogues. The power of the installation reaches 1700 watts. By modality, impact drilling and slotting are implemented here. The dual-mode rotary hammer features excellent build quality and excellent chiseling performance. 12 positions are possible for simultaneous fixation of equipment. The design includes a safety clutch and guard to protect the user from accidental starts.


  • 12 degrees of fixation;
  • good power;
  • build quality;
  • good cartridge;
  • leading manufacturer.


  • no active vibration protection.

The best cordless rotary hammers

In terms of performance, many models are no longer particularly inferior to their mains-powered electric counterparts, but are more expensive. However, in the absence of access to a retail outlet at the facility where the equipment is used, overpayments are indispensable. Fortunately, this issue has been resolved. If you are worried that the battery will run out quickly, look for tools with an extra battery included. These products are also featured in our selection, based on current trends and expert opinions.

Bort BHD-18X-BLK

Top 10 drillers - ranking 20216

The Bort BHD-18X-BLK model replenishes the power of domestic rotary hammers, operating on a 3 Ah battery with an output power of 18 V. The kit includes two batteries, but their capacity is clearly not enough for serious work. For domestic needs, an impact energy of 1.7 J and a performance of about 5200 beats per minute are sufficient. The cartridge type in this model is SDS+. To communicate the excellent quality of the brushless motor, the presence of a light and a case are included. For the price, this is definitely a good piece of equipment. Experts note the minimum amount of heat loss, as well as the optimal number of modes for living conditions – drilling and stamping / stamping. In turn, the backlight allows you to use the tool in hard-to-reach places with poor artificial or natural lighting.


  • 2 year warranty (extended for 5 years);
  • there is a backlight;
  • good shot;
  • build quality;
  • brushless motor with minimal losses.


  • battery capacity.

Interskol PA-24/18V

Top 10 drillers - ranking 20217

Among the whole variety of cordless hammers for home use, we really like the relatively inexpensive, but good model of the Interskol PA-24 series with an SDS Plus cartridge with a good lithium-ion battery. At the same time, the device supports three operating modes, which indicates a very large amount of equipment operation. In this series, a brushless motor is implemented, which allows for a 30-40% increase in efficiency compared to budget counterparts. It is worth noting that the kit includes two batteries and an additional pen at the same time. Another advantage of the hammer drill is a metal depth gauge, which helps a lot when the cartridge is “buggy”, but this is also rare.


  • well drills concrete;
  • good protection;
  • Comes with a convenient carrying case;
  • affordable cost.


  • sometimes the cartridge fails.

Makita DHR202Z

Top 10 drillers - ranking 20218

In search of the best repair solution, many customers have opted for the high quality Makita DHR202Z cordless rotary hammer with screwdriver holder. The device has an excellent quality spindle with a rotation speed of 0 to 1100 rpm. Enough power to work with hard surfaces. In this case, the perforator impact speed can vary from 0 to 4000 beats per minute. An expensive SDS-plus class cartridge is used, which explains the possibility of a quick change of nozzles. I like the comfortable and small handle, thanks to which you get a quick and safe grip. The horizontal arrangement of the engine offers a wide range of applications. In this case, the drilling diameter of steel can be 20 mm.


  • reliable model;
  • effective efficiency;
  • quick change of cutters;
  • screwdriver function.


  • simple kit.

Bosch GBH 18V-26

Top 10 drillers - ranking 20219

Another good cordless hammer drill for concrete that is both superb in performance and light in weight. The Bosch GBH 18V-26 line supports 3 operating modes. At the same time, the device works on the basis of a brushless motor, which is quite enough for serious construction work. The advantages of the technology include a serious battery with a voltage of around 18V. At the same time, a light impact drill weighing 3 kilograms gives an impact force of approximately 2.6 J. This figure is typical for networked devices. At the same time, the engineers of a well-known company paid due attention to vibration protection, there is even a rear impact blocking. Particular attention deserves the quality and efficiency of adjusting the working speed.


  • light weight with good recoil;
  • protection system;
  • dust removal efficiency;
  • vibration protection;
  • connection to the vacuum cleaner.


Makita DHR182ZWJ

Top 10 Drillers - Ranking 202110

The best cordless impact drill of 2021, in our subjective opinion, is the Makita DHR182ZWJ model with an SDS-PLUS chuck. The device supports efficient chiselling and drilling even in concrete. Implemented 3 modes of operation. High-quality anti-vibration technology deserves special attention, which significantly reduces the load on the hands. The presence of a brushless motor indicates a long service life of the equipment and efficient distribution of energy. Another advantage is the design, which provides excellent protection against water and dust. The AWS™ implementation includes Bluetooth® synchronization with the dust collector. Implemented high-quality clutch and automatic shutdown.


  • modern device with many options;
  • dust removal system DX05;
  • high power;
  • good battery;
  • 3 operating modes.


How to choose a good perforator?

First, let’s talk about the main parameters that must be considered when choosing a hammer drill, after which we will consider the most common questions:

  1. Power: optimally from 400 to 2000 W, depending on the purpose and class of equipment. For the home, light rotary hammers with a power of up to 1000 watts are enough.
  2. Hit frequency is the number of moves an attacker makes per minute. This number usually ranges from 0 to 5000 matches. However, the frequency is lower than that of a simple drill, since a lot depends on the impact force, keep this in mind.
  3. Spindle speed: The speed of the tools depends on this indicator. With frequent use, you should focus on high values ​​u200bu200bin the region of 1500-2000 rpm.
  4. Number of modes: for home use, two are enough (drilling and punching / stamping), and for professional work, a separate type of work is also needed (perforation).
  5. Drilling diameter: can be indicated by different numbers, as much depends on the equipment and type of material. For example, concrete drilling performance is usually compared. Here, when using a crown, the indicator can vary from 1.2 cm to 16 cm, and in the case of a drill, from 1 to 8 cm.
  6. Hammer weight – the classification presented at the beginning of the assessment must be taken into account, as much depends on the tasks at hand. For everyday life, a medium-weight device (up to 4 kilograms) is enough, but for construction, 8 kilograms can be the norm if you plan to cut channels, drill a hole, and so on.

Tips for choosing a puncher from experts

At the end of the publication, we want to answer readers’ questions and give qualified advice on choosing a puncher:

What is the difference between electronic reverse and brush reverse, which is better? It is important to understand that the reverse is used to change the direction of the drill, which is responsible for the ease with which it can be removed from a particular material. The electronic version implies a loss of power, and the brushes themselves lose their properties faster. This inversion is more common in household budget models. In more expensive devices with brushes, it switches vice versa and the power does not decrease. But the implementation of this technology will require more effort and finance, respectively, the cost of the perforator will be higher. How important is a safety clutch? For ordinary users, this is a necessary element, not a recommendation. Firstly, this system works if the equipment gets stuck in the armature or beam. The clutch will engage preventing you from continuing with the installation. Another advantage of this component is that it protects the operator from unexpected injury. What is anti-vibration protection for? This system is rarely found in inexpensive rock drills. Otherwise, we see primitive inserts and rubbers, which are of little use. Active protection is used in professional solutions and is a strong counterweight that can absorb vibrations. This is very important if you plan to use a heavy hammer drill for several hours, otherwise your hands will quickly get tired and there will be a chance of developing the so-called tunnel syndrome (hands begin to shake without anyone’s desire). What configuration items should be considered? When choosing your first hammer drill, it is best to choose the largest set that can only be obtained within the budget available to purchase the product. As a rule, another handle and a limiter are included as standard. Less common are the drill chuck adapter, housing, and replacement brushes. You will also need a wrench and base size drill bits. It makes no sense to overpay for goods not listed in this block. What type of cartridge is best? You need to rely on the hardware you will be using. SDS-plus chucks are used in small household solutions, and the shank is around 1 cm. SDS-max chucks are installed in semi-professional and professional rock drills (medium and heavy tools), which feature a modernized nozzle fixation. You definitely shouldn’t rely on SDS-top as this cartridge is used in “old school” rotary hammers which are very outdated.

Which perforator is better to choose in 2021?

We have tried to answer popular questions, taking into account the subtle nuances and basic parameters that you need to focus on if you do not know which hammer drill to choose for home or serious construction work. Start your review or introduction to this technique with the following tools.

  1. A good inexpensive cordless impact drill is Interskol PA-24;
  2. Cheap but good network model: Makita HR 2470;
  3. The best hammer drill with screwdriver function is Makita DHR202Z;
  4. Top cordless tool – Makita DHR182ZWJ;
  5. The best network puncher is Bosch GBH 12-52 D.

Those readers who already have experience using rotary hammers (especially those listed in the rating), please share your personal opinion with other readers who have not yet decided on a purchase and risk their finances. Thanks friends.


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