Top 10 Best 4K TVs – Ranking 2021


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Top 10 4K TVs - Ranked 2021

Today, we can already say with confidence that 4K (3840 × 2160 pixels) is the standard for all 43-inch TVs. A few years ago it was hard to believe in such a rapid spread of this resolution. Perhaps in the near future we will see a similar image with 8K, although at the moment it is difficult to talk about this standard and its necessity. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of the best 4K TVs of 2021, featuring popular choices based on different technologies:

  1. IPS and PLC are liquid crystal arrays that are the most popular (so far) regardless of panel size. This technology allows manufacturers to achieve a good viewing angle, high color reproduction, brightness and contrast at an affordable price;
  2. VA – These sensors tend to have more efficient backlighting because the subpixels are arranged vertically. In the premium segment, TVs based on this technology please with better color reproduction, which cannot be said about the viewing angle;
  3. OLED is a premium technology, the essence of which, above all, is the best display of black. However, the color reproduction and viewing angle are also on top.
  4. QLED – This technology is used by Samsung. We are talking about arrays based on quantum dots (the technology has not been improved). The brightness level of TVs based on this technology ignores analogues during the day, but TVs are more massive than OLED solutions due to the presence of an additional backlight layer.

We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the rating of the best TVs, regardless of resolution, in which there are many different sizes.

The best 4K TVs from 43 to 50 inches

If a few years ago such sizes were produced in FullHD, today 4K is considered standard. It should be noted here that the requirements for such standard sizes are lower. It makes no sense to pay extra for 3D support, a curved screen, or an ultra-high refresh rate. We have compiled a selection taking into account the optimal ratio of price and quality. You can also check out our best TVs if you’re happy with a cheaper TV with the standard sizes listed.

Xiaomi Mi TV 4A

Top 10 Best 4K TVs - Ranked 20211

The top 10 4K TVs are opened by the popular model of the Xiaomi Mi TV 4A series, literally “raked” from the shelves of many stores. The secret is good value for money with a great image. At the same time, the fact that the products of this Chinese brand are calibrated by default with an increase in the maximum brightness level does not bother anyone. The image is really sharp, the contrast and IPS matrix guarantee a good viewing angle. A good command processing speed is provided by a 4-core chip of medium power. The features of the model include the presence of 8 gigabytes of internal memory. Clear sound can be attributed to the support of Dolby Surround technology and powerful speakers. Thanks to its elegant design, the TV fits into almost any interior. Another advantage is the support for voice commands.


  • good sound;
  • set voice commands;
  • good processor;
  • sharp image.


  • distorted brightness.

Samsung UE43TU7090U

Top 10 Best 4K TVs - Ranked 20212

A definitely popular 4K LCD TV today is the Samsung UE43TU7090U series model from the South Korean manufacturer. Since the introduction of this device, many more advanced successors have appeared, but they are much more expensive. As for this model, it supports the entire set of tuners (DVB-T2, DVB-C and DVB-S2). Many users and specialists were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the LED backlight, support for UHD technology Dimming and HDR – for this price category, this is a definite plus. A flexible Samsung Smart TV system is provided. Among the useful options I would like to note the support for Time Shift and 4K Upscaling (image resizing).


  • Tizen 4.0 system;
  • functional model;
  • contrast level;
  • bright image.


  • not a new generation.

NanoCell LG 43NANO796NF

Top 10 4K TVs - Ranked 20213

LG’s decision to launch a new line of NanoCell TVs has been incredibly successful. This rule also applies to the 43NANO796NF series model. It should be noted right away that not only 43-inch panels are on sale. This line supports chic RGB lighting and a good 4-core processor that also includes noise reduction. Implemented support for HLG and HDR 10. In terms of brightness and contrast, the device surpasses most analogues in this price category. Today, this TV can play content of any quality. The processor is able to eliminate frame interpolation, effectively changes the sharpness.


  • nano black contrast;
  • good processor;
  • support for HDR formats;
  • change in sharpness.


Philips 50PUS8505

Top 10 Best 4K TVs - Ranked 20214

Looking for a good 50-inch 4K TV, many buyers have opted for the Philips 50PUS8505. The Performance Series model is equipped with a relatively new Philips P5 processor with AI and Ambilight support. Implemented assistants, voice control. In terms of technical characteristics, it is difficult to find fault with the quality of brightness (there is HDR10 +), viewing angle or contrast. At the indicated cost, the device is not much inferior to LG and Samsung and even surpasses a number of collections. The clear sound and the entire multi-room audio system deserve special attention. Remarkable features – a silver metal frame and a center stand on a swivel base – the model looks really elegant.


  • elegant appearance;
  • HDR10+ support;
  • great sound;
  • the price of money;
  • good processor.


  • no for this price

NanoCell LG 49NANO866

Top 10 Best 4K TVs - Ranked 20215

The best 49-inch 4K TV of 2021 is the LG 49NANO866 with NanoCell technology. The main difference of this solution is an increase in the refresh rate up to 120 Hz, support for Dolby Vision IQ technology is implemented, which means high sound quality. A pseudo-ten-bit array with support for the FRC anti-aliasing mechanism is responsible for the main image parameters. Support for HDR10 is provided. Ease of management is due to support for the proprietary webOS 5.0 operating system. Magic remote control included. Users also praise the support for voice assistants and the customization of voice commands.


  • convenient management;
  • sound quality;
  • The big picture;
  • update frequency;
  • elegant design.


The best 55-inch 4K TVs

We took this standard size as a basis because 55-inch models are the most in demand today, as this is a universal TV format. At the same time, models with different screen sizes are on sale. When labeling, you just need to change “55” to the desired value to find out if the format you are interested in is sold.

Please note that our portal already has an 8K TV rating, but it is relevant if you are interested in large panels.

Xiaomi Mi TV 4A 55 T2

Top 10 Best 4K TVs - Ranked 20216

The model of the Xiaomi Mi TV 4A 55 T2 series falls into the rating of 4K TVs, having pleased a large number of buyers with a bright picture and affordable price. This device runs a pure Android TV operating system, so a wide range of applications are available. The response time is 6 milliseconds at a refresh rate of 60 Hz. Users speak positively about the glossy finish and maximum brightness. In addition, support for HDR10 technology has been implemented. As for sound, Dolby Sound is supported here, but the total speaker power is only 12 watts.


  • recording of television programs;
  • brightness level;
  • good sound;
  • pure android;
  • quick response.


  • speaker volume.

NanoCell LG 55NANO956

Top 10 Best 4K TVs - Ranked 20217

Looking at some good value for money 55-inch 4K TVs, I would like to draw your attention to the NanoCell LG 55NANO956 model. This is a functional device that supports LG α 9 Gen 3 processor, which is able to provide users with not only high processing speed, but also various useful data. Implemented support for recording TV programs, voice control, smart assistants. Comes with a great airplane. The refresh rate of this device is 50Hz and the dynamic scene index is 100fps. The engineers of the famous brand took care of the availability of support for HDR10 technology, Dolby Vision.


  • functional model;
  • the price of money;
  • many interfaces;
  • good coverage;
  • sound power 40 watts.


  • not the smoothest image.

Sony XR-55X90J

Top 10 Best 4K TVs - Ranked 20218

We seamlessly transitioned to a high quality 55-inch premium 4K TV review. Responsible for the performance of the new patented processor series Cognitive Processor XR, which supports the intelligent processing of modern HDR standards. You can play videos from gadgets wirelessly – there is AirPlay and Chromecast. It is also worth noting the convenient voice control and many other modern and progressive options. Of particular note is the powerful Full-Array Local Dimming LED backlight. Of course, the flagship TV line-up has a high level of brightness and a 30-bit color gamut, which speaks for unrivaled picture quality. Implemented support for HDR10 and Dolby Vision technologies. At the same time, the panel works on the basis of Android TV, so you can install a lot of different software.


  • modern features;
  • matrix quality;
  • brightness level;
  • simple control;
  • a lot of software.



Top 10 Best 4K TVs - Ranked 20219

Another unrivaled 4K OLED TV with 10-bit color depth. Model LG OLED55CXR OLED has an extraordinary and “juicy” image. It is complemented by wide dynamic range and Dolby Vision IQ technology. The TV is equipped with a powerful α 9 Gen 3 intelligent processor, which can enhance low-resolution original content. AMD FreeSync and NVIDIA G-Sync frame sync is provided. Good functionality and ease of management are justified by the support of the proprietary operating system of the webOS 5.0 series. Another feature is support for the Magic Remote drone. High volume and high sound quality are guaranteed by speakers with a total power of 40 watts.


  • good sound;
  • upscaling support;
  • intelligent processor;
  • 10-bit matrix;
  • brightness level.


QLED Samsung QE55Q60TAU

Top 10 4K TVs - Ranked 202110

The best 4K TV of 2021 is the Samsung QE55Q60T with flagship QLED sensor. Premium device supports 100% color gamut, supports dual LED backlight, powerful graphics accelerator from in-house Quantum 4K series. A complete set of basic options has been implemented that advanced solutions based on the Tizen operating system have. The latest HDR standards are available. There is an internal Ambient mode, support for the Smart Hub interface is implemented. As a result, users can take advantage of One Remote support. TVs are easy to integrate into any smart home ecosystem. A complete set of interfaces is available. The sound matches the price.


  • functional model;
  • color rendering level;
  • brightness at any time of the day;
  • powerful processor;
  • interesting ways.


How to choose a good 4K TV?

To be honest, we thought for a long time what to consider for a user who does not know how to choose a TV that supports 4K resolution. As a result, we decided to stop blindly dwelling on our ambitions, because specialists from different resources have already completed the task for us. In particular, you can compare different models based on their features in the extensive display specifications. It is only important to explain what role certain parameters play when using this technique:

  1. Matrix type: in fact, the weight of the spectrum of technologies comes down to three options: TFT (legacy), VA and IPS. The last two matrices have many different subspecies, including QLED, OLED, etc. These are more advanced products, but many brands use more unusual names to grab the attention of buyers.
  2. Backlight is a very important parameter that affects brightness and other characteristics. The simplest options are Full Array and Edge. The best backlight is Direct.
  3. Refresh rate: This indicator is responsible for the smooth playback of sports or active content. For fans of sports shows and action movies, it is more appropriate to focus on models with support for frequencies up to 100 Hz and higher.
  4. Brightness Level: Must be at least the same for HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology to work properly. The actual performance in this case largely depends on the type and quality of the backlight implementation.
  5. Smart features: In this matter, a lot depends on the artificial intelligence of each particular brand. Excellent smart processors are now being released by Samsung and LG. Their models support upscaling, sound enhancement technologies, can remove noise, change sharpness and much more.

TV recommendations from the experts

We’ve also covered the most common user questions and pro tips to help you decide on a 4K TV for your home:

Why do we need upscaling technology? Despite rapid progress in the adoption of 4K content, many lower-resolution movies, cartoons, and videos are still viewed online today. Upscaling technology allows you to adapt the content to the format supported by the TV. How is OLED different from QLED technology? Without going into the complexity of implementing these technologies and the fact that QLED is not perfect, we note that arrays based on quantum dots have more advanced light filters and provide a richer and brighter image during the day. QLED technology, in turn, allows you to create thin panels, attracts with a good black level of the display, and attracts with the widest possible viewing angle. Which 4K TV to choose in 2021? Public reports show that LG owns nearly 65% ​​of the European 4K TV market. As for the budget segment, Xiaomi is the undisputed leader. However, a lot depends on the specific line, size and budget. Should framerate be considered or is it a marketing gimmick? In general, this function is responsible for the smoothness of the displayed content. However, modern models from South Korean manufacturers on advanced matrices and processors by default can satisfy with excellent smoothness. The question is subjective and requires comparing two models with different frequency in each case.

What is the best 4K TV to buy in 2021?

As a result, a wide range of templates with a given resolution is offered for the user to choose from. There are inexpensive and premium solutions that differ not only in functionality, but also in the quality of the matrix, backlighting and other technical characteristics. We tried to find the best solutions in different price categories, taking into account the most popular sizes. If you do not know which 4K TV to buy, we recommend that you pay attention to the reviews of each model, which are many on the Internet today. Opinion “Price and quality”:

  1. Best budget 4K TV – Xiaomi Mi TV 4A 55 T2
  2. A good 50-inch model is the Philips 50PUS8505;
  3. Best 49-inch 4K TV – NanoCell LG 49NANO866
  4. Economical model on an OLED matrix – TCL 55C717;
  5. The clearest and most functional 4K TV: QLED Samsung QE55Q60TAU.


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