10 best electric stoves in 2022


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Learn how to choose and buy the best electric stove for the kitchen. We have selected for you the 10 best electric stoves for the home in 2022. Rating of the best electric stoves price – quality, based on user reviews and expert opinion.

10 best electric stoves - Rating 20210

Earlier we discussed the importance of ovens in general, as well as the advantages of combined models (with gas burners and an electric oven). We also partially touched on topics that we will discuss in more detail in our ranking of the best electric stoves in 2022.

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As you understand, the models presented in this selection have only electric burners, which may differ in the material of execution: from cast iron to Hi-Light. All have their strengths and weaknesses, which we will talk about in more detail in the section of the text “how to choose a stove”. I note right away that in our top there are both budget and premium solutions, but with a basic set of options: automatic shutdown, automatic ignition and optimal oven.

The best electric stoves for price and quality

This category includes economical models and middle-class stoves with predominantly Hi-Light burners. Of course, induction cookers are much more expensive, and members of this class are presented in another category of our selection (see the list below). In compiling this section, we focused on reviews and objective value for money.

Bosch HKG 150020R

10 best electric stoves - Rating 20211

Our top 10 electric stoves are opened by the Turkish model Bosch HKG 150020R. The equipment has reliable rotary switches and a fairly powerful oven with a capacity of up to 50 liters. The oven temperature is adjustable from + 50 ° C to + 260 ° C, which allows you to cook a huge number of different dishes. Please note that the connection power of this technique is very high – about 8500 watts. In this case, the energy class corresponds to the value “A”. The oven is equipped with an electric grill, thermostat and lighting. Of course, there is a timer and several cooking modes (4 temperature settings). It is worth noting the excellent double-layer glazing, which is a good indicator for the budget category of plates.


  • operating modes;
  • good grill;
  • glass quality;
  • great design.


  • not low power consumption;
  • unpretentious appearance.

Gorenje EC 5151 WG

10 best electric stoves - Rating 20212

The list of economical electric stoves with Hi-Light burners has been replenished with the model of the Gorenje EC 5151 WG series. Sufficiently affordable equipment has 4 burners with a power of 1200 W to 1700 W and a size of 14.5 to 19 centimeters. Also worth noting is the high quality of the rotary switches. Among the shortcomings, we note the high connection power – more than 9000 W, so you need to take care of a good protection system in advance. The volume of the oven is 70 liters, which is also enough to serve a large family. At the same time, the manufacturer took care of the presence of convection, an electric grill and a durable thermostat. Door with double glazing. Good grids are good too.


  • furnace volume;
  • good protection;
  • excellent coverage;
  • interesting price.


  • high communication power.

Electrolux RKR 560200W

10 best electric stoves - Rating 20213

This model is designed for users who want to get a compact electric stove that has received an oven with a volume of 54 liters. At the same time, there is no doubt about the quality of the Romanian assembly of Electrolux products for a long time. The presence of a side burner is also nice: there are 4 types of Hi-Light in total. Of course, the indication of residual heat is implemented. Despite its modest size, this model boasts many useful options, including steam cooking, convection and an electric grill, but not very powerful. However, the price is also not too high. There are 10 oven modes in total.


  • steaming;
  • good Hi-Light burners;
  • steam cleaning;
  • double glasses;
  • there is convection.


  • there is a more functional series.


10 best electric stoves - Rating 20214

This is a premium electric stove with Hi-Light burners. AEG is considered a flagship manufacturer and the CCR66401-BM is proof of that in terms of power and design. Among the interesting “sandwiches” I would like to highlight the automatic shutdown of the oven. The power of the most powerful burner is 2300 watts. The assembly is excellent and detailed, which explains the rather high price. The oven deserves special attention, as it is equipped with an efficient electric grill, convection and smart lighting. Also encouraging is the good work of the door and grate.


  • excellent design;
  • powerful grill;
  • 10 cooking modes;
  • good convection;
  • wear resistant model.


Electrolux RKR 660101

10 best electric stoves - Rating 20215

The best electric stove in 2021 in terms of price / quality ratio is the Electrolux RKR 660101 model, which received 4 Hi-Light type burners ranging in size from 14 to 18 centimeters and with a power of 1200 to 1800 W. The parameters are sufficient, as well as an oven, the volume of which reaches 58 liters. According to customer reviews, we can conclude that there are durable and affordable rotary switches in the technique. Also noteworthy are the presence of 10 cooking modes, an electric grill and a convection oven. In addition, the oven was equipped with excellent lighting, a timer and the possibility of steam cleaning. The panel looks elegant, no flaws were identified, taking into account the reviews and our personal opinion.


  • many functions;
  • steam cleaning;
  • good glazing of the door;
  • surface quality;
  • great design.


The best electric stoves with induction

This category presents premium solutions equipped with 1-5 induction burners. However, models with different types of heating elements are less and less common. As practice shows, premium-class slabs of this class are most often used for arranging retail premises. The advantage is that the generated magnetic field only heats up the cookware, which provides a higher level of safety and a higher level of efficiency. The cookware responds as quickly as possible to changes in the burner settings.

Electrolux RKI 560200 W

10 best electric stoves - Rating 20216

The Electrolux RKI 560200 W model completes the rating of electric stoves with induction burners, which received a durable glass-ceramic surface, which includes 4 burners with a stand for indicating heat. Engineers have provided a timer, thermostat and automatic shutdown of the oven. In addition, the 54 liter oven is equipped with convection, an electric grill, and also supports steam cooking. Excellent lighting is implemented, 10 cooking modes are available at the same time. This plate configuration is assembled in Romania, but strictly according to Electrolux brand standards. The pluses of the range are also good telescopic trays, but the glazing is, in our opinion, worse than the more expensive option (see list below).


  • good structure;
  • many functions;
  • steam cleaning;
  • electric grill;
  • expensive coverage.


  • there is a more advanced series.


10 best electric stoves - Rating 20217

The AEG CIR56401-BM series completes the flagship range of induction cooktops with an elegant stainless steel design. Fingerprint protection is guaranteed by the Antifingerprint coating. In addition, ease of use is due to the indication of heating levels, in addition to heat. The improved oven, which supports 10 cooking modes, deserves special attention. The capacity of the oven is 58 liters, indicating domestic use. Inside you can find a bright lamp to illuminate the interior space. Of course, for such a high price, you can get a full range of useful options, including convection, defrost, a large grill, and even a turbo grill. You can dry fruits and vegetables, and the hot air mode guarantees greater efficiency.”


  • expensive coverage;
  • oven mode;
  • excellent telescopic;
  • good sound insulation;
  • turbo grill.


  • AEG plates do not have a cable plug.

Electrolux RKI 660201X

10 best electric stoves - Rating 20218

If you’re looking for an expensive electric stove for home use, you should probably look into the premium Electrolux RKI 660201X range. This line features a sleeker design, quality switches and an expensive glass-ceramic surface finish. There are 4 cooking zones with power from 1.4 to 1.8 kW. The main advantage is a functional oven with a capacity of up to 58 liters. Inside the cabinet, the temperature can range from 50 to 250 degrees above zero. Among the useful options, we note convection, a timer, a good thermostat, the ability to cook and steam cleaning. In addition, the engineers of the well-known brand took care of the backlight. There is no doubt about the quality of the telescopic grille.


  • improved coverage;
  • expensive spare parts;
  • many options;
  • perfectly cooked on the grill;
  • good construction.


  • not in this category.

Gorenje EIT 5356 XPG

10 best electric stoves - Rating 20219

Another reliable electric stove from a well-known brand. The Gorenje EIT 5356 XPG model is distinguished by touch control of the burner, but there has been no doubt about the electronics of this brand for a long time. In addition, the manufacturer has taken care of the presence of a large oven, the volume of which reaches 70 liters. A worthy price is due to not too low energy consumption and the fact that the model came out earlier than those presented in this collection. We note the excellent efficiency of catalytic cleaning with steam. There is a timer, thermostat and a nice electric grill. The manufacturer paid special attention to the efficiency of lighting and convection.


  • good convection;
  • furnace volume;
  • steam cleaning;
  • reliable model;
  • the price of money.


  • it’s not the cheapest model.

Smeg TR4110IGR

10 best electric stoves - Rating 202110

The best premium electric stove in 2021 is the Smeg TR4110IGR designed for commercial use. This product is ideal for those users who want to buy kitchen appliances and forget to repair or upgrade their appliances in the next few years. In this series, there are three ovens at once, each of which implies a separate control. It is also worth noting that five induction burners work here simultaneously, which are located on a durable glass-ceramic coating. As you can imagine, the technique is made in retro style. At the same time, the heating temperature of the furnace varies from 50 to 260 degrees, and the volume is 61 liters. Another 36 liters can be placed in an additional room. It is also worth noting the excellent grill, which is regulated in different ways in the installed oven chambers, and powerful convection.


  • 3 ovens at the same time;
  • excellent coverage;
  • durable model;
  • many options;
  • steam cleaning.


  • business model.

How to choose a good electric stove?

Below are the main parameters and characteristics that will help you decide on a purchase if you do not know how to choose an electric stove for your home. Let’s start with a description of useful options:

  1. Timer: allows you to set the countdown time and is accompanied by an indication;
  2. Thermostat – necessary for regulation, as well as for maintaining the set temperature;
  3. Grill: allows you to expand the list of ready meals;
  4. Convection – improves air circulation to achieve the most effective result, and here it is necessary to take into account the location and quality of the elements;
  5. The shish kebab is useful for cooking a variety of dishes, for example, shish kebabs and other things.

The tabletop can be made of cheap enamel, more reliable stainless steel or glass-ceramic. Obviously, the latter option is better, but more expensive.

Varieties of electric burners

Having decided on the number and type of work areas, it is worth paying due attention to the types of burners used in electric stoves:

  1. Cast iron is the simplest option, equipped with a “pancake” heater that sits above the hob. The advantages of such burners include high thermal inertia, simplicity and affordable price. Less quickly deformed (last 2-3 years);
  2. Hi-Light – modernized burners that use metal tape instead of heating elements. In this case, the worktop is made of glass-ceramic, so the heating rate is higher, but not instantaneous;
  3. Induction: works on the basis of electromagnetic radiation, which heats only the dishes, and not the environment. The chance of breakage is minimal.

Choosing an Electric Stove Oven

One of the most important parameters for choosing an electric stove is the oven. The following points must be taken into account here:

  1. Oven volume – if you buy a classic model for 4 burners and you won’t cook much in the oven, you shouldn’t pay much attention to this parameter. Otherwise, the nominal and undeclared volume must be taken into account;
  2. The norm is the oven temperature from +50 to 250 degrees, which is quite enough for most dishes. There are models with a minimum threshold of +30 to +300 degrees, but overpaying for this is not always profitable;
  3. Power: the required value depends on the complexity of the cabinet. Of course, if you have convection and a grill, you will need a powerful device with 3000 W or more, otherwise there is simply no point in additional functions;
  4. Additional chamber – premium kitchens can be equipped with a second oven with a separate heating element, which allows you to cook two dishes at once, but such solutions are rarely used in everyday life;
  5. Cooking modes: ideal if your oven supports convection and heating, because these models cook meat much more efficiently, evenly distributing heat throughout the chamber;
  6. Tray guides – lattice solutions are cheaper than telescopic ones, practical, but move slowly, which is solved by the presence of a retractable holder for analogues. Is it worth it to overpay for this element of comfort? You decide;
  7. It is not worth saving on the number of door glasses here, because the more glazing, the more reliable and durable the equipment. In addition, a higher level of thermal insulation is achieved. Glasses can be from 1 to 4. Optimally 3 layers.
  8. Type of door: it can be retractable or hinged, but more important is the presence of an automatic door closer, which significantly extends the life of the equipment.

What is the best electric stove to buy in 2022?

Therefore, there are many varieties of such solutions on sale. If you do not know which electric stove to buy, be sure to study the advantages and disadvantages of models with different burners. As for our subjective opinion, taking into account the product category, the leaders look like this:

  1. A good economical electric stove – Gorenje EC 5151 WG;
  2. Excellent model in terms of price / quality ratio – Electrolux RKR 660101;
  3. Professional stove – Smeg TR4110IGR;
  4. The best model for a home with induction is Electrolux RKI 660201X.

Which brand do you trust the most? Bosch 100% Gorenje 0% Electrolux 0% AEG 0% Smeg 0% Show results Rating: one


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