10 Best Electric Grills for Home – Electric Grill Ranking 2022


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Introducing the top 10 best electric grills for the home. The rating of the best electric grills includes the highest quality and most reliable models. We have selected the best electric grills according to experts and user reviews.

10 best electric grills - Ranking 20210

The popularity of electric grills is growing rapidly. Demand leads to increased competition and improved product quality. Many brands have emerged, offering a wide range of equipment for preparing delicious steaks, fish, vegetables and other products. Our ranking of the best electric grills of 2022 contains the most popular models for home use. But before considering contact solutions, let’s talk about what types of electric grills are generally on the market:

  1. The open type is not the most convenient option, as the food has to be constantly turned over so that it cooks on both sides, but larger pieces of meat can be fried. This type of grill is used in cottages or houses, as this type of equipment requires a good hood to operate;
  2. Closed type – there is a hinged lid, which is also equipped with a heating element and allows you to cook meat from both sides. Such models are great for any kitchen, because they do not emit smoke, have a compact size and are easy to clean.
  3. Non-contact grills are more like electric barbecues, because food is cooked without touching a heat source, but many of them belong to this segment of technology.

For obvious reasons, our list includes electric contact grills intended for ordinary buyers, provided they are used in an apartment or house.

The best inexpensive contact electric grills

Portable electric grills in the main price category are now produced by many well-known brands. We have tried to collect time-tested models that have received many positive reviews from regular independent buyers.

ENDEVER Grillmaster 119

10 best electric grills - Ranking 20211

According to the comments, the ENDEVER Grillmaster 119 model opens the list of good electric grills with a budget price and quality work. The grill press has a convenient design, the grill lid opens 180 degrees, and its weight is only 1.7 kilograms. It is worth noting the quality of the wavy surfaces on which the non-stick coating is applied. This allows you to achieve perfect frying, regardless of the available cost. The power of the power plant reaches 1800 watts. This indicator is enough to heat the panels up to 240 degrees. Convenient temperature control is available, the device attracts with an elegant appearance.


  • elegant design;
  • temperature control;
  • wavy surfaces;
  • high power.


  • not easy to clean.

George Foreman Fit Grill Large 25820-56

10 best electric grills - Ranking 20212

Model George Foreman Fit Grill Large 25820-56 is included in the list of inexpensive, but good electric grills, which differ from analogues in high power and neat design. According to customer reviews, it is clear that it takes no more than 30 minutes to cook, which is an excellent indicator. In addition to the strong heat, it should be noted a well-thought-out design that allows you to dump fat into a separate pan. The long service life of the grill is due to the presence of a floating hinge, thanks to which meat of different thicknesses can be inserted into the appliance without worrying about the integrity of the equipment. At the same time, the area of ​​u200bu200bthe dishes is 800 square centimeters, and this is enough to cook three servings of food at once.


  • fat removal;
  • non-stick coating;
  • plate size;
  • high power.


  • brand recognition.


10 best electric grills - Ranking 20213

If you can’t decide which barbecue press to choose for your home, perhaps you should pay attention to the VITEK VT-2633 SR model with high-quality wavy surfaces. They received channels for effective removal of fat, juice and oil. The kit includes two trays at the same time to collect excess liquid. A nice bonus is a high level of protection (there is an automatic shutdown in case of overheating), which indicates a long service life. The power of the electric grill is 2000 W, which is enough for surfaces measuring 331 by 220 millimeters. Judging by customer reviews, the device is easily cleaned of dirt. The maximum temperature can reach 260 ° C. In this case, the lid opens to 180 degrees.


  • switch handle;
  • Maximum temperature;
  • good equipment;
  • easy cleaning;
  • protection system.


  • not determined at this price.

Kitfort KT-1633

10 best electric grills - Ranking 20214

Of course, one of the most affordable electric grills for home use is the model of the Kitfort KT-1633 series, which received an affordable price with a quality design. This range is characterized by fast heating and convenient operation of the top cover – you can set the required distance for working with different products. Several dishes can be cooked at the same time. At the same time, the top panel has stiffening ribs, and the bottom one is as smooth as possible. You can also exchange them. According to the manufacturer, one tablet takes approximately 3-15 minutes, depending on the type of food. The capacity is enough to cater for a family of 2-3 people. Cleaning is no problem either.


  • surface quality;
  • high power;
  • fast heating;
  • careful design;
  • compact size


REDMOND SteakMaster RGM-M801

10 best electric grills - Ranking 20215

The best budget electric grill 2021 is the REDMOND SteakMaster RGM-M801 2-in-1 model, which can be used as a roast oven or grill. The size of the panels of this device is 29.1 by 26.1 centimeters, and this is quite enough for preparing a variety of snacks, a variety of sausages, delicious vegetables. The manufacturer took care of the possibility of choosing 5 positions, it is possible to adjust the heating. As a result, customers can easily choose the optimal degree of roasting: “Well done”, “Medium” or “Rare”. The set does not include dishes, but it can be purchased on the seller’s website.


  • scope of use;
  • excellent surfaces;
  • high power;
  • 5 adjustment positions;
  • build quality.


The best electric grills for price and quality

This category contains powerful, efficient and durable models.


10 best electric grills - Ranking 20216

The REDMOND RGM-M805 model of the SteakMaster line replenishes the rating of electric grills, combining the advantages of all previous generations. The advanced kitchen assistant allows you to perform the functions of an oven, grill and barbecue when installed in a conventional kitchen. The model heats up quickly, allowing its non-stick surfaces to heat up to 240 degrees. You can use the 7 pre-set programs to cook different sizes of meat, all the way up to DONE. The surface is large enough to support large pieces of meat. In the oven mode, this appliance allows you to stew vegetables, cook meat and fish. In BBQ mode, the grill opens 180 degrees.


  • 7 cooking modes;
  • Maximum temperature;
  • can be baked in foil;
  • careful design;
  • non-stick coating.


  • high expectations (in our opinion, marketing is too much).

Tefal GC306012

10 best electric grills - Ranking 20217

Undoubtedly, one of the best quality compact electric barbecues for the home is the Tefal GC306012 model, which is easy to store and easy to clean. In addition, this device has a power of 2000 W, which will not seem small for cooking or frying meat. The plates are made of high-strength aluminum and complemented by a durable non-stick coating. The panels are removable, as is the fat tray. These components can be washed in the dishwasher. This list of advantages is complemented by the ability to store equipment in an upright position.


  • convenient storage;
  • compact size;
  • quality of aluminum surfaces;
  • maximum power;
  • easy cleaning.


  • not the best model in the collection.

National NK-EG105

10 best electric grills - Ranking 20218

The first 10 electric contact grills are filled with another good model from the National NK-EG105 series, which has great power and long service life. The product with convenient mechanical control and high-quality non-stick surfaces has also been appreciated in practice by many professionals, as evidenced by the feedback from a large audience of experts. It should be noted that the surface of the present invention is made of stone. As for the plates, an interesting feature is also implemented here: one of them is wavy, and the other is smooth. The power of the device reaches 2000 W, which is enough for cooking various dishes. The design opens 180 degrees, has a screen and is adjustable in height.


  • careful design;
  • stone surface;
  • there is a timer and a thermostat;
  • removable plates.


  • a lesser known brand than its competitors.

De’Longhi MultiGrill CGH 1012D

10 best electric grills - Ranking 20219

This is not the latest model yet, but this is a really reliable electric grill from a well-known Italian company, designed for users who are willing to pay extra for a long life and stable performance. The De’Longhi MultiGrill CGH 1012D model has a power of 2000 W, which is enough for cooking various recipes. The design involves the use of this device as a contact grill and barbecue. The temperature can range from 60 to 230 degrees. Even from the outside, you can tell that all parts, including the juice and fat tray, are made of high quality materials.


  • there is a display;
  • expensive spare parts;
  • coating quality;
  • good structure;
  • temperature range.


Tefal GC724D12

Top 10 Electric Grills - Rating 202110

The best electric grill 2021 for price and quality is the reliable and affordable Tefal GC724D12 OptiGrill series. This collection is known for the chic quality of the coating, which allows you to cook professional-level steaks with a golden crust without special skills, and this is not marketing, but reality. The composition includes a thermostat, with which you can adjust the cooking modes of various dishes. There is a sensor that automatically determines the thickness of the meat, which affects the positive result. The surface is made of durable aluminum alloy with an expensive finish. The plates are tilted so that all excess fat and oil drain into a sturdy bowl.


  • size sensor;
  • sound indication;
  • panel quality;
  • reliable brand;
  • quality of work.


Rating of manufacturers of electric grills

If several years ago several brands were engaged in the production of this type of equipment, today you can find many good manufacturers of electric grills. Consider the market leaders today (this is our subjective opinion):

  • REDMOND. The company offers a wide range of affordable and mid-range contact networks that offer attractive smart features that reduce the complexity of workflows. Many products of this company allow you to automatically set the temperature depending on the width of the steak and other parameters.
  • Maxwell. This company attracts with a number of inexpensive contact electric grills that allow you to cook not only meat, but also vegetables. Fat is collected on a pallet.
  • VITEK. This brand produces many decent models with good value for money. Several lines of the company have a power of about 2000 W at an affordable cost at the same time. Many production lines have the ability to control cap pressure.
  • Philips. The brand produces many powerful and compact grills for home use. The designs are thought out to the smallest detail, you can even find a special container for storing spices. The downside is that this brand’s products in this class sell out quickly.
  • Tefal. Undoubtedly the leader in the set of technical characteristics of networks of its own production. The products of this brand have a luxurious finish and perform many tasks of other household appliances.

How to choose a good electric grill for your home?

When buying an electric grill, many buyers pay attention to power. This is an important parameter, because the heating rate and overall performance depend on it, but the parameter is too high, because almost all grills have a power of 1500 to 2000 watts. This is enough to perform a wide range of tasks.

no less important is the presence of a thermostat, with which you can adjust the temperature and degree of roasting of meat, as well as other food products. Ideally, there is a sensor that determines the size and thickness of the steaks – this option is already available for the premium class.

As for the design, here it is necessary to take into account the following recommendations of experts if you do not know how to choose an electric grill:

  1. Degree of openness;
  2. surface shape;
  3. Coating quality.

The better the application of the non-stick coating, the easier it will be to carry out the declared operations and clean the equipment. It is important that the product is equipped with a fat collection tray – this saves energy and nerves. It is difficult cleaning that is the “Achilles heel” of many budget models.

As for the indicators, sound alerts, the presence of a screen – these are subjective points for which it is worth paying or not, everyone decides for himself.

What is the best electric grill to buy in 2022?

Finally, I would like to note that for many inexperienced buyers, this type of household appliance personifies the image of a delicious fried steak. The purchase of the device, in turn, is indicated only by interest. This is the wrong approach. If you do not know which electric grill to buy, then keep in mind that modern models allow you to perform many more functions. On a quality grill, you can cook, fry vegetables and fish, etc. Our conclusion:

  1. Best Budget Electric Grill – REDMOND SteakMaster RGM-M801
  2. Good model in terms of price / quality ratio – ENDEVER Grillmaster 235;
  3. Reliable and efficient home grill – De’Longhi MultiGrill CGH 1012D;
  4. The best premium electric grill is the Tefal GC724D12.


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