Top 8 Best Inexpensive Budget Refrigerators – 2022 Refrigerator Rating


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Top 8 Best Inexpensive Refrigerators - Ranking 2021.  Which refrigerator up to 30 thousand rubles is better to choose?  0

Top 8 best inexpensive budget refrigerators for home and apartment. Find out which inexpensive budget refrigerator is better to choose and buy. Refrigerators are selected based on user reviews and expert opinion.

A selective refrigerator is always a very difficult and responsible decision, because you have to deal with products of many brands that do not always live up to expectations. Our ranking of the best refrigerators of 2022 contains reliable and high-quality models with a lot of reviews, and we want to share this.

What are the types of refrigeration systems?

  1. Drip Defrost Models – Models require manual defrost.
  2. Refrigerators with No Frost are more convenient units that do not require manual defrosting. True, you have to pay for such pleasure.

Best Budget Drip Fridges

Model Main camera Freezer Performance
ATLANT XM 6025-031 225 139 15 kg / day
Pozis RD-149 240 130 11 kg / day
ATLANT XM 6025-080 230 154 15 kg / day

ATLANT XM 6025-031

Top 8 Best Inexpensive Refrigerators - Ranking 2021.  Which refrigerator up to 30 thousand rubles is better to choose?  one

The top 8 inexpensive refrigerators are opened by the ATLANT ХМ 6025-031 model, which has small dimensions. The manufacturer offers a product with good technical characteristics.

Shelves made of impact-resistant glass can withstand a load of 20 kilograms without any problems. At the same time, they are not afraid of minor mechanical damage. Of course, in terms of functionality, everything is modest, but the price perfectly explains the reason. Appliances are offered in different colors to suit any kitchen design.


  • reliable model;
  • good compressor;
  • durable shelves;
  • optimum capacity.


Pozis RD-149W

Top 8 Best Inexpensive Refrigerators - Ranking 2021.  Which refrigerator up to 30 thousand rubles is better to choose?  2

Another budget, but good refrigerator with two compressors, the performance of which is two. The volume of two chambers in this model is equal to 370 liters. In the main chamber, 4 shelves are implemented, in addition, 3 drawers are implemented. The maximum freezer temperature in this case can be -18 ° C. I am glad that the cold preservation time can be up to 21 hours. Performance corresponds to the price tag – 11 kilograms per day. It is worth noting the support for quick freezing, support for hanging doors, as well as high quality. The noise level is 40 dB.


  • automatic defrosting;
  • cold retention time;
  • build quality;
  • many good boxes


  • weak seals.

ATLANT XM 6025-080

Top 8 Best Inexpensive Refrigerators - Ranking 2021.  Which refrigerator up to 30 thousand rubles is better to choose?  3

The best drop-shaped model up to 30 thousand in 2021, in our opinion, is the ATLANT Khmonaniken31 monaneran31 monanenen model. The capacity is 20 kilograms more. This is a reliable, stylish refrigerator from a trusted manufacturer.

Here all technical characteristics are balanced. At the same time, ease of use is guaranteed by properly distributed space. There are specially shaped shelves in which bottles can be stored. There is an insert for comfortable storage of eggs. Attracts a retractable ice basket. Capacity and match the price tag.


  • optimal power;
  • good shelves;
  • stylish design;
  • coating quality.


  • loud model.

Best Inexpensive Refrigerators with No Frost

A key parameter for many buyers today is the type of defrost system. Of course, drip solutions are gradually becoming a thing of the past, and they have been replaced by No Frost. Such models do not leave frost, and offer maximum ease of use. True, they cost more.

Beko RCNK 310KC0 W

Top 8 Best Inexpensive Refrigerators - Ranking 2021.  Which refrigerator up to 30 thousand rubles is better to choose?  four

The Beko RCNK 310KC0 W model replenishes the rating of refrigerators up to 30 thousand. This unit will keep food for a long time, and thanks to its excellent capacity of 276 liters, it can link stocks for the whole family. It consists of two chambers: refrigerator and freezer. The refrigerator includes 4 shelves made of impact-resistant glass. It has an egg holder, a vegetable drawer and an ice maker.

The No Frost technology of the refrigerator compartment allows you to automatically defrost the unit.

The Beko RCNK 310KC0 W refrigerator is compact and looks very neat due to the absence of protruding parts. The freezer is located at the bottom, which creates a certain comfort. When the freezer is opened, cold air does not fall on the person from above. The energy efficiency of equipment is class A +, and its cost is quite optimal.


  • good capacity;
  • tempered glass shelves;
  • excellent coverage;
  • economic model;
  • stylish design.


  • sealing rubber.

Candy CCRN 6180S

Top 8 Best Inexpensive Refrigerators - Ranking 2021.  Which refrigerator up to 30 thousand rubles is better to choose?  5

This budget model will stylishly fit into any interior. There are 2 cameras available that operate in No Frost mode. The freezer compartment is located in the lower compartment. The total volume of the refrigerator is 333 liters. Inside there are 4 tempered glass shelves and 3 shelves on the doors.

Among the additional functions of the unit is supercooling, which allows you to freeze the product. The refrigerator has an audible alarm that sounds when the door is open.


  • overall volume;
  • keeping cold;
  • shelf quality;
  • no frost support.


  • paint quality.

ATLANT XM 4426-009 ND

Top 8 Best Inexpensive Refrigerators - Ranking 2021.  Which refrigerator up to 30 thousand rubles is better to choose?  6

If you don’t know which budget refrigerator to choose up to 30 thousand, we recommend that you pay attention to the ATLANT XM 4426-009 ND model with a premium design and good capacity. The total useful volume is 332 liters, which is quite enough for a family of 4-5 people. The refrigerator compartment is equipped with five shelves that can be easily moved to different heights. The freezer compartment is equipped with three high drawers.

Thanks to the Full NO FROST system, the fan drives cold air from the freezer to the refrigerator compartment, which ensures long-term storage of food. This unit is equipped with a display with touch buttons, has an LED and audible alarm. Among its functions are quick freezing, supercooling, timer.

The LED display is located on the refrigerator doors at eye level. Excellent thermal insulation allows you to keep food in the deep freeze for more than 10 hours when the power is turned off. The refrigerator has a low noise level and class A energy efficiency.


  • the price is low;
  • chic design;
  • Full NO FROST system;
  • protection from children;
  • good capacity.


  • no for this price

Gorenje NRK 6191 ES4

Top 8 Best Inexpensive Refrigerators - Ranking 2021.  Which refrigerator up to 30 thousand rubles is better to choose?  7

This refrigeration unit with a total net volume of 302 liters is equipped with a smart constant temperature system despite the frequently opened door.

In the absence of the owners, the refrigerator can be switched to an energy-saving mode of operation. The air ionization function used to preserve the healthy taste of the products. Excellent illumination of the unit is provided by LED lighting. When power is turned off, Gorenje NRK 6191 ES4 will be able to maintain the desired temperature for 17 hours.

Thanks to the Fast Freeze function, you can quickly cool a large number of products. The freezing capacity of the unit is 12 kg in 24 hours. The NOFROST PLUS system used in this refrigerator is one of the world’s best in this refrigerator.


  • excellent lighting;
  • good freezing;
  • temperature maintenance;
  • easy cleaning;
  • ecomode system.


  • not detected.


Top 8 Best Inexpensive Refrigerators - Ranking 2021.  Which refrigerator up to 30 thousand rubles is better to choose?  eight

The refrigerator has an energy efficiency class of A +. The total capacity of the plant is 302 liters. The presence of the Smart Inverter compressor allows you to reduce noise and save electricity.

Total No Frost technology inhibits the formation of ice and the formation of moisture on the walls of the refrigerator. The voltage control function ensures uninterrupted operation of the equipment even with large voltage fluctuations. Additional options of the refrigerator are super-freezing and temperature indication.


  • good capacity;
  • compressor Smart Inverter;
  • freezer for 4 drawers;
  • 4 tempered glass shelves.


What to consider when choosing a refrigerator.

If you do not know how to choose a budget refrigerator, pay due attention to the following parameters.

  1. Cold retention time in the chamber;
  2. Maximum freezing speed;
  3. The volume of both chambers;
  4. Minimum and maximum temperature;
  5. The quality of the internal coating;
  6. Quantity and quality of shelves.

As for the functions and technical parameters, a lot depends on the price. If you choose between a developed device of an unknown company and a reliable potential – take it out.

Tips for Choosing a Budget Refrigerator

The most expensive and important component in any refrigerator is the compressor. And here the manufacturer of this component matters. Consider the leaders in this segment:

  1. Danfoss – we produce small compressors that are protected from power surges and low energy consumption, products of this brand are used by many marketers;
  2. Embraco Aspera – these compressors are high performance, easy to replace and relatively accessible;
  3. GMCC-Toshiba – reduced by noise, vibration. The company has many reliable compressors for inexpensive refrigerators. Great option for the budget class.

These savings result in additional costs.

Another weakness of the rulers is the quality of the shelves. It is advisable to focus on products made of durable tempered glass.

What technologies are worth overpaying for? Definitely do not need to overpay for touch or remote control. Options like these in the entry-level segment should make you wonder what components they’re based on.

Rating of manufacturers of inexpensive refrigerators

Probably the most important thing in this class of goods is to focus on the name of the manufacturer. AT

  • Candy – this manufacturer offers the most functional solutions in its budget class;
  • POZIS – the first refrigerator of this company was introduced back in 1959 “DH-120” under the brand name “Miladir”, brand name “Milatr” Today, the brand under another brand has many modern solutions, including Side-by-Side, but still in great demand two-chamber budget models. The company enlists the use of Embraco compressors;
  • BEKO is another eminent manufacturer that has many contracts with major market players. Since the 90s, the manufacturer began to actively supply its products to the CIS. Minus the quality of the assembly of inexpensive refrigerators, as well as a high level of noise.
  • Atlant is another reliable manufacturer that is widely appreciated by the Russian buyer, or so. Due to the excellent price / quality ratio of modern design and a rich assortment of goods, many CIS buyers buy refrigerators from this company.
  • LG is a company that doesn’t need a presentation. All brand products are reliable, as the South Korean manufacturer values ​​​​its reputation, is considered one of the clear leaders in the production of large household appliances. Among the shortcomings, we note that the company has few inexpensive lines of refrigerators.

Which inexpensive refrigerator is better to buy in 2022?

As you already understood, we did not set ourselves the task of finding as many solutions as possible. Instead, we paid due attention to eight models that received many positive ratings from ordinary buyers (we did not take into account purchased comments). EsLI

  1. The most stylish inexpensive refrigerator – Candy CCRN 6180 S;
  2. The best drip model is ATLANT XM 6025-080;
  3. Inexpensive refrigerator with Know Frost – LG GA-B419 SWJL;
  4. Budget but reliable refrigerator — ATLANT HM 4426-009 ND.


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