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Top 15 rating of the best steam generators. We offer you to get acquainted with the best steam generators from the best manufacturers. Learn how to choose and buy the best steam generator that is most efficient for your conditions.

15 best steam generators - Rating 20210

Steam generators are a relatively new type of flat iron that was not taken seriously by the target audience until recently. It is not at all surprising that today there are unsuitable solutions on sale, although their descriptions indicate fantastic indicators of both constant steam supply and steam boost. In our ranking of the best steam generators for clothes in 2021, there are models that have proven their effectiveness not on a description sheet, but in practice.

We will not try to interest you in the quality of the sun rays or unique patented technologies, as many store consultants do, as we are not interested in selling these products. We will share only our personal experience, expert advice and knowledge that we have managed to accumulate during the existence of the resource. We hope this will help you make the right choice!

The best steam generators for clothes

In this section of the publication, you will find five more models of good steam generators with irons, suitable for working with different types of things at home. At the same time, they are cheaper, since they have a small boiler, as a rule, of lower power. However, they are pleased with a wide range of options, a reliable and high-quality system of protection against limescale and overheating. Whether you plan to iron a few items or use the device occasionally, the performance and efficiency will not seem insignificant.

5. Polaris PSS 7510K

15 best steam generators - 20211 ranking

The Polaris PSS 7510K with PRO 5 Ceramic finishes the 2020 steam generator rating. At the same time, an affordable, but high-quality device is much more powerful than any iron. Thanks to the ability to maintain the optimum temperature, you can work with different types of clothing. The SMART HEAT soleplate easily withstands steam bursts with an efficiency of about 400 grams per minute. Continuous feeding is 120 grams per minute. Considering the cost, it is not surprising that there is a compact boiler that can hold only 1.5 liters of water. However, this is enough to serve a family of 2-3 people. The kit of the invention includes a simple instruction, a steam station, a list with the addresses of the company’s service centers and the guarantee itself. Steam generator pressure 7 bar. It is worth noting a good set of useful options and technologies, including SMART TEMP, ECO mode, automatic shutdown, overheating protection. You can add water during operation, there is a good indication. The device is ready to work in just 30 seconds.


  • a lot of technology;
  • good power;
  • good sole;
  • overheat protection;
  • pouring water.


  • boiler power.

4. Tefal SV7120 Express Compact

15 best steam generators - Rating 20212

The same network device that attracts with a loyal price and high-quality performance. A good budget steam generator for clothes from Tefal of the SV7120 Express Compact series produces a power of 2600W, which is associated with a fairly large scope of technology. Of the shortcomings, only a rather long warm-up can be noted – about 2 minutes. But when the set temperature is reached, the productivity of the equipment is 120 grams per minute. There are no complaints about the quality of the water pump. The pressure is almost 6 bar. For complex folds or work with certain fabrics, a steam supply is provided, the power of which, when turned on, reaches 360 grams per minute. The construction uses a durable Xpress Glide outsole. There is a possibility of vertical steaming to smooth out outerwear and even curtains. The volume of the boiler, like that of other compact steam generators, is about 1700 milliliters. The manufacturer took care of the presence of a protection system against overheating and the formation of deposits. There is an indication.


  • a good shot of steam;
  • performance quality;
  • good sole;
  • build quality;
  • excellent indication.


  • prolonged heating;
  • small boiler.

3. Philips HI5914/30

15 best steam generators - Rating 20213

Definitely a handy steam generator that does a great job of ironing different types of clothes. Despite the capacity of 1.1 liters, the performance is enough for 2 hours of work. At the same time, a well-known manufacturer took care of the presence of a large hole and good protection when using tap water in our conditions. There is an integrated Smart Calc-Clean system. In continuous supply mode, it produces up to 100 grams of steam in 1 minute at a power of 2400 watts. With a maximum power of up to 180 grams per minute. You do not need to purchase additional cartridges, as the kit includes a special container for descaling. Pressure 5 bar. There is a removable water tank, hose length up to 1.6 meters. Thus, you can put in order interior items, including curtains and curtains.


  • you can use tap water;
  • wide access to the bay;
  • good pressure and power;
  • support for Smart Calc-Clean;
  • stair railing.


  • modest features.

2. Morphy Richards Speed ​​333202

15 best steam generators - 20214 ranking

A British company also pleased with a fairly comfortable and powerful steam generator for home use. Morphy Richards. The power of the Speed ​​series appliance is 3000W, which guarantees the fast heating of the iron plate. A pressure of 6 bar creates a constant steam output of 130 g/min, sufficient to iron several layers of laundry at the same time. And the powerful steam boost of 600g/min will help to smooth out stubborn creases and smooth out thick fabrics. To prevent breakdowns and ensure operability throughout the entire service life, the device is equipped with an automatic descaling function. The device has a non-stick ceramic soleplate that glides easily and smoothly over any type of fabric. Thanks to the large 1.7 liter tank, you can iron clothes for the whole family in one sitting, without refilling. A special padlock securely fixes the iron on the base so that no one gets burned on the soleplate that has not yet cooled down. Additional security is provided by the auto-off function: the device automatically turns off after 10 minutes of inactivity. The model is available in different colors: blue (article 333200), purple (333201), purple (333202).


  • high power and pressure;
  • high steam consumption;
  • self-cleaning from scale;
  • glides easily over the steam cushion;
  • automatic shutdown function;
  • storage compartments for hose and cable.


1. Morphy Richards S-Pro Purple 332102

15 best steam generators - 20215 ranking

The best clothes steamer of 2020 is the Morphy Richards S-Pro Purple with an amazing 3000W of power. The pressure of 7 bar guarantees the most efficient penetration of steam, efficient and fast ironing of various types of fabrics. The advantages of the premium “home helper” include a large 2000 ml tank, elegant design and high quality parts. The steam shot power reaches 400 g/min with a continuous supply of 160 g/min. Ease of use is ensured by automatic cleaning and descaling. Among other things, S-Pro Purple has an advanced ceramic soleplate with a non-stick coating that allows you to easily glide over various fabrics. There is a storage compartment for the power cord and hose. In addition, the manufacturer took care of the presence of an automatic shutdown and an iron lock.


  • vertical steaming;
  • steam power;
  • bright design;
  • bright design;
  • compartment for cable;
  • exceptional quality.


Best Inexpensive Steam Generators

This category contains quite effective models with steam generation, which are in no way inferior to irons, and even surpass them in functionality. At the same time, in our subjective opinion, it is practically unrealistic to find a steam generator with a steam output of up to 400 g / min, capable of effectively carrying out vertical evaporation, on sale. Therefore, one should not expect ultra-high results from budget decisions.

5. Kitfort KT-922

15 best steam generators - Rating 20216

The list of good steam generators for clothes opens with an entry-level model from Kitfort from the KT-922 series, which has earned its target audience, first of all, with an affordable price with fairly good performance. The device has a recognizable design, a good TitaniumSlide ceramic sole and a powerful 2400 W motor. According to the brand description, steam is generated by steam in 40-50 seconds. In this case, the boiler holds up to 2000 milliliters, but it is better not to fill it completely. Productivity is 50 g / min, which, of course, is a modest figure. However, water can be poured directly from the tap, there is a drop-stop technology.


  • any water will do;
  • there is a “drop stop”;
  • large cauldron;
  • ceramic sole.


  • steam generation power.

4. Tefal SV6130

15 best steam generators - Rating 20217

If you intend to test only the efficiency of this type of equipment and are not ready to overpay for high technical specifications, then you should probably pay attention to the cheap but good Tefal SV6130 2200 W steam generator. This device is able to handle creases on various types of materials thanks to the use of a good Xpress Glide ceramic coating. The advantages of the technology include a good pressure of almost 6 bar, due to which a steam output of 360 g / min is obtained. Continuous steam supply is 120g/min. The capacity of the boiler in this model is 1 liter, so it discharges pretty quickly. Suitable for long hose and cable – 1.6 meters each. Implemented anti-drip system, self-cleaning, automatic shutdown of the product.


  • self-cleaning system;
  • steam power;
  • good pressure;
  • anti-drip system;
  • reliable manufacturer.


  • boiler power.

3. Philips HI5919/30

15 best steam generators - Rating 20218

Philips HI5919 / 30 supplies our top 15 steam generators in the entry price range, and we will try to explain why… The model has a good boiler pressure of 5.2 bar, has an advanced stand, high-quality ceramic coating. Like the light weight of the iron, durable body, removable container labeled Calc-Clean. The sole, according to customer reviews, does not burn the fabric even with inaccurate operation. Customer reviews also talk about the long life of the product. The water tank capacity of this model is 1.1 liters and does not run out too quickly due to the low steam boost, although the engine has a power of 2400 watts.


  • light;
  • good coverage;
  • boiler quality;
  • own technologies.


  • low steam power.

2. Tefal Express Essential SV6116

15 best steam generators - Rating 20219

Considering budget models with good soles, it is difficult to ignore the Tefal Express Essential SV6116 series of steam generators. The pressure of this invention is 5.3 bar, which, combined with a good engine, allows you to get a steam boost of 270 g / min. In general, this is enough for ironing things, but with vertical steaming, this line is unlikely to cope with the mark (compared to more expensive products). It is worth noting that the sole slides very efficiently, there are no questions about the ease of use of the product. A locking system has been implemented, which implies the safe transportation of goods from one room to another.


  • balanced model;
  • good location;
  • optimal capacity;
  • quality outsole.


  • not determined at this price.

1. Polaris PSS 6540K

Top 15 Steam Generators - 2021 Ranked 10

The best cheap steam generator for the home, in our opinion, is the balanced Polaris PSS 6540K model, which has a rather expensive PRO 5 Ceramic coating. Also, the device differs from many analogues with a good pressure of 5 bar and an optimal boiler, the capacity of which is 1.5 liters. At 2400 watts, this series has a vapor output of 300 grams per minute, which is much higher than many competitors at the same price. True, the constant forward speed is only 100 rpm. There is a lock for transporting the iron with a base, topping up water is provided and an automatic shutdown of the equipment is implemented.


  • automatic shutdown;
  • boiler capacity for water;
  • a good shot of steam;
  • coating quality.


The best steam generators for price and quality

If you want to get a convenient steam generator, with which you can not only iron, but also steam, disinfect, then focus on analogues with a higher pressure, as well as a steam boost. This collection has decent mid-range and premium models.

5. Grand Master GM-530

15 best steam generators - Rating 202111

The retro model with cork handle from the Grand Master GM-530 series adds to the rating of steam generators for clothes. This is already a cult line, less and less widespread on the market, but attracting with creative execution and good efficiency. The long term of use is justified by the support of the anti-drip system. Ease of use can be attributed to the use of a constant feed unit of 100 g / min. This device heats up faster than analogs, but it is easier to damage the sole. The volume of the tank is small, but due to the pressure of 4 bar it is enough for household needs. The function of vertical steaming is implemented, the curtains are easy to iron due to their low weight and good steam emission.


  • light;
  • fixation of constant feeding;
  • fast heating;
  • bright design.


  • aluminum sole.

4. Tefal GV9071 Pro Express Care

Top 15 Steam Generators - 2021 Ranking 12

If you want to get a powerful steam generator and the issue of saving is not an advantage, you should pay attention to the Tefal GV9071 Pro Express Care model. Features of the device include support for Smart Technology, which supports 5 types of settings to select the optimal mode of operation. The result is a good balance between steam power and temperature when working with a particular type of fabric. The pressure of 7.5 bar, as well as the turbo steam of 500 grams per minute, allows you to iron and disinfect clothes in the vertical steam mode. It is important to note the self-cleaning sole support with an expensive Autoclean coating. Protect your belongings from stains with the Protect system. Considering the characteristics, it is not at all surprising that the manufacturer has equipped this steam generator with a large boiler with a capacity of 1.6 liters.


  • own technologies;
  • powerful shot of steam;
  • self-cleaning sole;
  • big tank.


  • expensive model.

3. Philips GC9682/80 PerfectCare Elite Plus

15 best steam generators - Rating 202113

Of course, there is a premium line of the 9000 series, but few people want to buy a home steam generator for 60 thousand. For this reason, our evaluation completes the steam generator with a more adequate price / quality ratio than the Philips GC9682 / 80 series. This model also has a large boiler, the power of which is enough for several work cycles. A powerful steam jet is available with sufficient effective power for vertical steaming. A good indication has been implemented that notifies the user that the device is available for work. The ease of use is also due to the presence of a 360-degree swivel cable.


  • careful design;
  • stair railing;
  • a good shot of steam;
  • large water tank.


2. Braun IS 7156 BK CareStyle 7

15 best steam generators - Rating 202114

Considering the segment of premium garment steamers, I would like to offer a brief overview of the Braun IS 7156 BK CareStyle 7. The main features of this reliable device include support for Turbo mode (for difficult folds and fabrics) and iCare (selection of automatic correct temperature). These features support a wide range of applications. The steam shot power is 500g/min and the continuous flow is 125g/min. There is a high-quality protective coating that provides good glide and a long service life.


  • Eloxal 3D Plus coating quality;
  • automatic tuning;
  • powerful shot of steam;
  • optimal heating rate;
  • protection system.


1 Loewe Premium

15 best steam generators - Rating 202115

The best steam generator of 2021 in terms of price / performance is the Loewe Premium model, which has adhered to many independent resource ratings since its inception. The main feature of this product is the gutter system. You can already see from the design that this is not a simple sole technology that glides perfectly on different types of fabric. The German manufacturer made sure that the sole does not leave marks even on delicate materials, including linen or silk. The manufacturer offers a 2-year warranty on this item. An advanced anti-drip system has been implemented, it is possible to refuel the boiler. At the outlet, the steam temperature reaches 150 degrees, which is enough to disinfect things. The steam pressure is 7 bar, which is enough for a good even flow and steam release.


  • gas pressure;
  • light;
  • durable model;
  • advanced ceramic sole;
  • outlet steam temperature.


  • small water tank.

How to choose a good clothes steamer?

Is it worth discussing the capacity or weight of such equipment? Unlikely. If you don’t know how to choose a good steam generator for home use, there are key aspects to consider for this type of appliance:

  1. Pressure – around 6-8 bar is enough to generate full steam;
  2. Continuous steam supply – even for domestic use, preferably from 140-160 grams per minute;
  3. Steam Boost: 400g/min is enough for domestic use, but if you’re counting on efficient vertical steaming, try not to skimp (more is better);
  4. Power – this characteristic is partly determined by the steam output, constant flow and overall efficiency. For home use models from 800W to 2000W;
  5. Mode: for household steam generators, steam supply and steam intensity regulation are required. Without the latter, it is difficult to talk about convenience.

What is the best steam generator soleplate? Theoretically: aluminum is cheaper, but easily damaged; stainless steel is more reliable, but cools down for a long time, glass ceramics are strong, wear-resistant, have good properties and a normal price / quality ratio; ceramics is considered ideal.
In practice: a lot depends on the manufacturer, as well as on the technology of the brand and the coating used. Increasingly, the disposable type is being used as a commercial component, and often seeps into stainless steel and ceramic coating counterparts. What features should be considered when choosing a steam generator? First of all, you should focus on protection systems, including self-cleaning and protection against overheating. What steam power is required? Unfortunately, the declared parameters do not always meet expectations. We have repeatedly tested models with approximately the same steam power, but with very different results. Also look at pressure, actual potency and customer reviews.

What is the best steam generator to buy in 2022?

Therefore, it is necessary to understand what parameters a device of this type should have in order to perform certain tasks. Particularly if you rely on vertical evaporation or other complex processing. In our opinion, for those who have not yet decided which steam generator to buy:

  1. Best Powerful Premium Steamer – Braun IS 7156 BK CareStyle 7;
  2. Elegant high-quality retro steam generator – Grand Master GM-530;
  3. A cheap but good garment device: Polaris PSS 6540K;
  4. The best ceramic steam generator for the home is Loewe Premium.

I would also like to know your opinion about the items in our collection.

Kitfort KT-922 4.69% Tefal SV6130 7.81% Philips HI5919 / 30 3.13% Tefal Express Essential SV6116 3.13% Polaris PSS 6540K 12.5% ​​Grand Master GM-530 7.81% Tefal GV9071 Pro Express Care 7.81% Philips GC9682 / 80 15.63% Braun IS 7156 BK 28.13% Loewe Premium 9.38% Voted: 64


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