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Top 10 rating of the best fitness bracelets. The rating includes the best fitness bracelets in terms of price-quality ratio. We have selected the best fitness bracelets according to experts and user reviews.

10 best fitness bracelets - 20210 ranking

The myths that trackers, unlike smartwatches, are only for athletes and that the target audience following their activities have long been debunked. After all, such gadgets are also chosen for stylistic reasons and a number of options that are perfect for the average buyer. In addition, many novelties have received the function of determining the level of oxygen in the blood and a number of other useful options that are relevant today. Our ranking of the best fitness bracelets of 2021 features both basic and flagship models with the latest technology:

  1. ECG;
  2. Heart rate monitor;
  3. Tonometer;
  4. Sleep quality monitoring;
  5. General assessment of the health of the body;
  6. Calorie counter;
  7. Timer;
  8. Stopwatch and others.

The list of options is not final, so we recommend that you pay attention to the brief descriptions of the following devices.

The best fitness bracelets with heart rate measurement

This category contains the most stable and popular tracker models that do not have a blood pressure measurement function. This can be explained by the fact that such a specific option is implemented according to the method of Etienne Jules Maremma, and even in flagships it does not work perfectly. No wonder branded companies don’t go into this fitness band segment. However, if you do not need a blood pressure monitor of dubious quality, you will definitely find a high-quality and stable gadget in this category.

Canyon CNS-SB75

10 best fitness bracelets - ranking 20211

Top 10 fitness bracelets with a heart rate monitor opens the Canyon mid-range model CNS-SB75 with ECG (electrocardiography) function. This year, the novelty received Bluetooth v 4.2 and a capacious 105 mAh battery. There is an accelerometer, the definition of steps, calories, activity time. For sports, this is definitely a convenient and effective gadget, but the brand has not yet gained popularity among the most famous Chinese brands. However, we cannot but add this invention to our rating due to the given parameters, stability and IP-67 protection class. As a result, the device weighing less than 25 grams is not afraid of moisture and dust. Among the shortcomings, we note the TFT-display, the brightness level of which leaves much to be desired.


  • battery capacity;
  • IP-67 protection;
  • there is an ECG;
  • stable work.


  • display brightness.

Xiaomi Amazfit Band 5

10 best fitness bracelets - ranking 20212

If you are looking for an inexpensive fitness bracelet with a heart rate function, we advise you to pay attention to Amazfit Band 5, released by one of Xiaomi’s subsidiaries. This sub-brand has already managed to gain a significant share of popularity in the CIS market with its sports gadgets, and this series is a vivid confirmation of this. The device offers support for the Health Assessment System (PAI) and a built-in voice assistant called Alexa. The gadget has a high-quality optical BioTracker sensor, thanks to which accurate heart rate indicators are emitted. In addition, many users appreciated the ability to accurately monitor sleep quality. Monitoring of the menstrual cycle is provided. Athletes can be pleased that it supports 11 sports modes with data recording capability. Self-employment is enough for 25 days in energy saving mode. The device works well with both iOS and Android devices.


  • battery life;
  • PAI system;
  • voice assistant;
  • low price;
  • biotracker sensor.


  • not perfect software

Fitbit Charge 5

10 best fitness bracelets - ranking 20213

If you don’t know which fitness bracelet to choose for a woman, we recommend checking out the stylish model of the Fitbit Charge 5 series. The glowing gadget has received a lot of interesting options, including a women’s calendar and a change in stress level. Automatic detection of activity is provided. For the price, you can understand that we are talking about a premium model that has the maximum number of options, including NFC and ECG. In addition, the gadget can determine the level of oxygen in the blood, which is very important given today’s realities. In addition, the model pleases with a capacious battery, which is enough for 720 hours of operation without recharging. The bracelet has a durable aluminum case, a flagship AMOLED screen, a durable rubber or silicone strap with a lock.


  • many options;
  • there is NFC and GPS;
  • water protection of the case;
  • touch screen;
  • durable strap.


Huawei Band 6

10 best fitness bracelets - ranking 20214

We are talking about a popular series of fitness bracelets for heart rate monitors, which does not lose its relevance over time. The Huawei Band 6 is IP-68 waterproof. At the same time, the plastic case does not raise any complaints about the strength and design. Also noteworthy is the excellent 1.47-inch display based on AMOLED technology with an image resolution of 368 by 194 pixels. It is worth noting that the model has 65 sports modes, it provides for the determination of oxygen in the blood. Another advantage of this gadget is a smart alarm clock. We note right away that the Huawei Band 6 and Honor Band 6 series differ from each other mainly in case materials, as well as in the number of modes. For example, the Honor model has a total of 10 modes.


  • 65 sports modes;
  • determination of oxygen in the blood;
  • chic screen;
  • hull quality.


Xiaomi Mi Band 6

10 best fitness bracelets - ranking 20215

The best fitness bracelet of 2021 is Xiaomi Mi Band 6 with a bright screen (450 nits) and a health rating system. The sixth generation of the legendary series supports more than 30 sports modes (automatic detection of 6 different sports at the same time is provided). Charging the gadget takes 120 minutes. It is also worth noting that the new generation of fitness bracelets received an enlarged screen (by 50% compared to the previous line). As before, the display uses an AMOLED touch panel. The 125 mAh battery is enough for 14 days of battery life. It is also worth noting that the case is equipped with high-quality protection against moisture (withstands pressure under water up to 5 atmospheres). It includes determining the level of oxygen saturation in the blood, analyzes breathing, sleep quality and much more.


  • PAI system;
  • self-employment;
  • body protection;
  • display brightness;
  • over 30 sports modes.


The best fitness bracelets with blood pressure measurement

As already mentioned, today fitness bracelets with blood pressure monitors belong to a separate class of trackers produced by some brands. Such devices work on the basis of determining the relationship between the amplitude of the pulse wave and blood pressure. In the past, this method was invented by Jules Marais (in the 19th century), but it was not widely used. On the other hand, it is quite possible that the technology was simply ahead of its time, because now it is being successfully used in modern gadgets. In fairness, we note that the level of accuracy is significantly lower than that of classical tonometers.


10 best fitness bracelets - ranking 20216

The assessment of fitness bracelets was replenished with the Jet FT-4PRO model, equipped with a heart rate monitor and a tonometer. A relatively inexpensive gadget attracts with good autonomy – in normal mode, about 170 hours. At the same time, a relatively small 90mAh battery is implemented. Such autonomy is explained by the use of a modest screen built using TFT technology. The display has a low brightness level. I am glad that the protection of the case according to the IP-65 standard is implemented, and the weight of the gadget does not exceed 20 grams. The practical device is equipped with a high-quality plastic case and a durable rubber strap with a lock that does not fall out of your hand even under heavy loads. Also of note is the control of energy consumption, distance and activity measurements.


  • many modalities;
  • there is a tonometer;
  • good autonomy;
  • durable strap.


  • display brightness.

Ritmix RFB-445

10 best fitness bracelets - ranking 20217

Another good blood pressure sensor that has received a full range of modern functions – from ECG to measuring the oxygen content in the blood. In addition, the model of the Ritmix RFB-445 series is powered by a capacious 105 mAh battery, which lasts for 120 hours of battery life during normal use. The case of a functional fitness tracker is protected from moisture according to the IP-65 standard. It is worth noting the presence of convenient notifications by SMS and calls. There is a body temperature sensor, measurement of steps and calories burned. It is also necessary to note the presence of an IPS-display, the resolution of which is 240 by 135 pixels. The picture is clear, and this figure reaches 242 PPI, which is in line with the performance of many mid-range smartphones.


  • sharp image;
  • convenient notifications;
  • large battery;
  • moisture protection;
  • number of options.


  • software stability.

Geozone Heart Rate

10 best fitness bracelets - ranking 20218

If you are interested in a cheap but high-quality fitness bracelet with blood pressure and heart rate measurement, you should pay attention to the Geozon Heart Rate line. The affordable price of this gadget is due to the use of a TFT screen whose resolution reaches 160 × 80 pixels. It should be noted that there is a proprietary cable that charges the 90 mAh battery. In general, this is enough for 165-170 hours of operation, because a simple display with economical power consumption is implemented. Users positively evaluate the quality of the detachable strap and the interface of the Bluetooth v 4.0 series. There is moisture protection (IP68) and many functions: from a tonometer to measuring uptime.


  • optimal set of options;
  • good moisture protection;
  • self-employment;
  • great strap.


  • screen settings.

Jet FT-8CH

10 best fitness bracelets - ranking 20219

In terms of price / quality, the Jet FT-8CH series fitness bracelet looks good, supports distance measurement, power consumption, as well as activity time. The device supports SMS and call notifications. Good battery life is due to support for a modest 0.96-inch TFT screen. For such a display, a capacity of 90 mAh is enough to comfortably operate the device for several weeks. Customers are positive about the quality of the waterproof case and strap. The device weighs about 20 grams, so you can hardly feel it on your wrist.


  • comfortable model;
  • self-employment;
  • strap clasp;
  • build quality;
  • many features.


  • display brightness.

Elband T1S

10 best fitness bracelets - ranking 202110

The best blood pressure monitor in 2021 is the Elband T1S model, which has a heart rate monitor and even an ECG. In addition, the device supports the determination of the level of oxygen in the blood, it is possible to measure the number of steps taken and the energy expended. There is sleep quality control, activity control and other options useful for athletes. The appearance of the gadget is not perfect, but our opinion, but this is a matter of taste. It is worth noting the presence of a good IPS-display, the resolution of which is 240 by 240 pixels. At the same time, image clarity is measured at 298 PPI, which directly indicates good detail. Batteries with a capacity of 90 mAh last for 10-12 days of battery life. The manufacturer took care of the presence of a high-quality strap and a durable case protected according to the IP-67 standard.


  • temperature measurement;
  • the level of oxygen in the blood;
  • image quality;
  • self-employment;
  • sport modes.


How to choose a good fitness bracelet?

We will not consider all types of options (the rating contains popular models with the most advanced features). If you do not know how to choose a fitness bracelet, it is best to pay attention to the key characteristics:

  1. Appearance is an extremely subjective, but quite important parameter. The fact is that trackers are also an attribute of the user’s style, so when buying such a gadget as a gift, you should take into account that it must suit the user. As a rule, girls choose rectangular or round ergonomic models. Pros often buy square trackers as they make it easier to check dimensions and use the touch screen. It is also worth paying due attention to the clasps of inexpensive straps, which can be metal, leather or silicone.
  2. Display: can have touch control and various technology (matrix), which also determines the level of brightness, color reproduction and viewing angle. The most popular models have an AMOLED display that delivers crisper images regardless of resolution compared to IPS panels. The worst option is the TFT screen, which has a modest brightness that makes itself felt in the sun;
  3. Mobile app: Regardless of the number of functions and sensors, it is important that the gadget is compatible with your smartphone, so it is worth paying attention to the software. In particular, a product of a little-known brand, because the most famous brands use universal software for different smartphones;
  4. Autonomy is an important parameter responsible for ease of use. On average, it is considered the norm in the region of 14 days without recharging;
  5. Waterproof – this indicator indicates the protection of the case from moisture. Usually designated as IP-67 or IP-68 compliant.

What is the best fitness tracker to buy in 2022?

Therefore, today leading brands offer trackers for every taste. If you are not sure which fitness bracelet to choose, we recommend that you start by analyzing the possibilities and options that exist and are really worth the money. Our opinion:

  1. Cheap but good fitness bracelet – Jet FT-4PRO;
  2. The most functional tonometer is Elband T1C;
  3. Inexpensive fitness bracelet with a heart rate monitor – Amazfit Band 5;
  4. The best model in terms of price / quality ratio is Xiaomi Mi Band 6.

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